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Russia corrects number of deaths after New Year's Eve - Kyiv reports over 500 "Kamikaze" drones shot down


Russia corrects number of deaths after New Year's Eve - Kyiv reports over 500 "kamikaze" drones shot down Created: 05/01/2023 04:59 By: Andreas Schmid, Fabian Müller Russia continues to suffer heavy losses in the Ukraine war. Meanwhile, Ukraine reports more than 540 drones shot down. The news ticker. Over 540 "Kamikaze" drones shot down : Kiev has released information on the number of drones s

Russia corrects number of deaths after New Year's Eve - Kyiv reports over 500 "kamikaze" drones shot down

Created: 05/01/2023 04:59

By: Andreas Schmid, Fabian Müller

Russia continues to suffer heavy losses in the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, Ukraine reports more than 540 drones shot down.

The news ticker.

  • Over 540

    "Kamikaze" drones shot down



    has released information on the number of drones shot down since September.

  • Russian casualties



    : Russian military death toll rises to 89 after New Year's raid.

  • Heavy blow


    Putin's troops

    : Ukraine speaks of "500 dead and injured".

  • This

    news ticker

    on the military situation in the

    Ukraine war

    is constantly



Update from January 4, 9:45 p.m .:

The Ukrainian military has reported another successful attack against Russia’s army.

In the occupied city of Tokmak in the southern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia, 80 Russian soldiers were killed or injured in an offensive on Tuesday, the General Staff in Kyiv said on Wednesday.

The information could not be independently verified.

Both warring parties often speak of high losses on the opposing side.

A spokesman for the Russian occupation administration of Zaporizhia Vladimir Rogov claimed that the Ukrainian attack was aimed at the Tokmak district hospital.

A military doctor and several patients were killed.

In addition, pictures of a badly damaged building were shown.

However, there was no independent confirmation of the information.

War in Ukraine: Ukraine reports further attacks on Russian-held territory

Update from January 4, 5:55 p.m .:

Since New Year’s Eve, Ukraine has reported attacks on Russian-occupied areas and hundreds of Russian soldiers killed.

Russia has now also confirmed minor losses

(see update from January 4, 6:30 a.m.)


Now Russia is again reporting casualties from attacks.

At least five people were killed in a Ukrainian artillery attack on the small town of Vasylivka occupied by Russian troops, according to local sources.

15 others were injured, said the governor of the occupied part of the southern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia, Yevgeny Balizki, who was appointed by Moscow to the Telegram news service on Wednesday.

This information could not initially be confirmed by an independent party.

Among other things, four employees of the civil protection service were injured, Balizki explained.

A multi-storey residential building is said to have been severely damaged by at least four impacts.

Kyiv reports more than 540 "kamikaze" drones shot down in the Ukraine war

Update from January 4, 5:10 p.m .:

According to its own statements, the Ukrainian air defense has shot down over 540 of the Shahed drones deployed by Russia since September.

This was announced by Ukraine's Military Media Center via Telegram.

"In just the first two hours of the night of this year, the Ukrainian air defense shot down 100% of the drones, 84 units," the statement said.

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At the end of their flight, the so-called kamikaze drones fall vertically onto their target.

The relatively slow Iranian-made drones are an easy target for anti-aircraft defenses, but the large numbers of deployed unmanned aerial vehicles and constant air surveillance pose a major challenge for Ukrainian air defenses.

Then there is the cost factor - a drone made from cheap parts has to be shot down with expensive weapon systems.

Kamikaze drone from Iran?

This photo is supposed to show a "Shahed 136" just before the impact in Kyiv.

© Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP

In addition to the drones, Ukraine has also reported shooting down 500 Russian cruise missiles since September.

The information cannot currently be independently verified.

Putin puts the "Zirkon" hypersonic missile into service - "a powerful weapon"

Update from January 4, 1:05 p.m .:

Against the background of ongoing problems in his war of aggression against Ukraine, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has put the new “Zirkon” hypersonic missile into service.

"I am sure that such a powerful weapon will allow us to reliably protect Russia from external threats and safeguard the national interests of our country," said the 70-year-old on Wednesday in a televised video link from the Kremlin for the commissioning of the "Zirkon". ” missiles on the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”.

The "Admiral Gorshkov" is part of Russia's Northern Fleet and is to be sent on a long voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to demonstrate Russia's naval power.

The warship, which entered service in 2018, is the first frigate to be equipped with the new missiles.

The Zirkon has a range of more than 500 kilometers and is primarily used for anti-ship combat.

