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NATO chief Stoltenberg sees signs of Russia's "new offensive"


NATO chief Stoltenberg sees signs of Russia's "new offensive" Created: 01/05/2023 04:53 By: Andreas Schmid A Russian senator and Putin ally has accused ex-Chancellor Merkel of betraying Russia. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg urges continued support to Ukraine. All information in the news ticker. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg : He sees possible signs of Russia's "new offensive" Ru

NATO chief Stoltenberg sees signs of Russia's "new offensive"

Created: 01/05/2023 04:53

By: Andreas Schmid

A Russian senator and Putin ally has accused ex-Chancellor Merkel of betraying Russia.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg urges continued support to Ukraine.

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Update from January 2nd, 8:20 a.m.:

In his New Year's speech, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto compared the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin to Josef Stalin.

Niinisto pointed to the similarity to the "Winter War" between the Soviet Union and Finland in World War II, "when the Soviets thought they could march on Helsinki in two weeks".

Both Putin and Stalin failed to recognize the "key factor".

Niinisto emphasized: “People who live in a free country have their own will and beliefs.

And that a nation working together is a tremendous force.”

Ukraine News: Zelenskyy speaks of "pathetic terrorists" after Russian attacks

Update from January 2, 6:35 a.m .:

The Russian military launched a new wave of attacks with so-called kamikaze drones against targets in Ukraine on Sunday evening.

In this context, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke of "pathetic Russian terrorists".

In his daily video speech, he emphasized: "The Russian terrorists were already pathetic and started the new year that way."

But these attacks could not harm the Ukrainians.

"Our sense of togetherness, our authenticity, life itself - all of this is so in contrast to the fear that prevails in Russia." The Russian military is palpably afraid, claimed Zelenskyj.

"And they are right to be afraid, because they will lose." Even with drones and rockets, the Russian military would not get very far.

"Because we stick together." The Russian side, on the other hand, is only held together by fear, he argued. 

Ukraine war: British newspaper sees no end to conflict in the new year

Update from January 1, 10:08 p.m .: It

should already be clear that the war in Ukraine will not end in 2023.

At least that's what the British newspaper Financial Times predicts, as reported by the private Ukrainian news agency


The prognosis: “The war in Ukraine will last all year.

Neither Kyiv nor Moscow will agree to freezing the 'conflict'.” Russia is currently trying to regroup in the Ukraine war and is preparing its citizens for a long war, the Financial Times reported.

Russia and Ukraine will not be satisfied with freezing their current positions.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy cannot agree to a ceasefire that leaves parts of Ukrainian territory in Russian hands, the report said.

"The reconquest of this territory would require weapons that the West apparently does not want to supply," according to the prognosis.

Ukraine-News: NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg sees possible signs of Russia's 'new offensive'

Update from January 1, 8:17 p.m .:

Western states must be ready to support Ukraine in the long-term war against Russia.

This is what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said about the current situation in the Ukraine war on the



According to Stoltenberg, military support ensures the survival of Ukraine as a sovereign country.

This would force Russia to sit down with Ukraine and negotiate an end to the war.

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389679374.jpg © Thierry Monasse/dpa

Moscow shows no signs of ending the war.

"Ukrainian forces have had momentum for several months, but we also know that Russia has mobilized many more forces, many of whom are now training," Stoltenberg told BBC Radio 4 on The World at One.

"Everything indicates that they are ready to continue the war and possibly also try to start a new offensive," the NATO Secretary General gave a possible outlook on future developments in the Ukraine war.

Russian senator from Putin's party accuses Merkel of "treason" - and justifies aggressive war against Ukraine

Update from January 1, 3:10 p.m .:

In view of the Minsk agreement from 2014, the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council, Konstantin Kozachev, ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel and the former French head of state François Hollande accused of “treason”.

Merkel recently stated that the agreement primarily served to save Ukraine time.

In Russia, the ex-Chancellor's thesis was met with outrage.

Kozachev also expressed his displeasure with the statements.

The east of Ukraine had been betrayed by the west, he said, according to the state news agency TASS.

