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Most of us do not pay too much attention to the facial cleansing step and do not treat it as part of the skin care process, but clean skin is the basis of any effective skin care routine

When you choose your next cleanser, it is important to pay attention to your skin type but also to its current condition (Photo: PR)

Most of us put a lot of thought into choosing our moisturizer or serum - which active ingredients achieve results, what are the skin problems we want to treat, what reviews do the treatment products receive, and so on.

When choosing facial soap, on the other hand, we will delve much less.

In most cases, we will base the choice on price and fragrance and will not examine the type of soap or its ingredients at all, and some of us will not use soap at all but wash our face with water only.

But even the best creams and serums will not achieve the results we are aiming for, if they are not placed on properly cleansed skin.

Facial cleansing is an integral part of the facial care routine, and it has a fundamental effect on the condition of the skin, its appearance and its health.

The importance of clean facial skin

The upper layer of the skin - the epidermis - is a layer of dense epithelial cells between which a protein connects which acts as intercellular glue.

These cells are constantly renewed, and in the process of their renewal, along with the accumulation of dead skin cells, a series of different substances are secreted: lipids, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol, urea, sugars, salts, and more.

These substances create a protective layer on the surface of the skin that maintains its integrity and moisture level, and is called Natural Moisturizing Factor, or NMF.

In addition to this, the skin also secretes sweat and sebum - a fatty liquid that is produced in order to make the skin flexible and also serve as a sealing and protective layer.

Throughout the day, particles of dust, soot, oils, dirt, make-up components and various chemical substances accumulate on the skin of the face.

They cling to the fatty components that accumulate on the surface of the skin, clogging the pore openings and exposing the skin to free radicals and pollutants.

Besides the danger that comes from those harmful particles that stick to the skin, it is important to remember that when the pore openings are blocked, active ingredients will not be able to penetrate the layers of the skin, so the effectiveness of the skin care routine will be impaired.

Therefore, removing the dirt and cleaning the facial skin is the key to an effective treatment routine and introducing active components deep into the skin.

But even if we assume that most face soaps will remove the dirt effectively, this does not mean that every face soap can suit you, because apart from the basic cleaning action, we also want to prepare the skin for the next steps of the treatment.

Choosing an inappropriate facial soap may damage the protective layer of the skin, dry the skin significantly, damage the healing and restoration processes of the skin and delay the achievement of the therapeutic goal.

Therefore, just like choosing a cream or serum, the components of the facial soap should also match the characteristics of your skin and the problems you wish to treat.

Chava Zingboim (Photo: Public Relations)

Chava Zingboim (Photo: Public Relations)

Chava Zingboim's tips for choosing the right cleanser

When choosing your next cleanser, it's important to pay attention to your skin type but also to its current condition.

Our skin is a living tissue that changes daily and is affected by stress, lifestyle, diet and a variety of external parameters.

Even oily skin, for example, can be dried out in certain periods, in which it is better to avoid drying cleansers that contain fat-absorbing ingredients.

Keep in mind that washing your face too often with soap can also dry it out.

To get things in order and help you choose the best facial soap for you, get the tips of Chava Zingboim, the founder of the leading cosmetics corporation in the Skin Tech field, and who developed the two-depth method for skin care, for choosing cleansers according to the condition of the skin:

Skin Masculine versus feminine skin

- The male facial skin is usually thicker, and more dirt and sebum components accumulate on the bristles.

Female skin, on the other hand, is thinner and more delicate.

Therefore, while men can rub their faces and even use more frequently soaps that include granular exfoliation, women are advised to avoid scrubbing the skin and choose gentle substances that dissolve the dirt and remove it by washing.

Acne skin

- the treatment of acne skin requires a gentle, non-drying and anti-inflammatory facial soap.

Silicic acid as an active ingredient can also be used as a soap for acneic skin, but it should be used for a short time.

When there is an acne breakout, it is important to be careful with gentle cleaning with soap that contains antiseptic and antibacterial components.

Oily skin without acne

- The treatment of this type of skin requires a gentle soap with balancing and soothing ingredients such as tea tree oil, bisovolol and more.

It is recommended to avoid excessive washing of the skin, use soap only once a day - in the evening treatment routine - and make sure to use a fat-free moisturizer.

Mature skin

- maintaining the moisture balance is one of the most important things in the care of mature skin, and a gentle foam soap will be suitable for this.

Avoid using products that include detergents and chemicals that may significantly damage the epidermal barrier and cause excessive drying of the skin.

It is recommended to use cleansers containing acids to remove dead cells and renew the skin (also suitable for skin with seborrhea).

Sensitive skin (including skin that undergoes treatment at the clinic using IPL, RF, etc. equipment)

- Both dry skin and oily skin can be sensitive.

When choosing a facial soap, we will always consider the sensitivity of the skin more than the type of skin.

Sensitive skin requires maintaining the level of moisture and avoiding over-drying, therefore we will clean the face with soap only once a day, in the evening treatment routine.

The recommended soap is a mild foam soap, and after cleaning, apply a suitable moisturizer.

And finally, you can't talk about facial cleansing without referring to makeup removal.

In both young skin and mature skin, it is important to take into account that the make-up components that exist today, most of them are durable and based on silicone and oils, meaning they adhere well to the skin cells and pores.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the double cleansing method - remove the makeup with a facial lotion, and then use a suitable facial soap.

Please note that removing makeup from acneic skin requires special attention and cannot include too aggressive cleaning.

For more details and the range of facial soaps from Chava Zingboim >>

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