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Rents skyrocketed: how much are they asking now for a 2-room apartment in each neighborhood of the City


In 2022 prices jumped almost 100% on average for new contracts, and up to 132% in certain areas. The new map of values.

Entering a rental in the City of Buenos Aires becomes more and more expensive.

Tenant families trying to initiate a lease continue to find themselves with 

diminished supply

, and

skyrocketing prices


According to a survey of the real estate portal Zonaprop, carried out based on

published notices

, during the year


the cost of rentals in the Capital increased an average of



In other words, the owners are now asking for

almost twice

as much as a year ago.

Rents, thus, rose in the last 12 months even 


general inflation (which, with 94.8% per year, was the highest in three decades).

In addition, according to the report, in the last

24 months

rental values ​​rose 203%: they



Beyond the constant debate on the causes of the phenomenon, and on the role of the new Rental Law, the concrete thing is that

a new price map 

was formed that is key for all parties to know.

What is paid today to enter a rental is almost double what it was a year ago.

Photo: German Garcia Adrasti.

The new map of rental values ​​in the City of Buenos Aires

Currently, for the rental of a


in Capital they are asking


per month, which applies only for the

first year

, since then the contract must have adjustments every 12 months based on an official index.

For a


apartment , if a year ago they required $46,890 per month, that amount has already risen to 



And renting a


unit  is now worth around


 per month, always according to the Zonaprop records that


accessed .

Now, all these are


, but the truth is that from neighborhood to neighborhood there are very important differences, both in prices and in

the variation they suffered


In certain areas, in fact, rents became

less than 70% more

expensive in 2022, while in others up to 



The cheapest and most expensive areas of Buenos Aires today to rent a 2-room apartment

Considering a


apartment with a balcony, with a surface area of ​​50 square meters, the report showed that the most expensive Buenos Aires neighborhood to rent is by far 

Puerto Madero

, where the average price came to be

$180,448 per month


Among the most expensive neighborhoods to rent a similar property, 



$111,656 per month appears next














As examples of an


price level,  neighborhoods such as

Villa Pueyrredón



per month), Villa Gral Miter ($92,462), Monte Castro ($89,038), San Cristobal ($86,905) and

Parque Chacabuco



) are now mentioned.


While the


districts of Buenos Aires to rent are currently




per month),








), San Nicolás ($73,821), Monserrat ($74,609) and Mataderos ($75,128), according to Zonaprop.

Puerto Madero leads the price ranking and Floresta appears at the opposite end.

Photo: Martin Bonetto.

In which neighborhoods did the price of renting a 2-room apartment increase the most and in which least?

For their part, when they compare 

how much the rental values ​​varied

in each area during 2022, it emerges that the neighborhoods with the hardest increases were



with an 

average increase of

132% ),

La Boca




Villa Crespo




Villa General Miter



) and






Top 10

neighborhoods with the highest increases are completed with Villa Ortúzar (109%), Recoleta (108%), San Cristóbal (107%), Retiro (104%) and Villa Urquiza (103%).

At the other extreme, the places where

the cost of renting

rose the least were





Villa Luro











), Parque Patricios (80%), Flores (81%) and Puerto Madero (82%), according to the report. 

Renting in La Boca now costs $81,734 per month, 116% more than a year ago.

Photos: Emmanuel Fernandez.

Low supply and high demand in an uncertain scenario

Leandro Molina, commercial director of Zonaprop, explained to


 that the supply of rental properties "

has decreased notably

since the Ley de Leas came into effect", although "there are still owners who decide to turn to traditional rentals" (in instead of using their homes for temporary contracts or other businesses).

The question is

how much they are asking in exchange

now to hand over their property, as required by law, for at least

 three years

 and with

annual adjustments

 that cannot be agreed upon in advance, but rather will be set based on an index published month by month by the Central Bank averaging the official statistics of inflation and salary increases.

"Prices have increased almost 100% in 2022. This is due to the

low supply


high demand

seen in the market, accompanied by a

context of high inflation

," Molina analyzed. 

And he predicted: "Until there is

a clearer picture

regarding the change in law that helps the owner and the tenant,

there will be no stabilization

of prices or growth in supply in the short term."


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