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Outbreak of kangaroo pox and whaling: the animals call in predictions for 2023 - concerning them - voila! Spirit and horoscope


Samantha Milnes claims that she can communicate with animals and that she has predicted what will happen to them in the coming year - and how their future will affect us

Samantha Milnes - The Pet Communicator (

Our dogs and cats also deserve to know what 2023 has in store for them.

Samantha Milnes, 52, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, is a pet communicator and has some disturbing New Year predictions for them.

From the outbreak of kangaroo pox to protests against whaling - Samantha foresees us and them not an easy year at all.

Samantha, who lives with her partner Greg, 54, and their 17-year-old cat Tom, split 2023 into two halves.

It claims that the spring months of 2023 will be abundant with wildlife in your area as global warming will result in a warmer than usual spring.

Rats, cockroaches, butterflies - expect them earlier than usual.

"It's a split year," Samantha told the Mirror, "the first six months are going to be not so good - then things start to clear up in the summer. I have a feeling there's going to be an outbreak of kangaroo pox in Australia very soon."

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After taking a self-development course, Samantha started working as an animal communicator in 2009 and claims to communicate with animals telepathically.

"I remember thinking to myself, 'I can't do this!'" she said, "but I love animals, so I went to a short workshop that eventually led to my training as a GO animal communicator. After I trained, it took me 18 months to really start trusting What I heard. You need a lot of practice and more than that - you have to learn to trust yourself and trust what you are told."

Samantha's cat, Tom, is among the creatures that communicate with her and her fellow Animal Whisperers on a regular basis.

When he had surgery last September to remove a tumor from his right ear, he reassured Samantha by telling her he would be fine.

She added: "He also said: 'I'm going to tell everyone that I was attacked by wolves.'"

After spending the last year working with traumatized animals, Samantha said that the corona epidemic has also affected our furry friends.

"I mainly work with traumatized animals," Samantha explained, "many of them are struggling with the changes in social distancing. They were used to being at home and now their bubble has been shattered. I worked with a sheep that was really struggling with her loneliness anxiety. She told me she craved healthy food so a friend Shelly made her some broccoli that she liked."

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Summer is hard for the animals

Back to the forecasts: Samantha predicts a difficult winter for dogs, cats and swans.

"I see bird flu in February," said Samantha, "I feel swans will be affected, especially songbirds, but I think they will recover from it."

The animal whisperer said that she also feels that many homeless dogs and cats will be found this January, "I see animals in kennels, in shelters. A lot of homeless animals. Animals that had a home and now don't. It's going to be traumatic for some of them."

However, she predicted a happy December for dogs: "I see happy dogs in December. I think golden retrievers and Labradors will do especially well."

Samantha added: "This winter will be over soon. Spring will come already in March. I see a lot of butterflies in April. The hot weather that will come will have devastating effects on animals all over the world. It's going to be a hard summer for the planet."

She said: "I see animals suffering from heat in their dens because the weather will be unbearable in June. I also see mustangs struggling, I see a lot of dry dust around them in July. I also see a lot of emaciated polar bears at this time of the year."

Protest against whaling

One of Samantha's big predictions is a large-scale protest against minke whaling due to a government document being leaked to the press.

"I see a lot of blood in the water in October," she said, "It doesn't look good for minke whales, I think someone is hurting them. I see a protest. It feels like someone from the press really got a leaked document. The population is reduced and I see a lot of them swimming away."

Samantha added that she feels the results of the protest are still up in the air - but she believes the protest will be successful.

"The protesters have smiling faces in my visions - so it feels like a positive result," she said, "It depends on people's actions, there's still a lot to decide."

Protest against whaling (Photo: ShutterStock)

Overall, despite the rough start, Samantha sees 2023 as a positive year, but believes pet owners will have challenges, especially with their dogs due to socialization difficulties.

"I see a lot of animals that were born in confinement," Samantha said, "they don't have the socialization skills, so they're actually not happy about the restrictions being removed because they loved their bubble. I still see it as a challenge. Obviously it depends on the dog but there are definitely some with issues Behavior that needs to be resolved."

She concluded: "We can all communicate with our animals but it takes practice. Owners need to listen and act on their animals' behavior problems - otherwise I see a lot of pets becoming homeless this year."

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