"Betrayal" has killed thousands of people in Ukraine over the past eight years, according to the senator from Vladimir Putin's United Russia party.

Moscow, on the other hand, is now the only guarantor of the Minsk agreement to protect the people of Donbass.

Ukraine-News: Turkey negotiates with Russia for political prisoners

Update from January 1, 11:20 a.m .:

According to Ukrainian information, Turkey is currently negotiating with Russia to free a group of Ukrainian political prisoners.

This was announced by the representative of Ukraine in Crimea Tamila Taseva after her visit to Turkey to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

However, it is still too early to talk about specific names or conditions.

She also underlined that a list with the names of all political prisoners had been handed over to partner countries, above all Turkey.

The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly mediated between Russia and Ukraine in the Ukraine war.

Ankara is particularly committed to Crimea because of the Muslim Tatars who inhabit the peninsula.

Klitschko calls for Leopard tanks - and praises Germany for delivery of Iris-T

Update from January 1, 9:20 a.m.:

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, has asked Germany to deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

“It will depend crucially on Germany that Leopard 2 tanks are finally delivered.

Without this type of tank, it will be difficult to recapture more areas in Ukraine," Klitschko writes in a guest article in



The politician also expects a new attack on Kyiv.

Russia is mobilizing more forces, up to 300,000 soldiers could tackle another attack on Ukraine.

"Kyiv was a target and Kyiv remains a target," said Klitschko.

The aim of the Russian army was to bring Ukraine "a dark Christmas, a dark New Year, a dark future," Klitschko continues.

“But, as always in this war, they miscalculated!

We are stronger, also thanks to Germany: The German missile defense system Iris-T helps like nothing else to ensure that our civil infrastructure is not completely destroyed, but that we have been able to renew it again and again."

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) was open to the "Bild am Sonntag" for further support for Ukraine.

"We must do everything to ensure that Ukraine's staying power remains greater than the evil that emanates from Putin," Lindner said, according to the newspaper.

“We are already doing our best.

But you have to check every day where more is possible.”

Vitaly Klitschko.

(Archive image) © IMAGO/Sergei Chuzavkov

Ukraine-News: Selenskyj addresses his fellow citizens with a message at the turn of the year

Update from December 31, 9:47 p.m .:

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj also addressed his fellow citizens on Saturday with a short message of congratulations on the turn of the year.

Happy New Year and the "Year of our Victory" Zelenskyy wished.

He also wrote on Telegram: “Wish a miracle today?

The Ukrainians created it a long time ago.” The President accompanied his New Year's message with a photo of himself and his wife Olena in front of a modestly decorated Christmas tree.

There were other slight political undertones in his New Year's message.

"Want real friends?

We've already found out for sure who they are.” He was referring to Ukraine's supporters in the war against Russia.

With a touch of irony and a reference to the repeated Russian attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, Zelenskyy also explained in his message: "Do you want light?

It is in each of us, even when there is no electricity.”

imago0197253878h.jpg © IMAGO/PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE \ apaimages

Even when asked about a desire for adventure and travel, Zelenskyj could not resist a dig at the bitter reality of the Russian war of aggression.

"The Ukrainians have already gotten too much of it." It remains only a wish, which will not come true by a miracle.

But "through our work, through struggle, mutual aid, humanity."

140 Ukrainians and 82 Russians handed over in prisoner swap

Update from December 31, 6:41 p.m .:

Shortly before the New Year, some Russian and Ukrainian soldiers were each allowed to return home from captivity.

On Saturday, Ukraine received 140 soldiers from Russian captivity, as the head of the presidential office in Kyiv, Andriy Yermak, told Telegram.

"This is another major exchange that has been carried out," he was quoted as saying by the


news agency .

"Among them are the wounded and the defenders of Mariupol, the island of Zmeiny, volunteers from Slavutich, also fathers and sons who were imprisoned together like we did from Bakhmut." According to Yermak, there were also eight women among the 140 people .

Meanwhile, the state agency


reported that 82 Russian prisoners of war were released on the other side.

