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There is no shame: 120 hedonists, look the elderly in the eyes - voila! news


Two things happened today at the same time: the MKs' salary increased from NIS 45,000 to NIS 47,000 and the old-age pension increased from NIS 1,596 to NIS 1,680. If there is anyone who thinks this is logical, moral, correct and not corrupt - please restore

Government meeting (Walla system!)

The National Insurance Company proudly announced today (Sunday) the increase in allowances - for the disabled, children and the elderly.

But the increase in allowances is minor.

For the disabled a little more, for the children a little less - and for the elderly the increase amounted to... Hold tight: NIS 84 per month.

How much does it cost in shekels, you ask?

Well, hold on tight again: every senior citizen in the State of Israel will receive a payment of NIS 1,680 per month, instead of NIS 1,596 until now.

You can of course look at the half full glass, but only on the condition that you filled it with tap water (the price of which has also gone up today), when evil people like me look - they see an addition of less than NIS 3 per day.

This is exactly what was said: "Mocking the Resh".

I would leave it at that, since the days are not easy and the country is also forced to tighten its belt and... well, not really: the days may not be easy, but the country really is not tightening its belt, when one bloated and wasteful government replaces another bloated and wasteful government: government ministries are divided And rips are given to anyone who demands respect - and there is no mouthing and beeping.

And we haven't talked about the bureaus, the staffs, the special expenses and the indirect cost of new appointments that each minister will make to mark the territory.

Government offices are divided and given rips-tears to anyone who demands respect - and there is no compensating mouth and tweeting (Photo: Reuven Castro)

you know what?

On three and on four... as written - even on this I will not prove the incoming government, because the previous one was wasteful as well, under the auspices of the Norwegian law on the basis of which it was (barely) elected in the first place.

Because we have already learned that in our places words are separate and actions are separate: how did Eric Sharon say: "things you see from here"?

So it turns out that what our elected officials see is mainly the public purse, the one that inspires them to attack more than any ideological commitment.

So what was the foam about?

About the brazen, wild, corrupt addition - you choose the appropriate expression, which the members of the Knesset took upon themselves only today, that is - from the first day of the new year.

Remember the elderly whose wild generosity of the National Insurance Institute (not his fault, of course) caused it not only to grant them an additional 84 shekels per month, but also to be proud that receiving the supplement does not involve any paperwork or bureaucracy, but that the eligible will receive it directly into their bank account (wow! ).

So let's compare them, in numbers, to the members of the Knesset: the poor, most of whose salary goes to the bank (because a large part of the rest of the expenses can be spent through the "contact with the voter" budget, party funding, some sort of Friends of the Lie forum - and other solutions designed to drop a few shekels into the pockets of those so-called "chosen ones"), increased in total by something like 1,800 shekels per month, from approximately (in these amounts the single shekel is no longer counted) 45,000 shekels, to 47,000.

More in Walla!

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Where are those who "care for the weak"?

Look them in the eyes (Photo: Reuven Castro)

I repeat that some of them have income from being retired security forces, property owners, business partners and more.

They are immune to various tax adjustments.

And yet: the MKs' salary was updated automatically, due to being linked to the salary of the... you know what? What does it matter - automatic or not? After all, if they really wanted to serve as a personal example in a country whose citizens are decreasing month by month and young couples are moving away from their apartments , they would convene an extraordinary meeting, during the recess, and announce that this would not be the case. We have seen them do this already for trivial matters. Only this time there were not even enough tzaddiks in Sodom to sign a call to the Speaker of the Knesset to hold an urgent discussion that would prevent this finger-pointing in the eyes of the public.

But leave us alone, let's talk a little more about the elderly: what can they already do with a few tens of shekels per month that will improve the difficult reality of many of them's lives?

Buy more bread and freeze to thaw on a cloudy day?

Electricity has also become more expensive - and freezing and reheating both consume energy, don't they?

Maybe they will treat themselves to some medicine?

With a little help from relatives, they will be able to purchase a pill to reduce headaches at the nearest pharmacy.


The honor of the ministers - in front of the broken back of the elderly Schnover in the garbage pail (Photo: Rotem Drov)

We are not interested in battered women and Holocaust survivors - just to return to power.

Miri Regev (Photo: Reuven Castro)

And it is possible that their money will be showered on the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, even though the Hanukkah fees are already behind us: how many surprise eggs can be purchased with this money, does anyone have any idea?

Certainly not to the members of the Knesset who can purchase them from the "Voter Relations" budget or register them as refreshments for an ideological assembly where they will seriously discuss the next ministry split.

This is not about right and left, this is not about ultra-Orthodox versus secularists, not about Ashkenazim and Sephardim, this is about 47,000 shekels versus 1,600, about honor and value versus the broken back of the elderly who is thrown in the trash, lest something of value be found there.

This is about the shame, the shame of all of us, of all the citizens of the State of Israel, regardless of who they are, but mainly the shame that had to cover the face of the 120 so-called "chosen" (who of course will not have to worry about their financial future, even in old age, thanks to the generous pension laws derived from their status), the shame which they lost a long time ago.

Where is the general who often talks about national resilience - and at the same time earns tens of thousands of shekels as an allowance in addition to his salary as a MK? Where is the newly "trained" minister who cares so much for the weak that he built himself a kit house in the north and "made a mistake" in reporting to the income tax. Where is the one who said he didn't She is interested in Holocaust survivors and not battered women, the main thing is to return to power? Where are they all - who will now look in the eyes of the elderly whose monthly benefit "jumped" miraculously, in (in words) eighty-four shekels.

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