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Thousands of Russian soldiers died – Russia's drones shot down


Thousands of Russian soldiers died fighting for Bakhmut Created: 2022-12-29Updated: 2022-12-29 07:04 By: Sandra Kathe, Caspar Felix Hoffmann, Moritz Serif, Sebastian Richter, Niklas Hecht, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Christian Stör Ukraine shoots down Russian missiles and drones. The battle for Bakhmut is being carried out to the extreme. The news ticker. Russia's losses: Kiev reports repelli

Thousands of Russian soldiers died fighting for Bakhmut

Created: 2022-12-29Updated: 2022-12-29 07:04

By: Sandra Kathe, Caspar Felix Hoffmann, Moritz Serif, Sebastian Richter, Niklas Hecht, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Christian Stör

Ukraine shoots down Russian missiles and drones.

The battle for Bakhmut is being carried out to the extreme.

The news ticker.

  • Russia's losses:

    Kiev reports repelling Russian attacks in the Ukraine conflict.

  • Editor's note:

    Some of the information on the Ukraine war processed here comes from the warring parties in Russia and Ukraine.

    They can therefore not be independently checked in part.

+++ Update from Thursday, December 29, 6:55 a.m .:

According to their own statements, the Ukrainian air defense system shot down five Russian drones in the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast on Wednesday evening (December 28), which are probably Iranian Shahed drones .

In the evening, the Russian military attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones.

Air alerts were sounded in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Cherkasy oblasts.

Eyewitnesses reported the sound of explosions in the city of Dnipro.

Ukraine attributes many of Russia's attacks to Iranian drones.

(Archive image) © Oleksii Chumachenko/imago

Huge Russian losses: Ukraine shot down 850 Russian missiles and drones

+++ 9:55 p.m .:

According to their own statements, the Ukrainian military has shot down 850 Russian missiles and drones since September.

This is reported by Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force.

Accordingly, the country's anti-aircraft defense has taken 420 missiles and 430 kamikaze drones from the sky.

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The arrival of several groups of Iranian-made drones was also reported from the Donetsk region, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv on Wednesday evening (December 28).

According to reports from the Unian agency, numerous unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in Ukraine.

Five drones were shot down in the Dnipro region, the command center of the Ukrainian Air Defense South reported on Facebook.

Further details were not initially available.

Enormous Russian losses: Battle of Bakhmut costs thousands of soldiers their lives

+++ 1:20 p.m .:

The industrial city of Bachmut has been hard fought for months.

The battle is of immense importance for Russia and is accordingly fought harshly.

This also leads to heavy losses.

According to Ukrainian sources, thousands of Russian soldiers have already lost their lives in the battle for Bakhmut.

At least that's the figure given by the governor of the Russian-occupied Luhansk region.

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Serhiy Haidai added that for Russia it was a "symbolic" mission rather than a strategic one.

Bakhmut is considered the so-called cornerstone of the front in eastern Ukraine.

The city has since been expanded into a fortress by the defenders.

Losses for Russia in the Ukraine War: Two ammunition depots destroyed

+++ 10.58 a.m .:

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian armed forces have hit two ammunition depots, a checkpoint and seven positions of Russian troops with rockets and artillery in the past 24 hours.

Over the past day, the Ukrainian army also repelled Russian attacks near 15 settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

The Ukrainian military also confirmed that at least 50 Russian soldiers were killed in an attack on Russian positions near Chaplynka (Kherson Oblast) on Monday (December 26).

News Ukraine war: Russia loses more than 500 soldiers, among other things

+++ 8.40 a.m .:

The latest statistics on Russia’s losses in the Ukraine war are here.

This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

According to this, 550 Russian soldiers fell compared to the previous day.

  • Soldiers:

    103,770 (+550)

  • Aircraft:

    283 (+0)

  • Helicopters:

    267 (+0)

  • Tanks:

    3017 (+1)

  • Armored fighting vehicles: 

    6037 (+13)

  • Artillery systems:

    1999 (+1)

  • Air defense systems:

     212 (+0)

  • Multiple Rocket Launchers:

     418 (+0)

  • Cars and other vehicles:

     4660 (+8)

  • Ships:

     16 (+0)

  • Unmanned combat drones:

     1707 (+0)

  • (Source: Ukrainian General Staff report on December 28)

Ukraine War: Ukrainian military hits 'important' military target

+++ Update from Wednesday, December 28, 6:40 a.m.:

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian missile and artillery forces have one command post and six Russian positions, as well as an unspecified “important” military one over the past 24 hours Hit an object and an ammo rack.

