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Viral challenges on TikTok: how to prevent and what to teach boys and girls


María Zysman, educational psychologist and director of the Libres de Bullying association, explains how to accompany children and adolescents in their digital life.



on social networks are once again at the center of the scene after the death of a 12-year-old girl in Santa Fe. Her family pointed to a challenge that is known on TikTok as a "blackout challenge", which consists of enduring the breath for as long as possible.

"Hello everyone.

My name is Lali.

I make public what I am living.

My little niece lost her life doing a TikTok challenge.

Please I ask you to share.

My family and I have no consolation," the girl's aunt published along with an image of the girl.

As it turned out, the dangerous objective of the challenge is to pass out due to lack of air to later be able to recount the experience on that social network, characterized by its

short videos


According to

María Zysman

, educational psychologist and director of the Libres de Bullying association, "all networks have their problems, but TikTok is worse."

This, she added, is due to the short duration of the videos, where the risks of the proposals are not seen or explained, as well as their arrival at children from a very young age.

“All networks have their problems, but TikTok is worse,” said María Zysman.

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"In TikTok, to appear, you have to follow those slogans, be it a challenge, a challenge, a post or whatever," the specialist told



And, within this framework, "a number of


have been generated by jumping from one balcony to another, by filming themselves from a terrace defying the law of gravity and by many other things that

threaten integrity


“The digital life of children cannot be a private space”

Zysman was emphatic when referring to the debate on the alleged privacy of boys and girls on their technological devices: "

The digital life of boys can in no way be a private space


As responsible adults, an active presence in the online daily life of boys and girls is essential.

Not getting involved is a comfortable excuse

, because it is a lot of work to accompany the children in learning and using social networks.

If you are not willing to do that, you do not have to give cell phones to the boys

, ”said the educational psychologist.

The spokesperson for Libres de bullying stressed that “we must not prohibit but rather accompany, be present.

It is not getting in to challenge or to judge what the boys are doing.

The place we have to have is different: it is to be next to them, to tell them what is not convenient for them, what they should not show, what can harm their body and mind, what exposes them to violence”.

And he closed: "We live in a time where there is a large amount of information, but with great difficulty in choosing and breaking down what information to use."

Zysman : "The digital life of the boys can in no way be a private space."

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Viral challenges and social networks: how to accompany children

María Zysman offered a series of recommendations to accompany children and adolescents in digital life.

This, she assured her, includes the use of


, social networks and other platforms where the Internet is the protagonist.

  • Be present and open the



    There is no parental control mechanism that is going to prevent these things from happening.

  • Having knowledge about what our children like from a young age, not waiting until they are older.

  • Teach them to question what they see, not to passively consume anything.

  • Check the phone in the presence of the boys, not secretly.

It is necessary to ask ourselves why the boys need to meet these viral challenges.

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  • See which


    , which


    , what content they like and where their interests are going.

  • Help them choose.

  • Show them that not everything seen on the networks is real (for example, the bodies).

  • Teach them that having followers is not the only way to feel happy.

  • Looking at their phones

    and not believing that a cell phone, because it has little toys, is a toy.

The specialist said that fathers and mothers should check the children's phones and not secretly.

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  • Ask us why they need to meet these viral challenges, what are they looking for.

  • Don't wait for the boys to talk, because sometimes teenagers close off a lot.

    If we feel that we cannot, turn to professionals.

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