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We did not leave Hong Kong|Suspended online classes and resumed classes-the burden of education is heavier|Let’s go! 2022


In 2022, the epidemic situation will be repeated, and the education field will also be full of changes-suspension of classes without interruption, immigration of teachers and students, the introduction of the "Values ​​Education Curriculum Framework", the testing of the "Basic Law and the Hong Kong National Security Law", the formulation of the "Guidelines for Teachers' Professional Ethics"

In 2022, the epidemic situation will be repeated, and the education field will also change in many ways-suspension of classes without interruption, waves of immigration of teachers and students, the introduction of the "Values ​​Education Curriculum Framework", the testing of the "Basic Law and the Hong Kong National Security Law", the formulation of the "Guidelines for Teachers' Professional Ethics", - layer upon layer The pressure keeps piling up on the shoulders of frontline educators.

In addition, educators must also take care of teaching, writing papers, correcting homework, managing students, facing parents, dealing with reviews, handling administrative work, and consciously maintaining national security... To stack the "one tree and one stone" of "people" firmly, thousands of times of hard work are not taken for granted, and more questions and struggles are on the way: Do you still continue to teach?

Do you still want to stay in Hong Kong?

As for the "social freshmen" who have just joined the education industry, how do they feel the great changes in education policy and social environment in the past year?

Why did you still choose to stay and continue working in education?

In 2022, life will not be easy.

Many young people leave their hometowns, but many more young people stay to guard their homes. They still have all kinds of dreams, hoping to share the responsibility with this city and go further together.

The education sector bears the brunt of the repeated epidemics. Students have to adapt to the changes brought about by the epidemic, and so do teachers.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

The teaching mode is changeable,

and the teaching burden remains the same

"The epidemic situation is constantly changing, and they are all uncontrollable factors." As the year draws to a close, Jiahui, sitting next to her, looks back on the big and small things that have happened in society in the past year, and expresses her feelings about being in it, and as a teaching worker bitterness.

In November 2021, the fourth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong has bottomed out. As the old year is removed and the new year ushered in, the return to normal is beginning to dawn.

Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the new year, the Omicron variant virus with strong transmission power quickly spread to the community. The citizens ushered in the most severe fifth wave of the epidemic, and there was no hope of resuming classes in primary and secondary schools.

The epidemic raged at the end of February, peaked and fell back in early March, and Omicron continued to mutate until June. The society could not get out of the haze for a long time. Primary and middle school students finished their summer vacation ahead of schedule and entered the life of daily rapid testing; until the end of the year, Chief Executive Li Jiachao announced that most of the epidemic prevention measures were lifted Measures, full-time face-to-face teaching is just around the corner for primary and secondary schools that have experienced suspension of classes, online classes, and half-resumption of classes.

The health and livelihood of citizens are greatly affected, and for 351,000 primary and 335,000 secondary students, they have to learn and thrive in the switching mode of teaching - online teaching, half-day face-to-face teaching, and repeated school holidays Growing up, the burden falls on the teaching staff on the front line.

Jia Hui, who works as a teaching assistant in a mainstream primary school, is one of them.

Jia Hui is a teaching assistant for mathematics. She is also responsible for the work of the school social work team and the special learning needs (SEN) student team, supporting SEN students in class, including students with special learning difficulties, attention deficit, and autism, and caring for their children. Emotional needs.

She is also pursuing a degree in Special Needs Education part-time, preparing lessons, teaching and correcting assignments as a trainee teacher.

Jiahui, who works as a teaching assistant for elementary school mathematics, said that she was inevitably a little tired due to the various changes brought about by the epidemic.

(Video screenshot)

SEN students are struggling to adapt to the

education bureau's reinforcements

In the past year, Jia Hui has been running back and forth between work, school and internship, and has to adapt to the changes brought about by the epidemic. It is inevitable that she is a little tired: "At the beginning of this year, I was still teaching online, and in April, it changed to half-day face-to-face. In the past one or two months, full-time face-to-face teaching has been restored, which is very difficult for students or educators.”

Especially the problem of adaptation, students have developed a half-day face-to-face learning mode, and they need to change back to full-time face-to-face teaching. Their living habits, mental outlook, and social needs are all being broken and reorganized.

This is true for mainstream students, and even more so for SEN students.

Before the epidemic, they attended classes with mainstream students, and they might be regarded as outliers, or encountered difficulties in learning or emotional behavior, so they needed more support; Re-adapting to a learning model that is different from the past will undoubtedly require more help - unfortunately the resources of the authorities are limited, and the responsibility rests on the teachers.

Jiahui said frankly that even though the Education Bureau has formulated a series of guidelines and measures, such as "Guidelines for School Health to Prevent COVID-19", "Emotional Support for Students on Resuming Classes", etc., to help schools with teaching work and assist students in dealing with The emotions that may arise due to the epidemic and the return to campus life; while schools and teachers are doing their best to help students adapt to the changing learning environment, but these help seem to be unable to keep up with the "uncontrollable" changes.

She described her feelings over the past year with a "melting" expression, "Sometimes I am really tired", but when I am tired, I always receive paintings from SEN students, flowers, hearts, characters and handwriting - a few strokes of wood The color and the words of thanks will sweep away the exhaustion.

Was asked if he ever thought about leaving Hong Kong?

Jia Hui said that she has no plans: "There are problems and difficulties in other places. Even if one day Hong Kong gets worse, I will try to persevere and stay." She explained that, on the one hand, it is because she has just started working and has not yet had a deep understanding of the education industry. She still wants to become a full-time teacher and do more for the students; on the other hand, because she was born and raised in Hong Kong, her family and friends are all in Hong Kong, so she also hopes to do her best to do her job well and help more students.

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