Because of its extremely high speed - according to Russian information, it can accelerate to up to 8,000 to 9,000 kilometers per hour - it is practically unstoppable by the air defense.

The public ceremony apparently also serves to distract attention from the weaknesses of the Russian army in the Ukraine war.

Ukraine war: London sees high risk for Putin's soldiers over ammunition storage

Update from January 4, 10:15 a.m .:

 According to British secret services, unsafe storage of ammunition leads to a high risk for the Kremlin troops.

London is referring to the Ukrainian attack on a Russian military barracks in Makiivka in the Donetsk region on New Year's Eve that killed 89 soldiers.

In view of the extent of the damage, it is realistic that ammunition was stored near the accommodation, which could have caused further explosions during the shelling.

Even before the Ukraine war, the Russian military was known for storing its ammunition insecurely, the British said.

However, the Makiivka incident shows how "unprofessional methods" contribute to a high number of casualties.

Ukraine War: Russia reports attacks on annexed Crimea

Update from January 4, 9:20 a.m .:

According to official information, the Russian air defense repelled a drone attack on the Crimean Peninsula, which has been annexed by Moscow since 2014.

"Air defense systems shot down two unmanned aerial vehicles over the sea near Belbek in the morning," Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Rasvozhayev said on his Telegram channel on Wednesday.

Belbek is a Russian military airfield that was repeatedly attacked by the Ukrainian army after the start of the war.

According to Razvozhayev, all systems are working normally.

There is no official information about damage, deaths or injuries.

The media and residents had previously reported explosion noises from the direction of Belbek Airport on social networks.

Russian casualties in East - Death toll in Russian military rises to 89 after New Year's Eve attack

Update from January 4, 6:30 a.m.:

After the Ukrainian rocket attack on a building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Makiivka, the number of Russian soldiers killed has risen to 89.

"The number of our dead comrades has risen to 89," said General Sergei Sevriyukov in a video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday night.

More bodies were found under the rubble.

A commission is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the attack, the general added.

However, it was "already clear" that the main cause of the attack was "the switching on and extensive use of cell phones by personnel within range of enemy weapons", despite a ban.

Sevriyukov announced measures to prevent such incidents from happening again and punishment of those responsible.

Ukraine War: Russia shells Ukrainian power system

Update January 3, 10:42 p.m.:

Russia continues to target Ukraine’s energy system and civilian infrastructure.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Ukraine's presidential office, said in a video message on Tuesday.

In the municipality of Chervonohryhorivka in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the Russian shelling damaged power lines and several civilian buildings, he said.

"The city of Nikopol was hit." In the Donetsk region, the cities of Bakhmut and Kurakhove were also shelled, he said.

In the city of Kurakhove, one person was killed and two injured.

The Kyiv region was hit twice by Iskander cruise missiles.

"A residential area, an ice rink and an industrial area were damaged," he added.

"One person was killed and one injured."

Ukraine reports "500 dead and injured" in strike against Russia - allegedly nuclear ammunition in Crimea

Update from January 3, 4:57 p.m.:

Around the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, the police said they had discovered 25 torture chambers (see update from January 2, 10:20 p.m.).

Now there are further reports of a torture chamber in the village of Oleksandrivka.

The Attorney General published images of the chamber on Telegram, initially reported



The fierce fighting for Bachmut continues.

Ukraine reports 500 downed Russian drones - in the last four months

Update from January 3, 2:00 p.m .:

Russia is increasingly attacking Ukraine with drones from Iran.

According to Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 500 of the drones have been intercepted since September 2022.

In the attacks over the New Year alone, all 84 drone attacks are said to have been averted, the

Ukrinform news agency quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military and Volodymyr Zelenskyj are expecting new, massive rocket attacks from Russia.

Alleged nuclear ammunition in Crimea: Ukraine reports ammunition in ships, submarines and airplanes

Update from January 3, 12:45 p.m .:

According to Ukrainian information, there is currently land, air and sea-based nuclear ammunition in the Crimean peninsula occupied by Russia.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Ukrainian Secret Service Directorate, Andriy Chernyak, to the Ukrinform news agency.

He said the Ukrainian military knew the exact location and was following the movement of Russian tactical nuclear weapons.

"We're talking about ships, submarines, aircraft and land systems that can attack with nuclear munitions," says Chernyak.

War in Ukraine: London does not expect Russian breakthrough in Bakhmut

Update from January 3, 11:35 a.m .:

According to British military experts, a major breakthrough by the Russian military near the contested Ukrainian city of Bakhmut is unlikely in the coming weeks.

This emerged from the daily intelligence update from the Ministry of Defense in London on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian troops have strengthened their positions.