Among them were wounded soldiers who were immediately flown to Moscow for further treatment,




Putin fires sharp shots at West in New Year's speech

Update from December 31, 5:01 p.m .:

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his annual New Year’s speech to the people on Saturday.

He did not have his speech recorded against the background of the Kremlin, as is usual, but surrounded by soldiers during wartime.

The speech could already be seen on Saturday afternoon (German time) on the Far Eastern peninsula of Kamchatka and in northeastern Chukotka, since the year 2023 had already begun there due to the time difference.

During his speech, Putin accused the West of “lying”, among other things.

"For years, the Western elites have hypocritically assured all of us of their peaceful intentions, including solving the most serious conflict in Donbass," the Kremlin chief said.

He was again referring to statements by ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said in an interview that the peace plan for Donbass was also concluded with the aim of making Ukraine stronger.

“The West lied about peace and is preparing for aggression.

And today he's not even ashamed to admit it openly."

Russian President Vladimir Putin also presented awards to soldiers at the Southern Military District headquarters on December 31.

© IMAGO/Mikhail Klimentyev/ ITAR-TASS

Putin further claimed that Ukraine and its people were being used to destroy Russia.

"We have never allowed that to anyone - and we will not allow it in the future either," he said in an authoritarian, combative tone.

Russia has held its own against the pressure from the West, which has been imposing sanctions since 2014, and averted an economic collapse.

“This year we were declared a real sanctions war.

Those who instigated it expected total destruction of our industry, finance and transportation.

That didn't happen," Putin said.

The Russian people would therefore currently show courage and dignity to protect the fatherland.

Meanwhile, Russia launched another missile attack on Ukraine on Saturday just before the New Year.

Ukraine war: theologian calls for cooperation with Russian people

Update from December 31, 3:16 p.m

.: The Protestant theologian Margot Käßmann has called for cooperation with Russian civil society.

She is against the fact that because of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine "all city, scientific and cultural partnerships with Russia are now being ended," she said in the Saturday edition of the

Rheinische Post


"We don't need to cut ties with Russia, we need to intensify them to encourage the people of Russia to oppose the war in Ukraine."

The Protestant theologian Margot Käßmann wants to continue working with Russian civil society.

© Patrick Seeger/dpa

President Zelenskyy: Thanks to Chancellor Scholz in German

Update from December 31, 9.50

a.m .: At the end of the year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj thanked Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his support and Germany’s new security policy course – with a tweet in German.

“Arms deliveries, protection for more than a million Ukrainians, G7 presidency with Ukraine focus, financial & technical assistance, EU candidate status.

Thank you for the turning point, Herr @Bundeskanzler!” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

"May we complete it in 2023 with our joint victory," said the head of state, referring to the turning point proclaimed by Scholz, with which the federal government had also initiated military support for Ukraine to defend against Russia's war of aggression. 

In the face of massive Russian drone and rocket attacks, Ukraine is hoping for significantly more military aid, for example in air defense.

Experts also believe that the country needs many more weapons and ammunition to defeat Russia.

New Year's greetings from Putin: Biden, Macron and Scholz are left empty-handed

Update from December 30, 2:50 p.m

.: Vladimir Putin sends New Year's greetings to his supporters.

Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz are not receiving mail from the Kremlin.

"We have no contact with them," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday.

"And given the constant unfriendly actions they undertake, the President will not send them greetings." Putin does not receive any from the three politicians either.

Interesting: Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder should therefore receive a New Year's greeting from Putin.

The Russian head of state has already wished other top politicians a Happy New Year 2023.

According to the Kremlin, Putin also sent his best wishes for the New Year to two former heads of government: in addition to Schröder, the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

According to a list published on Friday, Putin also sent greetings to the heads of state and government of China, Turkey, India, Venezuela and Syria, as well as to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Belarus ruler Alexander Lukashenko or, as the only EU head of government, to Hungary's Viktor Orban.

Update from December 30, 12:37 p.m .:

After finding an anti-aircraft missile on Belarusian territory, the Ministry of Defense in Minsk spoke of a possible provocation by Kiev.

