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The bus driver in Taichung insulted the old man and Hong Kong girls complained about injustice, and was hit by a car, pushed down and punched


A bus driver in Taichung insulted an elderly passenger, and a Hong Kong girl living in Taiwan bravely stood up for the old man on the bus. As a result, she was hit by a car, punched and injured. At the time of the incident, an old man who was nearly eighty years old and with limited mobility boarded the car and was

A bus driver in Taichung insulted an elderly passenger, and a Hong Kong girl living in Taiwan bravely stood up for the old man on the bus. As a result, she was hit by a car, punched and injured.

At the time of the incident, an old man in his eighties with limited mobility got on the bus, and the driver yelled at him, saying, "An old man like you shouldn't take the bus! You made me late!" Anticipating that the other party would become angry from embarrassment, he drove her down with a car, rushed out of the car and violently beat her on the back of the head and pressed her on the table.

After the female victim was sent to the hospital for examination, it was initially confirmed that her head, back and knee were injured.

The tragic experience of the female victim went viral on Taiwan's social media, causing many netizens to criticize. According to Taiwan media reports, the local city government later intervened in the investigation.

The female illustrator surnamed Liang who lives in Taichung published an article last Thursday (22nd) about her experience of being attacked. The old man, who is nearly eighty years old, boarded the car slowly due to his limited mobility, and the time was slightly delayed, which was less than a minute.

But before the old man sat down, the driver yelled at him: "An old man like you shouldn't take the bus! You made me late! If you have mobility problems, you should take a taxi! Or ask your family to pick you up!"

During the dinner, a female passenger spoke uprightly: "It's not that Ah Bei (Abo) wants to be disabled, and it's the bus driver's responsibility to take care of the needs of the passengers." But the driver ignored it, and the more he scolded, the more he became an old man. Stop riding in his car.

The female victim shared the incident on the social platform, saying, "I recorded the incident. In addition to being vigilant against myself, I also hope that everyone can learn from it." (The female victim's fb picture)

At that time, Liang Nv was sitting in the front row of the old man, and the old man asked her to help her take a picture of the Easy Card (similar to the Octopus in Hong Kong) and ring the bell.

Hearing the driver's insults, I couldn't help saying: "Shut up, driver! What's the use of you saying these embarrassing things to the old man from the time you got on the bus to the time you got off the bus?"

The driver stopped suddenly when he heard the news. At that time, it was only 20 meters away from the bus station where the old man was going to get off. He falsely claimed that the bus was broken down and drove the passengers off. When the female victim had no choice but to help the old man to cross the road, she found that the bus was trying to drive away and rushed forward angrily. Standing in front of the bus and confronting the driver, "Didn't you report that the bus (bus) was broken down? You and I are here waiting for the company's people to come."

The driver pressed the female victim on the table and attacked her

Unexpectedly, the driver drove the car forward and did not stop until it hit Liang Nv. After pushing her back for a small distance, the driver got out of the car and attacked her. Liang Nv described the attack in the article: "The driver pushed me down. A few times, he picked me up from the ground and dropped me to another place, during which time he kept punching my head and back, and once pressed me on the tabletop of the scratch pad to attack me." Faced with a series of pushing and hitting, Liang Nv was unable to fight back, and in the end, "there were more people watching. The driver pushed me off the table and knocked me to the ground, boarded the bus, and drove away."

Later, Ms. Liang went to the hospital for an examination and filed a record at the police station. The doctor initially diagnosed her with blunt head trauma, back contusion and left knee contusion.

The driver and the company representative went to the police station to mediate. The other party had "shirked responsibility, pretended to have amnesia, and twisted and twisted." It was not until the Taiwan police suggested that Liang Nv consider filing a lawsuit. Accepting the settlement, "I thought the other party would be willing to face the problem squarely." After signing the settlement agreement, Liang Nv discovered that the devil was in the details. , and also added the company information, that is, she also gave up seeking compensation from the company, but the other party did not explain this.

Later, Nv Liang contacted the bus company again, but the other party did not promise to fire the driver who caused the accident.

Taiwan media: The Transportation Bureau requires the bus company to check the video to clarify the incident

According to Taiwanese media reports, after the incident was widely circulated on the local Internet, netizens bombarded the bus driver's behavior, and the local city government later intervened in the investigation.

The Taichung City Transportation Bureau pointed out that after investigation of the case, the driver of Taichung Bus No. 290 was suspected of improper behavior while on duty on the morning of the 22nd. The Transportation Bureau has asked Taichung Bus to review the video of the incident to clarify the incident. If there are indeed inappropriate words or acts of beating people, the Transportation Bureau will not lenient the loan. According to the bus subsidy contract, Taichung Bus Transport can be punished with a maximum of 30,000 yuan, which will be included in the bus evaluation deduction point, which will affect the amount of subsequent operators' loss subsidies.

The city government also pointed out that although the parties concerned have reached a preliminary settlement with the driver, if the public makes subsequent demands, the city government will also provide relevant administrative assistance to protect the necessary rights and interests of passengers.

Netizens from Hong Kong and Taiwan support the female victim and thank her for her righteous words

Many netizens in Hong Kong and Taiwan learned about the incident, and they were all angry for what happened to the female victim, and thanked her for her righteous words at the time, "Take photos of bruises as evidence, buy a Yunnan Baiyao spray to scare you, hello, Xili, heroine", "Thank you You act bravely, but this experience is really infuriating, how can there be such a bad person!!", "Take care, take care of your wounds. I don't think a bus driver can be so evil, it's terrible", "D So people must sue, it’s too much... I wish you a speedy recovery", "I admire your bravery, I hope you recover as soon as possible, if you encounter similar things, please call for help and call the police, I will come too Condemn the boycott of this bus company".

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