The Russian attacks have decreased recently - after they had reached a temporary peak in mid-December.

"Both sides have suffered heavy casualties," the statement said.

Heavy blow to Putin's troops: "500 dead and injured"

Update from January 3, 9:20 a.m .:

 In the Cherson region in southern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military claims to have inflicted heavy losses on the Russian armed forces with an artillery attack.

The Ukrainians scored a hit against enemy troops and military equipment near the village of Chulakivka, the Ukrainian General Staff said in its situation report on Tuesday.

"The enemy's losses amount to 500 dead and injured," it said.

The attack had already taken place on New Year's Eve.

The information provided by the military could not be independently verified.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian units in Fedorivka were also hit a day later.

The number of victims there is still being checked.

Fedorivka and Chulakivka are both located on the south-eastern side of the Dnipro River in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson region.

It was only announced on Monday that accommodation for Russian soldiers in the town of Makiivka in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk was destroyed in an attack on New Year's Eve.

The Russian Defense Ministry officially admitted the deaths of 63 recruits.

Kyiv put enemy losses at 400 dead and 300 wounded.

Russian military bloggers also spoke of several hundred victims.

Ukraine War: Apparently 25 Russian torture camps discovered

Update from January 2, 10:20 p.m .:

Since the liberation of the area around the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv from Russian occupation, the police say they have discovered 25 torture camps there.

In the camps, among other things, Russian troops held and tortured civilians under inhumane conditions, regional police chief Volodymyr Tymoshko said on Facebook on Monday.

Some of the prisoners were given electric shocks, others had their fingers broken.

The information cannot be independently verified.

The area around Kharkiv had been occupied by Russian troops for months.

They only withdrew in early September after a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Since then, 920 bodies of civilians, including 25 children, have been discovered in the liberated region, Tymoschko said.

They were killed by Russian soldiers.

Russian drone strikes: military expert talks about Moscow's strategy

Update from January 2, 6:20 p.m .:

Russia has flown targeted drone attacks on Ukrainian cities along the Dnipro River in the past few days.

According to one expert, the attacks with so-called kamikaze drones on targets in Ukraine are deliberately carried out at night and along the river.

"Logically, not everything is visible in the sky at night," Colonel Vladislav Zelesnyov told the Ukrainian agency RBK-Ukraina on Monday.

The flight route from the south along the Dnipro was also chosen in order to avoid the Ukrainian air defenses if possible.

The "kamikaze" drones, which Russia appears to have received from Iran, plummet vertically toward their targets and detonate on impact.

Most of the Shahed drones have been shot down by anti-aircraft defenses in recent nights.

Nevertheless, falling debris caused considerable damage.

Ukraine claims 400 Russians killed - Kremlin confirms 63 victims

First report from January 2nd:

Makiivka – In the course of the war so far, Russia has always held back when it comes to its own loss figures.

As a rule, the Kremlin (like Ukraine) leaves open whether and, if so, how many soldiers are wounded.

Now, however, there are official numbers from Moscow - about a Ukrainian attack on New Year's Eve.

Ukraine claims 400 Russians killed - Kremlin confirms 63 victims

On Monday, Russia confirmed the deaths of 63 soldiers.

According to the Kremlin, they died after Ukrainian rocket attacks in the Donbass.

It was the highest number of deaths in one place that Russia itself had reported.

The missiles hit a temporary shelter in Makiivka on New Year's Eve, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said on Monday.

The Ukrainian military had previously spoken of 400 Russian soldiers killed.

In addition, 300 other soldiers were wounded in the attack, which was initially not described in detail.

On Monday, Telegram channels close to the Kremlin and war correspondents also reported numerous deaths in the town in the Donetsk region.

There was talk of more than 70 dead and more than 100 injured.

The reports increased the pressure on the ministry in Moscow, which suddenly released a figure at the end of the daily war bulletin that afternoon that many consider too low.

The Russian state news agency Tass reported on Sunday about a serious attack on the city - and spoke of 15 injured.

This was widely criticized as lying and war propaganda.

Ukraine attack in Makiivka: reservists killed at New Year's celebrations?

Pictures and a video of the rubble of a completely collapsed building could be seen on social networks.

Accordingly, further dead and injured were suspected under the rubble.

The media reported that the reservists called up as part of the partial mobilization ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had gathered in the building to celebrate the New Year.

According to this, the Ukrainian military became aware of the location because of the high activity of data traffic with mobile phones.

According to unconfirmed reports, the building was next to an ammunition depot, causing devastating explosions.


Source: merkur

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