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Adele is a stupid woman who doesn't understand that she is being promoted for a campaign? Stop being condescending - voila! Sheee


The cart campaign in which Adele Baslov stars is making a lot of buzz, mainly thanks to the fact that the network is angry again. And this time - transparent motherhood, objectification, unrealistic body image. is that so?

Adele Besplov is very lucky - because she got married before the age of 30, had her first child within a relatively short time of the wedding and even had another child without opening too big a gap, we didn't feel sorry for her.

However, it turns out that aggressive probing inside your reproductive area is really not the only thing that a woman in 2023 has to deal with - because here, what fun, Adele closed a campaign for herself 5 minutes after giving birth and we will not for a moment be happy for her that a woman who apparently does not need to work anymore Medi (or at least that's how she presents herself on social media) nevertheless signed a contract with a large and reputable company, issued an invoice and established her position as another working mother when she posed for a stroller campaign.

Now we can get into her pocket and if possible also into her ass, stomach and hips, and on the way to ignore the fact that they took her because of who she is and she probably had a clue about how she looks and what she transmits, and she agreed and maybe even liked the end result.

No, because we are enlightened women who accept them all, unless they all look good after giving birth and married into a family with money, such women - they have no right to exist, they should sit at home and be ashamed of being beautiful, thin and rich, and the only way we will love them is if they They will make us feel good about our cellulite and tell us how hard it is for them, how hungry they are and how ashamed they are of themselves and their bodies.

For those of you who aren't up to date, a major stroller company has launched a new campaign in which Adele Besplov, who gave birth about 5 minutes ago (or in July 2022, to be exact) is sitting next to the stroller wearing a bodysuit and ankle boots and looking like a lost sister to a Kardashian.

Adele looks great, the stroller looks wonderful, and in general the campaign tells us a sexy and beautiful dream that looks much more like an advertisement for a sports car than a baby stroller.

What happened once the campaign was launched is of course a tsunami of hate (and great PR).

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Posts of angry mothers who shout that these are "transparent mothers", outrage at the male world that presents women in heels when they are supposed to be a t-shirt full of discharge and milk stains and growing nerves that dare to present motherhood to us as a rosy and designed dream.

Oh, and of course about the fact that Adele looks good and has money and is probably also a nanny/fitness trainer/night nurse and a million other things that allow her to look wonderful.


I have to ask for a moment all the mothers who are tired after giving birth, of which I was one too - aren't you tired?

Instead of being angry with women or alternatively treating them as mindless dolls in the hands of fashion companies or in this case strollers, isn't it better to do something? Or maybe we start to understand that tolerance and acceptance of others should really include all of them, and not just those who make us feel good about ourselves .

First of all I'm really happy for the stroller company, it turns out they absolutely made the right choice with Adele, because the amount of buzz this mother of two has brought to the company should earn her another big bonus.

And for those who missed it - hello, this is a campaign!

Yes - a fashion campaign!

to the product!

And another one where they took a woman who really went through childbirth, who takes care of two children (with or without help, stop opening your eyes to her already), not a model who is supposed to keep quiet and just look good.

This is a woman who apparently looked at the photos and said to the photographer, "Wow, I look great here! What fun!"

And not in a teenage girl who doesn't understand that she is being pushed for likes.

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For those who missed it - this is a company that brands itself as a premium brand, and for years has been using beautiful online influencers to promote itself.

Whether it's the beauty queen and businesswoman Titi Ihanau, the queen of the Federation Shani Feder, the designer Daniel Hajaj or the make-up artist Gal Gonen, this is a brand that associates itself with a very specific type of women - beautiful, well-groomed and sweet, and usually earning and succeeding in their own right.

Women who present a flashy lifestyle and when they add a flashy baby to it, they choose a flashy stroller.

This is the target audience of this cart, and the potential customers in this case are similar women or those who want this lifestyle.

It's an expensive stroller for an expensive woman - why?


Because this is the product.

Just as diamonds are an expensive product and a Mercedes is an expensive product, so is the cart.

Or at least that's what the campaign wants you to feel when you see Adele.

Does that mean Adele didn't suffer like the rest of us?

Absolutely not, on the contrary - she shared with her followers her difficulties in childbirth and does not hide what she is going through.

Are there moms who, even though they are bloated and tired and sore - want to feel a little shiny?


most of us

I remember the first time I left the house for an event without my son after the birth.

He was almost a month old, and stayed with the two grandmothers together, and I walked around in front of the mirror for an hour, trying to find a dress that would make me feel a little like who I was ten months ago.

I put on the best makeup I could, did my face, applied nail polish (by myself! Because I didn't have time to do a manicure), put on a shaper and a belt to hide my stomach, put on heels and for a whole hour I felt beautiful.

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I said hello to all the friends I hadn't seen in a long time, showed pictures of the baby, took a small sip from a glass of wine and ran back home, because I had to breastfeed.

But you know what?

I felt good and looked good.

Should I apologize for wanting to feel good about myself?

Does the fact that I appeared to people happy and light and happy make my experience of motherhood any less real?

Should I have gotten there with my nursing bra sticking out and just complained about how hard it was for me to make everyone feel sorry for me and feel good about themselves?

Getting angry at the fashion world for showing us beautiful advertisements is already tiring, and presenting Adele as a stupid woman who doesn't understand that she is being promoted for a campaign is arrogant.

I understand that all the mothers on Facebook are tired and nervous, I was like that too, but you can understand that motherhood is not only about leaky tits, tiredness and nerves.

Motherhood is also feminine, and sexy, and powerful, and beautiful, and even if we are only shown one facet of her - it does not cancel out the rest.

And I don't know who I'm innovating here, but when it comes to women (or humans for that matter) there's everything, and while everyone's angry the brand sells another cart thanks to all the free advertising, so maybe next time they'll afford someone even flashier.

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