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On governance, sinkholes and hallucination | Israel today


Sinkhole - chosen as the word of the year • A sinkhole that is not treated from the ground up sends its arms everywhere and destroys every good plot • The treatment of the "sinkholes" that were directly caused by the Lapid-Bennet government is only beginning now

The Hebrew Language Academy announced that the word "bulan" was chosen as the word of the year for 2022, the word "mishilot" came in second place and "hallucination" came in third place.

The symbolism of these elections screams to heaven.

The civil year that ended was the year of the sinkholes.

The simple ones were opened on Ayalon lanes and other roads;

The more serious, complex and dangerous ones emerged in the public arena, and threatened to undermine, topple and swallow the foundations on which the Jewish state is founded.

The sinkholes on the roads have been taken care of, and it is hoped that they no longer endanger us.

The treatment of the other sinkholes - those directly caused by the Lapid-Bent government and those that brewed under the surface even before it - is only beginning now, with the establishment of the government of the national camp.

The worst sinkhole field of all was created due to the loss of governance of the state authorities in relation to the Arab minority living there, and unlike the physical sinkholes, it is not limited to one geographical area.

It was once thought that the problem existed "only" in the Negev.

Then they put up with the thought that the swallows would swallow up the mixed cities, the Galilee, or the nearby Sharon towns to the "triangle", until there was not a single stable and safe piece left in the entire country.

We learned the hard way that fencing a sinkhole or putting warning signs around it doesn't really help.

Such conduct is likened to burying one's head in the sand: although it creates a pleasant feeling that something is being done, it is an illusion.

A sinkhole that is not treated from the ground up - sends its arms everywhere and destroys every good plot.

He is not stopped by any line, border or barrier.

In fact, no region in the State of Israel is immune to national and criminal violence, which originates from those parts of the Arab sector that have lost all restraint and all fear of the law.

This was manifested horribly in the epidemic of theft of weapons and equipment from IDF bases, when it became clear that there are no policing even in the homes of those who are supposed to be policing enforcers and defenders. No cosmetic operation will be enough to cover the expanding sinkhole field of the lack of policing, and only urgent and irremediable root canal treatment A comprehensive compromise will save us from him and from a total collapse that he is responsible for. Every resource - financial, legislative or administrative - should be allocated to this issue without sparing and without procrastination.

Other sinkholes loaded onto the Israeli landscape during 2022 are actually related to the third word in the ranking of the Hebrew Language Academy, and they are also numerous.

The citizens of Israel are tired of counting all those cases, which are described by the term "hallucination" in such an exhaustive and striking way.

The Lapid-Benet government, which happily embraces radical Islamists, who are excluded in any other country?


A transitional government without a mandate, which gives up the maritime area and the gas fields in favor of Lebanon and Hezbollah?


The Minister of Transportation, who is more interested in inflecting words in the feminine language than in the potholes opening up on the roads under her responsibility?


The campuses where Israeli flags are banned and PLO flags are flown? Hallucination!; The Ministry of Culture, which continues to fund anti-Israeli plays and productions? Hallucination!; The judicial system, which has mercy on the cruel and is cruel to those who love the country? Hallucination!; The attorney's office, where everything is political and the position is determined According to a personal key and the ideological direction, and not according to law? Hallucination!

This list can be continued ad infinitum, because in the last year each of us has suffered a "hallucination" after every news release.

The despair has become so deep, that many no longer believe that the faults can be fixed, and that it is also possible otherwise.

"We have lost our way through many sinkholes," a very elderly acquaintance, one of those who fought in the War of Independence, told me with bitter disappointment, accompanying the statement with a symbolic raising of his hands.

This is the nature of the sinkholes - in addition to the actual physical damage in the present, they blow a hole in the soul and destroy the hope for a better future.

The Netanyahu government must stop the disintegration and plug the many holes it inherited from its predecessor in almost every field, before we all get used to the reality where instead of governing, delusion reigns.

We will be comforted by repairing sinkholes. 

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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