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Emily's mistake in Paris: why choose Alfie and not Gabriel? - Walla! Sheee


Emily in Paris in the third season is full of successful clothes and equal men, and the last episode ends with a question mark - Alfie or Gabriel - who would you choose?

Trailer for season 3 of "Emily in Paris" (Netflix)

Get a spoiler: In the new season of Emily in Paris, Emily continues to walk around Paris, receive praise and admiration for generic Instagram campaigns and wear clothes that no one wears in Paris, but this time it's really different because she has bangs.

What hasn't changed, just like in the previous seasons, is her taste in men - which remains fine of course, with a strong inclination towards men that most of us only see in our dreams.

This time she is at the center of a romantic triangle and mainly zigzags between her relationship with Alfie and her impossible longing for Gabriel.

If you ask me - there is no question here at all.

Any woman who is looking for a healthy relationship will choose Alfie, but Emily is really not looking for a healthy relationship, and prefers every time to jump into Chef Gabriel's sick bed.

Want to know why Emily is wrong in her choice, and why Alfie is undoubtedly the right choice?

you are welcome:

Emily in Paris (Photo: Netflix)

Who would you choose?


Dramas and food is perfect


Always choose the one who loves you more


Emily is always the only woman in Alfie's life - whether there are other women around him or not, whether work calls him or he has a soccer game, he will always choose her above all else, and when you put this loyalty against Gabriel, who gets drunk and blurts out that he Loves her but also loves Camille, it's a little hard to understand what the unhappy-but-very-handsome chef does to her.

In general, if there is something that everyone ignores in this show, it is the fact that Gabriel is a treacherous man who systematically behaves inappropriately, and don't try to convince me that it is okay because his relationship with Camille is rotten and built on trust issues, because a faithful man in the first place would not enter such a place , and certainly doesn't choose to stay there when he loves another woman.


Everyone we meet in Emily's world puts their work before anything else - everyone is ambitious, married to their work, climbing up, and above all, wants to succeed and prove themselves.

And yet, Alfie is not afraid to change his entire life path for the woman he loves and take a job in Paris instead of returning to work at the investment bank in London.

Gabriel, on the other hand, doesn't really bother to give up his dreams for anyone, and he mostly doesn't pay attention to the needs of the people around him when they conflict with his work.

It's true - he goes on a date with Camille after the restaurant closes, but in between he also takes Emily to work for him (unfaithful - did we say that already?) and mostly doesn't give a name to anyone or anything unless it's related to a new dish, and that's really not the man anyone needs beside her.

Emily in Paris (Photo: Netflix)

Alfie sees her:

while with Gabriel Emily mostly rambles on about his dreams and desires while flirting painfully bluntly and feeling guilty about those flirtations, with Alfie Emily allows herself to be herself, and she mostly manages to get out of her work mode and let loose.

With Gabriel we see her always thinking and working - including him in the campaign, putting him in articles and getting him Michelin stars, while with Alfie she manages not to think about work, or at least tell him about her difficulties and have a conversation about how she feels.

And when she does work, instead of helping him she receives support from him and he encourages her to experience life and turn off the work mode, which is what everyone needs in a relationship.

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Emily in Paris (Photo: Netflix)

Alfi Ol In:

With men, it is always better to examine the actions and not to pay attention to the words.

True, Gabriel tells Emily that he loves her, but when you look at the facts he is mostly playing with her and Camille without giving either of them what they really deserve.

We keep seeing that he is confused and in love and everything is difficult and complicated for him, but with all due respect to Gabriel's hearts, real men know what they want and don't let anything stand in their way.

Forgive me, but no woman would want her boyfriend to take the ex/ flirtatious neighbor/ the one who broke them up to work for him.

Or, for that matter, will keep her in his life in any constellation, certainly when it is clear to everyone that there is still an attraction between the two.

But Gabriel doesn't have the ability to be all-in.

He does what he "needs" to do without wanting to, doesn't really do what he does want just because he's afraid, feels bad about his decisions, doesn't enjoy life or the moment and along the way he doesn't give anyone his all.

Alfie, on the other hand, proves to Emily time and time again that he is there for her and he is not going anywhere.

He's there for her when she has to choose where to live and work, he's there when Mindy's boyfriend kicks her out of his party and her friendship falters, and he's there whenever she needs him.

Towards the end of the series he even confesses his love for her, how important she is to him and how much he sees her as the woman of his life, which does not surprise the viewers or her, simply because everyone sees the fact that he wants to be with her all the way.

Oh, and unlike Gabriel, we get this bare confession without a drop of alcohol (well, maybe a little alcohol - after all, this is an English man).

And on the other hand - Gabriel is taller than a thousand heads, and knows how to cook, so maybe we do understand Emily?

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