The General Staff also said that the Russian armed forces are continuing their offensive actions in the Bakhmut and Avdiivka directions in the Donetsk region "despite significant losses of soldiers" and are trying to improve their tactical position in the Lyman direction.

Injured, killed, deserted: Russian losses in the Ukraine war

+++ 16.10 p.m .:

In addition to fallen and injured soldiers, Russia also repeatedly loses deserting fighters in the war in Ukraine.

Now the country itself has made public an incident in which, on the evening of December 26, eight Russian recruits between the ages of 20 and 44 walked into a police station in the city of Podolsk, south of Moscow, with their war weapons from the Luhansk operation.

According to the report on the Russian Telegram channel


, they wanted to lay down their arms, the news portal

Ukrainska Pravda

reports .

According to the report, the soldiers, all recruited in the Kaliningrad region, were subsequently taken to a nearby military base by local authorities.

Military investigators who had been brought in by the police forces are now to decide what to do with the eight soldiers who fled.

Russian losses in the Ukraine war: Ukrainian military attacks Russian positions

+++ 8.10 a.m .:

Yesterday, Monday (December 26), the Ukrainian military repelled Russian attacks near eight settlements in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, as the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced in its daily report.

In addition, the Ukrainian rocket and artillery forces hit four Russian command points and six positions.

Ukraine war: Ukrainian domestic intelligence neutralizes over 4,500 Russian cyberattacks

+++ 7.35 a.m .:

Since the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian domestic secret service has fended off more than 4,500 cyber attacks on Ukraine, the secret service said on Telegram.

“We went into 2022 with eight years of experience in hybrid warfare. The war in cyberspace happened before that.

At the time of the invasion, we were already prepared for the worst scenarios," said Ilya Vityuk of Ukraine's internal intelligence service.

Russian losses in Ukraine war: Russians in Donbass "destroyed" or captured

Update from Tuesday, December 27, 6:45 a.m.:

The front sections in eastern Ukraine are now particularly difficult, but the Ukrainian army is succeeding in "destroying" or capturing the Russian military, said Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, in a Address last Monday evening (December 26).

"The front line.

Bakhmut, Kreminna and other areas of Donbass, which now require maximum strength and concentration," Zelenskyy said.

The situation there is difficult, acute.

"The occupiers are using every means at their disposal, and those are considerable means to force at least a small advance."

Zelenskyy also thanked the 80th and 95th Ukrainian airborne brigades "for the successful destruction of the enemy forces on the Lyman front".

In early October, the Ukrainian army regained control of the embattled small town of Lyman in the Donetsk region of Donbass.

However, fighting there continues.

Ukraine War: Ukrainian military attacks Russian bases

+++ 3.30 p.m .:

The Ukrainian military reports attacks on Russian bases.

Ukrainian forces also confirm that three days ago they hit a "concentration" of Russian troops in the Kherson region, some distance behind the front line.

The attack took place in the Skadovsk district, near the border with Crimea.

"Up to 140 Russian soldiers were wounded and eight Kamaz trucks with ammunition were destroyed," the Ukrainian military said.

This information is not independently verifiable.

Losses for Russia: Ukraine celebrates milestone

Update from Friday, December 23, 6:50 a.m.:

Russia has lost more than 100,000 soldiers in combat in the ten months since the start of the Ukraine war.

For the Ukraine, this means a milestone that the country celebrated with a light projection in Kyiv.

"The situation with light has improved in Kyiv," Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko wrote on Telegram on a photo showing the light projection with the inscription "100,000".

First report:

Moscow/Kiev – The Russian invaders have been deployed in Ukraine for more than 300 days.

President Vladimir Putin had originally assumed that the "military special operation" would be over quickly.

But that has long been out of the question.

On the contrary: the Ukraine war is going downright devastating for the Russian armed forces, their losses are exorbitantly high.

A look at the statistics shows how problematic the situation has become for Russia.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the number of Russian soldiers killed since the invasion began on February 24 has now passed the 100,000 mark.

This means that the Russian armed forces are suffering an average of about 10,000 soldiers killed each month - an unimaginable amount.

Although winter has almost brought fighting to a standstill on the southern and eastern fronts, Russian casualties are still very high.

The reason is the battle for Bakhmut, where Moscow is obviously determined to achieve a largely symbolic victory despite significant losses.

(cs/spr/cas/vbu with dpa/AFP)

Source: merkur

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