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News of the day: Corona test obligation for travelers from China, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Prince Harry


A corona test obligation for travelers from China should also apply in Germany. Controversy over Simon Wiesenthal Center's top ten lists. Prince Harry laments that his brother William hit him. This is the situation on Thursday evening.

1. The obligation to test for travelers from China is of little use, but it could provide information about which current variants are circulating in the country

We live in a time when many people, and the communities they create, seem to be unable to do without a motto.

The European Union has also given itself one thing, it was officially announced in 2000 and reads »United in diversity«.

In Italian it sounds even better and is called »Unita nella diversità«.

A few days ago, Italy's politicians decided that travelers from China should be vaccinated, but in Germany the powerful were against it for a long time.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach announced today that Germany is also reacting to the massive corona outbreak in China with a compulsory Covid test for people arriving from there.

The German entry regulation will be changed at short notice, travelers from China will need at least one rapid antigen test when traveling to Germany, said Lauterbach.

In addition, random samples should help to identify virus variants.

Wastewater from aircraft that have landed from China is already being analyzed at Frankfurt Airport.

Health experts from the 27 EU countries were not able to agree on Wednesday evening that travelers from China should be tested, but they strongly recommend it.

Enlarge image

Incheon Airport, South Korea, requires travelers from China to be tested (picture taken on January 2, 2023)


Even before Lauterbach's announcement of mandatory testing, German experts commented on the measures - and some apparently consider them inappropriate.

The epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen, for example, suspects that many people arriving from China are infected, but considers it unlikely that a new wave of infections will be triggered in Germany by those arriving.

The virologist Isabella Eckerle from the University of Geneva considers the sequencing of samples from travelers to be useful because there is hardly any data available from China itself on the variants circulating there.

"It is scientifically valuable to find out more about which variants are currently circulating in China, since sequencing can at least provide a little more insight," says my colleague Nina Weber.

In terms of infection protection, however, the measure seems inconsistent to her.

»We hardly do anything else in this direction, even the mask requirement in public transport is no longer applicable in the first federal states.

On the one hand, it's okay to sit on a fully occupied bus in Lübeck without a mask, coughing and sneezing heavily.

But on the other hand, it is not okay to get off a plane from Shanghai in Frankfurt without being tested.«

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2. According to many experts, the anti-Semitism hit lists of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are questionable - because they damage the fight against militant enemies of the Jews

The documenta art show in Kassel, which is said to have received worldwide attention, at which there was a lot of controversy about some inflammatory works of art this year, only appears marginally - in the list of serious anti-Semitic incidents that the Simon Wiesenthal Center publishes every year.

This time, the seriously insane US rapper Kanye West, a Hitler glorifier, is given first place.

Also because of its appreciation by ex-President Donald Trump.

The meeting of the rapper and the politician contributes "to the normalization and expansion of anti-Semitism," according to the reasoning.

What to make of the lists of the Simon Wiesenthal Center?

My colleagues Christoph Schult and Philipp Wittrock report on this today in a story that surprised and impressed me.

The meritorious organization, named after the legendary Austro-Israeli Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, runs, among other things, a large museum and a film department in Los Angeles.

However, their annual top ten list of the world's worst anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incidents and slurs is somewhat questionable and regularly causes heated debates.

In addition to inveterate anti-Semites and enemies of Israel, the men and women at the Wiesenthal Center repeatedly take on German civil servants, politicians and publicists - including actors who are not suspected of hatred and extremism.

"The lists harm the fight against militant anti-Semites," says the German historian and publicist Michael Wolffsohn.

In 2019, for example, Chancellor Angela Merkel's former adviser, Christoph Heusgen, was placed seventh on the list - right behind mentioning acts of violence against Jews in New York and the attempted massacre of a right-wing extremist in a synagogue in Halle.

In a speech that Heusgen gave at the UN Security Council in March 2019 in connection with a resolution against the Israeli settlement policy, the German wanted to know from the Israeli UN Ambassador, among other things, how his government would end the construction of settlements.

Enlarge image

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC)


DER SPIEGEL asked almost a dozen anti-Semitism experts for their assessment of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's hit lists.

The respondents sometimes disagree about definitions, but all criticized the design and composition of the top ten up to 2022. "Some of the experts are critical of the Germans named on the lists," my colleagues report.

"But no one would rank them like the Wiesenthal Center with the Iranian regime, the Lebanese Hezbollah or the Palestinian Hamas, who are threatening to wipe out the Jewish state and are responsible for terrorist attacks."

One of the experts interviewed is Felix Klein, the federal government's anti-Semitism commissioner.

“When anti-Semites with murderous intent are mentioned alongside people who have dedicated themselves to fighting Jew hatred, the Wiesenthal Center fuels a misguided and divisive debate,” he says.

"Instead, alliances of democrats are urgently needed."

In Germany, the accusation of anti-Semitism is rightly taken particularly seriously.

The number of registered anti-Semitic crimes increased by 29 percent last year.

On average, the police recorded more than eight anti-Semitic offenses per day.

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3. Prince Harry describes a physical attack by his brother William – apparently not surprising for royal experts

Among the descendants of the British royal family, things are possibly no more elegant than in the children's rooms and day-care centers of the underprivileged.

It was revealed today that Prince Harry is detailing a physical assault by his brother William in his much-anticipated autobiography, which will be titled 'Spare'.

Isn't that shocking?

His brother grabbed him by the collar, tore at his necklace and pushed him to the ground.

