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'My son does not have an inclusive teacher, and I need to find someone with empathy'


She is the mother of Agustín, 15 years old, disabled, and she needs the Government to listen to her. She asks for the payment of her prepaid benefits, so that her son can have a dignified life. EDITOR'S COMMENT. Mr. President, she picks up the phone.

I make this call for empathy to any person, owner, employee, integrative teacher or similar, mainly or to any person who is going through the same thing,

know that you are not alone


My son is 15 years old, dyspraxic syndrome, he took and passed everything in second grade, so in cycle 2023 he would "start" third grade.

My son has a valid Single Certificate of Disability (CUD).

But the

prepaid does not pay

and even though I am under an amparo and I would have to have everything in my favor, because there is a precautionary measure, it still does not pay.

In another letter published in this same section,

I made a call to President Alberto Fernández

asking him not to discriminate against people with disabilities

and their families.

Watch over us, we feel helpless.

But it was all in vain.


Today I find myself in a very critical situation.

The center that my son attended, En-Causar, will not provide me with more assistance next year, due to the large arrears of more than $700,000 owed to him, and I have no way of facing it.

In the same way, they told me that even if I get the money this time, they will not give it to them

due to the delay in payment by the prepaid company


This was reported to me on December 28, 2022.

With this, I again began to write to all the centers grouped in CASAIE (Argentine Chamber of Support Services for School Integration) and United Disability Providers (PDU).

All these company-centers (those who respond) say that they do not provide services with the British Hospital prepaid (Health Plan) or that they do not provide prepaid or that they have no place.

When requesting to make a contract privately, they tell you no because they could not invoice as the SSS (Health Superintendency) requires.

When you go to the SSS, they tell you that the claim is not there because the prepaid company does not refuse to give you the benefit.

The point is that still, already starting the year,

my son does not have an inclusive teacher

to accompany him to meet his need, which is that the teacher can adapt the accesses to present the school, in the Ministry of Education.

My son

has trouble writing and he needs to be able to have this access adaptation

, mainly, and help in ordering and support for some concepts so that he can understand them.

In family.

Agustín, 15 years old, his parents Vanessa and Guido, and his other daughter, Alicia, in his arms.

On October 25, 2022, when his letter was published: "Mr. President, I am writing to you as my last resort, for the health of my son",

After so many advances in his pathology, we find ourselves again with

a possible setback,

or with a possible problem to solve the contents or other tasks that he needs, his teacher / or integrator,

his support at school.

To this day I continue writing, putting images on my WhatsApp, I feel like looking for the difficult figure, like a Messi.

But in reality

I need to find someone on the other side with empathy

towards this anguish, towards this problem.

Agustín, when he graduated in 2020, at the Casa de Jesús Institute, in CABA.

I feel like people with disabilities bother everyone, I feel like if they didn't exist the mass of the world would be happy.

If everyone knew that the day someone with a disability appears in your life, you know his strength, his way of looking at the world, his love for the other, his love for everything that surrounds him.

They teach us so much!

They never give up, and they always expect the best from the other, and if not, they are so used to fighting for everything, to suffering and they rejoice in the smallest things in the world.

They are moved to tears when something touches their hearts deeply and each one expresses it in their own way.

I wish the rest of the people could see this in them, and learn from them as the people who are close to them do.

That is why my call to empathy, to

the solidarity of someone who wants, with love and patience, to give my son a hand

so that he has his much-needed school integration.

Vanesa Perez



By Cesar Dossi

Mr President, pick up the phone.

Vanesa's story was one of the

Best Letters of 2022

with her letter "Mr. President, I am writing to you as my last resort, for my son's health", published on October 25 of last year.

There she explained that she is the mother of a disabled boy and she needs

the Government to listen to her.

She asks for the payment of her prepaid benefits, so that her 15-year-old son, Agustín, can have a life worthy of her.

But as the reader says, it

was all in vain


Yes, you have received many letters of support for that special connection provided by the

shared emotions of the daily letters

that are published every day in this section.


Fernando Cichero

, director of the Rocca Rehabilitation Hospital, head of the Surgery Department of the Fernández Hospital, extended a hand to the external speech therapy clinics,

"so that he could do the outpatient treatment as long as he wanted

," said the surgeon.

But no one else took an interest in her son, not even a government health institution.

That is why Vanessa

asks again for her son.

 Because those terrains of the state bureaucracy that traversed her, paralyzed her daily life and Agustín

's studies were cut short.

From this section we once again ask Alberto Fernández to intervene as soon as possible with a gesture of solidarity.

It's just picking up the phone so Agustín can finish school.

Mr. President, this time, that you be the answer to the title of the letter from this mother who no longer knows who else to turn to.

Go ahead and play, you won't regret it.

Earn that empathy that she blindly seeks


And, if she wants, she can dare to meet her son, a wonderful person who transmits that strength that hugs have

when they are given without condition.

Meanwhile, Vanesa tries to make those people who did not pick up the phone reflect when the cry was desperate:

“Hopefully, one day, humanity will understand that disability

appears in your life without prior notice.

It is not something that someone seeks, desires or longs for.

She just bangs on the door and walks in and someone

takes her away forever.

I'm not complaining, because beings with disabilities have strength and unconditional love.

But the rest of society that doesn't,

lacks so much humanity, so much empathy, that it's unimaginable."

Source: clarin

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