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The Derblecken at Nockherberg continues: "Thank God there's Dieter Reiter"


The Derblecken at Nockherberg continues: "Thank God there's Dieter Reiter" Created: 12/30/2022 10:33 am By: Mike Schier, Dominik Göttler One of the highlights on the Nockherberg: the audience is always in high spirits during the Singspiel. (Archive photo) © Marcus Schlaf On March 3, 2023, Derblecken on Nockherberg is scheduled to start again after a three-year forced break. An interview with t

The Derblecken at Nockherberg continues: "Thank God there's Dieter Reiter"

Created: 12/30/2022 10:33 am

By: Mike Schier, Dominik Göttler

One of the highlights on the Nockherberg: the audience is always in high spirits during the Singspiel.

(Archive photo) © Marcus Schlaf

On March 3, 2023, Derblecken on Nockherberg is scheduled to start again after a three-year forced break.

An interview with the Singspiel authors.

Munich – Corona came first, then the Russian invasion of Ukraine – the popular Derblecken at Nockherberg had to take a break for three years.

It's supposed to take place again on March 3rd - with old acquaintances.

Cabaret artist Maxi Schafroth will hold the Lenten sermon and the two Singspiel authors Stefan Betz and Richard Oehmann are already in the middle of their work.

A humorous conversation about pieces that have never been played, outdated jokes and the replacement of Markus Söder.

Finally Nockherberg again!

How many finished Singspiels have you written that were never performed?

Stefan Betz: Two.

2020 was completely finished, and actually rehearsed.

We already had a complete run, which the BR recorded.

At that time we thought: When it's all over in six or eight weeks, then we'll still know where everyone was standing for the camera positions.

How to deceive yourself...

Oehmann: By the way, you can watch parts of this rehearsal today under “Nockherberg 2020” in the BR media library – even if the masks and hairstyles weren’t right.

We did this run-through after Andreas Steinfatt (the Paulaner boss, ed.) informed us that we had to cancel.

At first we sat around on the stage, exhausted, so it was very forgiving to play through the play once.

Betz: And at the end there was schnapps instead of strong beer.

We really had one of the best parties ever in the basement (laughs).

Celebrate in lockdown?

Oehmann: That was well before the lockdown.

The Nockherberg was the first major event ever to be cancelled.

Okay, that was 2020. And then there was another half-finished piece?

Betz: Yes, we were done with the writing this year, maybe some minor changes here and there.

But then Putin invaded Ukraine.

Nockherberg Singspiel authors Stefan Betz and Richard Oehmann.

© Marcus sleep

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Nockherberg back after three years: that's what's left of the program that was never played

Can you fall back on individual ideas or gags from back in 2023 – or do you always start from scratch?

Betz: We just installed something today.

Two lines.

Oehmann: And one song is left.

But it was already in 2020 that the piece had almost completely fallen out of time more or less the day after the theoretical performance.

Then the reports and pictures came from Bergamo.

And that of 2022 would simply not have fitted after the invasion.

How should one imagine the writing process?

Do you meet up almost full-time and then write funny stuff?

Betz: Full-time would work for me, but not for the gentleman next to me (laughs).

Seriously: We'll start with the first loose meetings in the fall, where we'll chat about the topic.

Which politicians are interesting?

What could a framework story look like?

In December it's time for the stage design, so the decision has to be made whether it's going to take place at the airport or in hell.

Oehmann: The story has to stand because we have to ask for the right actors or even cast them again.

Politics is a fast-paced business: in 2019, at the last Singspiel, Seehofer, Merkel, Scheuer and Nahles were on stage.

Oehmann: All gone.

Nockherberg Singspiel authors Stefan Betz and Richard Oehmann on finding a topic

How should one imagine the research: reading the newspaper every day and creating a file with quirks, quirks and special features on the computer from every politician?

Oehmann: We are not very systematic, I would say.

Betz: Well, at some point I collect articles on the computer.



Oehmann: .



I'm more the paper type (laughs).

Betz: And then you have to make a stage character out of all these people.

Unfortunately, more and more politicians are afraid of expressing themselves concisely.

You have to be careful that it doesn't become totally bland.

That's why Andrea Nahles was such a great character, because she was such a steamroller.



Oehmann: One is also grateful when a video of Andi Scheuer appears in which he yells "Party, Party, Party".

He didn't think that was great.

Oehmann: Yes, he complained that he wasn't just a party minister.

That was actually a problem for us too: people were more upset about his work than about the video.

In any case, we didn't want to imply that he's a cool pig (laughs).

Bavarian state politics revolves around Markus Söder: will the new Nockherberg be a one-man piece like Patrick Süskind's "Der Kontrabaß"?

Oehmann: (laughs) No, there are a few extras along the way.

Like Thomas Bernhard's "Theatermacher", which the landlord is allowed to look in from time to time.

The politicians on the Nockherberg can finally be excited again to see whether Maxi Schafroth's Lenten sermon will deride them.

© Schmidt Achim

Nockherberg: Don't politicians also benefit from a Singspiel performance?

But seriously, how do you deal with that as an author?

Oehmann: It won't be a Söder piece, even if he already gives a lot as a character.

That's a lot more grateful to write about than most others.

Overall, the focus is probably more on Söder's confrontation with the traffic light in Berlin.

The state election campaign doesn't play that big a role yet.

The Bavarian opposition politicians all hope to increase their own awareness with a Singspiel performance?

As an author you suddenly have quite a bit of power.



Oehmann: Well, is that really the case?

But we don't think in those categories.

You just have to show someone that people know.



Bet: .



and who gives a little something.

Oehmann: Söder has already been a Europe or environment minister – in contrast to all other Europe or environment ministers.

He's just a flowery character and was just lucky that Stephan Zinner played him so well.

Betz: Of course we also chose Katharina Schulze for the Greens instead of Ludwig Hartmann because she was the dazzling figure.

Oehmann: And because women are still very rare in Bavarian politics.

In this respect, one of the women in the cabinet should now be socially conspicuous.

How long can you still change and write a new gag?

Betz: Words are changed quickly.

The problem is new characters, because you need the actors.

Of course, the music also needs a lead time.

Oehmann: Unfortunately, we haven't been as foolhardy as the Rosenmüller team, who really threw a lot over the top at very short notice.

Nockherberg: Söder's replacement remains a secret for the time being

You just addressed Stephan Zinner, who was the star of the event for years.



Oehmann: As far as I know, he only wanted to play Söder until he became prime minister.

After that he extended his contract with us twice more.

How do you fill this key role?

Oehmann: The casting agency made very interesting suggestions.

Even people who don't look like Söder at all.

Betz: It was very broad: from dark-skinned Söder to very prominent proposals.

We felt some candidates and had casting shots sent to us.

Oehmann: But the one that has become it now was our own idea and simply the funniest in the casting.

But who that is, we won't reveal yet.

Does the play have to be more serious in times of war?

Betz: I honestly don't think we can.

And it's also not the format where you should get insanely deep now.

Oehmann: Of course there can be serious flourishes, but in principle it's all about bluffing.

For a Bavarian Singspiel it is of course stupid that there are no Bavarians in the traffic light government.

Oehmann: Our first two Singspiele were quite Bavarian.

But in the meantime the native speakers are few and far between.

Katharina Schulze speaks Standard German.

After all: Söder franks.

And thank God there is Dieter Reiter - you can always make him a touch more Bavarian.

Interview: Mike Schier and Dominik Göttler

Source: merkur

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