"I landed on the dog's bowl, which broke under my back," Harry describes the incident.

"I lay there dazed for a moment, then got up and told him to go."

Family photo of the Windsors following the christening of Harry and Meghan's son Archie in July 2019


Chris Allerton / PA Wire / dpa

My colleague Jörg Schindler, who reports for SPIEGEL from London, interviewed the British historian Robert Lacey - and found out, among other things, that it has been known in the royal palace for some time and that Williams' hot temper is a problem.

Regarding Harry's various publicist attacks on the crown, Lacey, historical consultant for the Netflix series »The Crown«, says: »Older people like me remember that there were more dramatic rifts in the royal family, around 1936, than a real king, Edward VIII abdicated.

He and his American wife lived in exile with a little less publicity than our current exiles.

And the British monarchy prospered in her absence.”

In general, Lacey believes that there have been "worse things" than the current activities of Harry and his wife Meghan in the thousand-year history of the British monarchy.

'Once a king was beheaded and we lived in a republic after that.

But only for eleven years.«

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News and background to the war in Ukraine:

  • Now the SPD is also putting pressure on Scholz on the tank issue:

    France wants to deliver Western-style reconnaissance tanks to Ukraine, and the USA is considering the delivery of infantry fighting vehicles.

    The Greens and FDP have been campaigning for this for a long time, and now movement is also being considered in the SPD Chancellor's Party.

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What else is important today

  • Dax companies pay record dividends of almost 55 billion euros:

    In view of the high profits, the Dax companies are likely to pay their shareholders dividends at record levels, according to an analysis by the savings bank subsidiary Deka.

    Car manufacturers in particular are generous.

  • More and more women are making it to the top floor:

    last year there were more women on the executive boards of Germany's top corporations than ever before.

    However, men continue to be in the majority.

  • Tens of thousands say goodbye to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

    Around 50,000 people paid their last respects to the late Benedict on St. Peter's Square.

    The requiem was conducted by his successor Francis - new ceremonial territory for the church.

My favorite story today: The gold treasure of the AfD donor

How did it come about that the engineer Reiner Strangfeld bequeathed his entire fortune to the far-right AfD party in 2018?

My colleagues Hubert Gude and Sven Röbel had exclusive access to Strangfeld's estate, which makes them question whether the man was in his right mind when he bequeathed more than ten million euros to the AfD.

Strangfeld, born in 1938, was a tinkerer and apparently smart, cosmopolitan inventor - and probably became a mentally ill conspiracy theorist.

In the 1970s, he invented a flush toilet, patented it and became very wealthy.

Strangfeld jetted around the world and drove fancy cars, as his colleagues were able to reconstruct from the photos from the estate.

But there are other documents in Strangfeld's estate from the period from the 1980s onwards - including medical reports proving that the man was plagued by delusions;

temporarily he was in psychiatry.

The documents also prove the deeply right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic attitude of the AfD patron.

Before his suicide, he lived isolated and withdrawn in his Bückeburg apartment and saw himself as the victim of a conspiracy between judges, lawyers and the state.

All of this raises the question of whether his will can be challenged - and whether the AfD will not have to pay back the donor's money at some point.

No potential heirs have come forward yet.

But there's a good chance we'll hear about the Strangfeld estate in the future.

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What we recommend today at SPIEGEL+

  • Investigations in the Ayleen case completed - prosecutors bring charges:

    In the case of the killed Ayleen, 30-year-old Jan P. may have to answer in court.

    The investigators are convinced that the previously convicted sex offender can "completely" prove the murder of the 14-year-old.

  • Rebellion of the mini-Trumps:

    The mutiny among the Republicans continues - and is increasingly damaging Donald Trump.

    Although he supports Kevin McCarthy, he is opposed by supporters of the ex-president.

    Does Trump still have the party under control? 

  • The 20 Republican rebels - how right-wing are they?

    In the sixth ballot, Kevin McCarthy failed to get the majority needed to become Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Which internal party competitors voted against him?

    And what positions do they represent?

    The overview .

  • Simply cute:

    Rosi Mittermaier was not only successful in sports.

    What made her so popular was her appearance in public.

    Her sporting fame stayed with her for decades to come.

    She was the Olympic champion next door.

Which is less important today

Enlarge image


Soccer sun god in the rain: Cristiano Ronaldo

, 37-year-old five-time world soccer player and newcomer to soccer country Saudi Arabia, was unable to play his first game for the Al Nassr club this Thursday.

The reason was not the anger that Ronaldo has over a two-game ban while still on the job from Manchester United for slapping a cell phone out of a fan's hand.

The weather conditions prevented his first appearance in the new job.

The postponement, his new club tweeted, was due to "heavy rain", which could, among other things, "impair the power supply in the stadium".

Mini concave mirror

Here you can find the whole concave mirror.

cartoon of the day

And tonight?

Could you use the rather quiet time at the beginning of the year and read one of the film books from the past year.

In »Filmzeit, Lebenszeit.

Memoirs« about how he left his home village in the Hunsrück when he was young and his favorite teacher called after him: »Don't turn around.« But that's exactly what he did from then on, my colleague Tobias Becker praises, »looking back, for decades«.

The filmmaker Reitz, who turned 90 in November, is "the great man of longing on German television and cinema," Tobias thinks, "an artist of memory who would love to keep telling stories, still."

Because what we don't tell each other about, we forget.«

A lovely evening.

Yours sincerely,

Wolfgang Hoebel

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