"Either the unguided anti-aircraft missile was fired unintentionally because of the crew's poor training, or the missile was defective, or it is a deliberate provocation by the Ukrainian armed forces," Belarusian anti-aircraft defense chief Kirill Kazantsev said in a news channel on Friday Telegram disseminated the Ministry's opinion.

Can Lukashenko's regime be drawn into Russia's war?

There are conflicting signs.

Update from December 30, 11:20 a.m

.: Vladimir Putin invites Xi Jinping to a meeting in Russia.

"I have no doubt that you and I will find an opportunity to meet in person.

Dear Mr. President, my dear friend, we look forward to seeing you on a state visit to Moscow next spring,” Putin said, according to the Kremlin transcript.

The meeting will be "the most important political event of the year in bilateral relations".

Explosive conversation between Putin and Xi: "We want to strengthen cooperation between our troops"

Update from December 30, 11:05 a.m

.: The conversation between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping is ongoing.

In a video call with the Chinese head of state, the Russian President announced his willingness to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries.

"We want to strengthen cooperation between the troops of Russia and China," Putin said.

At the same time, he praised the efforts made by Moscow and Beijing to counter pressure from the West.

"Against the backdrop of unprecedented pressure and provocations from the West, we are defending our positions and principles," Putin said.

"I wholeheartedly wish you and all friendly China new successes."

The economic cooperation between the two countries is a success.

According to Putin, the economy is doing extremely well at the moment.

"Despite the unfavorable external environment, illegal restrictions and direct blackmail by certain Western countries, Russia and China managed to achieve record-breaking growth in mutual trade turnover," he was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Tass.

Retail sales have “increased by around 25 percent”.

Putin talks to Xi in Ukraine war: video call about “key regional issues”

Moscow/Beijing – Russia currently appears to be seeking an alliance with China.

After Dmitry Medvedev traveled to Beijing before Christmas (at the same time as Zelenskyj's visit to the USA), Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin now wants to speak to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A video call is planned for Friday.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in Samarkand, Uzbekistan: the two heads of state last met in person in September.

© Sergei Bobylev/imago

According to the Kremlin, the exchange of views will focus on "the most important regional problems" - both those "closer to Russia" and those "closer to China".

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment more specifically, but made it clear via Russian news agencies: "Our leaders will discuss these problems in the spirit of a real strategic partnership." North China borders southeast Russia.

According to Peskov, Putin and Xi will greet each other publicly, followed by a private one-on-one meeting.

In the face of international condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions, Putin wants to strengthen ties with Beijing and boost economic cooperation.

The two countries see themselves as a geopolitical counterweight to the United States and its allies.

In December, for example, Russia and China held joint military exercises that the Russian army chief described as a response to the "aggressive" US stance in the Asia-Pacific region.

China's head of state and party leader: This is how Xi Jinping rose to become the most powerful man in the world

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NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg calls for more weapons: "Fastest way to more peace"

At the turn of the year, however, NATO also positioned itself in the Ukraine war.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg openly calls for arms deliveries to Ukraine.

"It may sound paradoxical, but military support for Ukraine is the fastest way to peace," Stoltenberg told dpa.

"We know that most wars end at the negotiating table - probably this war too - but we know that what Ukraine can achieve in these negotiations depends inextricably on the military situation." There have been no major breakthroughs on the front recently .

This is one of the reasons why there are currently no signs of a quick peace solution.

Ukraine-News: According to Stoltenberg, Putin had “no interest in a peaceful solution”

Stoltenberg says: "So if you want a peaceful, negotiated solution that ensures Ukraine survives as an independent democratic state, then the best way to support it militarily is to convince President Putin that he is achieving his goal, taking control of Ukraine will not achieve.”

In the interview, Stoltenberg also gave insight into February 24: "When I went to bed I knew they were going to invade, so I thought it would be good to get a few hours of sleep." NATO was "well prepared ', 'because it was a long-foreseen invasion'.

However, the military alliance was unable to prevent them.

"We believed in diplomacy to the end, but President Putin was not interested in a peaceful solution."

(as with dpa material)

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