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We found a place that brings together everything a child needs to learn, develop and grow, and one stop where parents can find everything. Meet Kinder Toys.

One place that offers everything a child needs and everything every parent is looking for (Kinder Toys)

Imagine this, an online store that has school supplies, art and craft materials, developmental games and toys for all ages, yard and garden games, and summer products.

Now imagine that you have 2 more stores like this outside of the network.

Sounds like a dream? Absolutely!

"Kinder Toys" is the most attractive space for parents and children during the summer and throughout the year.

Continue reading and find out what made the chain a leader in the field of equipment and games for babies and children of all ages.

One place that offers everything a child needs and everything every parent is looking for

in Kinder Toys have thought of everything.

There is everything that parents of children need to provide the child with employment and emotional and cognitive development.

After penetrating the market of kindergartens, municipalities, summer camps and community centers, they also offer the general public to enjoy the attractive prices of all the most high-quality and sought-after products.

The most attractive prices for all the most high-quality and sought-after products (Photo: Kinder Toy)

What is special about the Kinder Toys website?

Like any well-invested online store, the Kinder Toys website did not skimp on any high-quality and essential add-on for the online browsing and purchasing experience.

The site is accessible, and navigation is easy.

You can filter the selections according to ages, gender, different categories, brands, and even according to the type of skill you want to develop.

Also on the site, a robot that matches consumers with products according to the budget, requirements and needs in such a good way, that the buyers on the site keep asking for its help.

Just like a salesperson in a store, the robot makes a selection and perfectly matches each consumer with the products he requests.

You won't believe how easy and fun it is, this is definitely an advanced purchase in the ecommerce field.

The most attractive prices for all the most high-quality and sought-after products

Moshe Refali, the owner of the chain, says: "The cost of living weighs heavily on parents, who all in all want to give their children everything they need so that they will succeed, develop and grow up in a healthy and proper way. We have chosen to bring together all the highest quality and select products alongside the popular and sought-after products and provide a response to every need added, both on the part of the children and on the part of the parents. Thus, even people who work until late hours and do not find time to run between different stores and compare prices can make a concentrated and safe purchase at the most attractive price. For those who shop on the website, the purchasing experience is even easier and simpler, because there is no From it to even start the car. Shoppers on the site can make all purchases from the couch while wearing pajamas. Is there anything better than that?"

Products for every age and every developmental stage of the child

What is amazing about "Kinder Toys" is that there is an optimal solution for everything a child of any age needs - from infancy, through preschool to adulthood.

Raffaele chose to gather in one place all the products that will contribute to the child's development, from toys for toddlers, through board games, puzzles and logic games to challenge, logic and thinking games.

Students can purchase school supplies here, and the selection is simply huge - all types, all brands, all models and all the children's special requirements are met here.

Adapting the products to the needs of the child and his stages of development

When you come to "Kinder Toys" you immediately understand that this is not a stock for children's toys and gifts.

Behind the establishment of the business is a very clear agenda.

Rafaeli believes that every child can succeed, if only given the tools and knowledge.

For this, it is important to expose him and help him develop skills.

To this end, he places emphasis on matching the store's products and toys to the child's age and developmental stage.

The store staff is available, like the robot on the site, to help each buyer find the products that will help their children enrich their knowledge, develop essential skills and expand their toolbox in order to realize themselves as a child, and later as an adult.

In this context, he emphasizes: "It is not enough for the parent to buy the best quality games for the child. In order for the child to be able to develop and develop skills according to his age, it is important that the parent be there with him, play with him, activate him and serve as an example for him. Parental involvement is an integral part from the emotional and mental development of the child, and without it, even the most sophisticated toys out there,

They will not be able to develop the child's abilities, for which every new skill he acquires is a world in its own right.

It's like giving someone a graduate a booklet for studying electricity and electronics.

Individuals will be able to do it on their own, but the more guidance, direction and support there is for the student, the more his chances of success will increase.

Apart from that, there is no substitute for the quality time that parents and children get as part of a joint activity, whether it's playing ball, preparing work, creating something together or playing cards for the whole family."

The website of Kinder Toys (Photo: Kinder Toys)

In conclusion, in "Kinder Toys" they took the children's world another step forward.

All the products offered here are carefully selected.

They are adapted to the child's development in all its stages, and are designed to provide a single answer to every need and demand on the part of the parent.

The site is easy to navigate, accessible and allows you to filter the consumer's choices, the deliveries arrive within 5 business days (at most), and if it is good enough for kindergarteners and educators, it will surely be wonderful for parents as well.

So just before the students go back to school, if you are looking for employment for the summer and need to accessorize the schoolbag, you can do it at "Kinder Toys", on the website or in the stores located in Bnei Brak,

you must check out what is happening here >>>

The game and toy store: Rabbi Landa 7 , Bnei Brak.

Craft and garden materials store - 9 Rabbi Landa Street, Bnei Brak.

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