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Bili Pain is out of stock|A box of analgesic and antipyretic medicine is hard to find


The epidemic situation in the mainland is severe. Some citizens snapped up painkillers and antipyretics such as Bisaliva in Hong Kong and resold them in China, causing the shortage of Bisaliva in Hong Kong. medicine

The epidemic situation in the Mainland is severe. Some citizens snapped up painkillers and antipyretics such as Bisaliva in Hong Kong and resold them in China, causing the shortage of Bisaliva in Hong Kong again. There are suggestions that Hong Kong should introduce a purchase restriction order for Bisaliva, and even need to register for an ID card to purchase medicine to quell the panic buying.

Cui Junming, president of the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists, said that after the customs clearance between Hong Kong and the mainland, the situation of drug snatching may become more serious. In addition to pharmacies, mainlanders are more likely to buy medicines from private doctors, but there are still other brands of paracetamol in stock on the market , thinks that the rush to buy is not as serious as the fifth wave of the epidemic, and there is no need to consider the "drug restriction order" for the time being. "Drugs are life-saving and related to health, and Yijia has not reached this level."

He also questioned the actual effect of the purchase restriction: "To tell the truth, if the mainlanders come here, it will be very easy for them to get a Hong Kong person to help them buy or let them buy a box of medicine, that is, let a few hundred people buy you (help me) a box medicine."

▼On December 10, citizens snapped up Painkillers and Antipyretics such as Bilitonin▼


Cui Junming, president of the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists, said that he noticed that the brand-name analgesics and fever-reducing medicines in community pharmacies were sold out, such as the brands that Hong Kong people are familiar with, such as Piritin, Bliss Cold Supplement, and Lexin Cough Water. The factory GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is slow to buy goods, so brand-name drugs are out of stock. He estimates that the panic buying situation after customs clearance may be more serious: "After customs clearance, it may be more important to buy in the community, and private doctors, because Domestic people can buy medicine or see a doctor with private doctors.”

GSK is distributed globally, so if I explain it to you, even if the next shipment will be available in mid-January, because it distributes all over the world, so she will not fly a batch of (medicine) for Hong Kong people.

Cui Junming, President of Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Cui Junming, President of Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

(File photo/photo by Gao Zhongming)

He pointed out that there is still sufficient supply of other Hong Kong-made paracetamol on the market, but it is recommended to buy the drug with the original box, and the Hong Kong registration number of the relevant drug will be marked on the box for easy verification.

He appealed to the public not to buy medicines in bulk: "Bulk means that there may be a big bottle, filled with a lot of loose paracetamol pills, and then poured them into plastic bags and sold them to the public. source, with no expiration date."

In response to voice requests, after the customs clearance, the government will only allow Hong Kong people to buy Bisaliva. Cui Junming believes that if the rush to buy is often out of stock in community pharmacies, it is necessary to consider the "purchase restriction order". However, Bisaliva is currently out of stock. The problem is not as severe as during the fifth wave of the epidemic, and the supply and inventory of public hospitals are also stable. He managed to get money from a Hong Kong person to give me money, that is, to buy a box of medicine for you (help me) with hundreds of thousands of dollars." "Medicine is life-saving and related to physical health. It has not reached this level."

Cui Junming's five suggestions:

1. Citizens should not panic and hoard medicines


3. Patients should not flock to the emergency room to seek medical treatment for paracetamol. 4. The government can also ask local


factories that produce paracetamol to increase production as soon as possible.

5. The Hong Kong government provides domestic pharmaceutical companies Request to ration a batch of paracetamol to Hong Kong first

Chen Kaixin.

(profile picture)

Legislative Council member Chen Kaixin also said that she noticed that general pharmacies could not purchase fever-reducing and pain-relieving medicines. She also received cases asking for help that paracetamol could not be purchased.

She believes that the government has not provided enough information to the public, including the reasons for the shortage of medicines and the areas where the shortage of medicines is more serious, etc., and has not provided "reassurance pills" that public hospitals still have enough paracetamol, which cannot eliminate the worries of the public.

She pointed out that after inspecting the pharmacy today, she found that in addition to the brand-name analgesics and fever-reducing medicines such as Biliton, which were sold out, bulk paracetamol is still available, and the price is only 10 yuan a row. She thinks the price is not high, and appeals not to buy it Citizens of paracetamol can switch to other brands of paracetamol. Citizens should not worry too much.

Regarding the suggestion of setting up a "purchase restriction order", Chen Kaixin pointed out that the method of requiring an ID card to buy medicines is extreme, and when the fifth wave of epidemic panic buying became more serious, the government did not issue such a ban: "It seems that we just I don’t want it to be bought by people from the mainland or other places. If we want to go to this point, I think it’s really... very serious. If we really go to this step, it’s really a very negative feeling.”

During the fifth wave of the epidemic, we in Hong Kong didn’t release Panadol (Bi Li Pain), Lian Hua Qing Wen (capsules) and snatched it again. Who was the one who delivered it to us?

Everyone should turn around and think about it.

Legislative Council Member Chen Hoi-yan

She believes that the government has distributed anti-epidemic kits to every household earlier, so most citizens already have enough medicines. She believes that the Hong Kong government should review its own capabilities and approach the mainland government to provide paracetamol to places in need in the mainland Waiting for medicines, "Coordinate how to provide medical support to the mainland, and tell the public that we have already arranged ways to deliver medicines in an orderly manner, instead of rushing to buy medicines on the market."

Biliton is out of stock|It is expected to return at the beginning of next year. There are pharmacies splitting up and selling 12 capsules and frying it up to 120 yuan. "Piridine has long been out of the market, only bulk pharmacies are expected to be difficult to replenish in the short term

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