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Big Brother, LIVE: Nacho's Tinder profile leaked


I followed the hottest debates and the repercussions of coexistence in the most popular reality show in Argentina.

A new edition of

Big Brother

It can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with

Santiago del Moro hosting.

 Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The "most famous house in the country" has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones.

Big Brother

can be followed by Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it can also be seen live 24 hours a day on Pluto TV channel 141. 

LIVENews in Development

17.01.2023 11:30

11:30 a.m.

Thiago was able to reunite with his brothers

After leaving the house, Thiago had expressed that what he wanted most was to be able to hug his brothers.

And this Tuesday, two days after his elimination, he was able to fulfill his objective in

A la Barbarossa

(Telefe, at 9:30 a.m.), where he was surprised by a large part of his family.

Thiago with his brothers in "A la Barbarossa".

TV Capture

17.01.2023 10:04


Nacho's Tinder profile leaked

A Twitter user claimed that she

matched with Nacho on Tinder last year and showed the


participant's profile

on that dating app.

"A few months ago I had made a Tinder account to fuck and I never went back in.

 I just entered and it turns out that I matched with Nacho from


and I never knew that he spoke to me. I'm 

sad," the young woman wrote in a tweet that was made viral.

Nacho's profile from "Big Brother".

17.01.2023 08:30


Thiago referred to his relationship with Nacho


We have a new affinity with him because we are the two youngest in the house ," Thiago said in the

Big Brother


when Santiago del Moro asked him about his partner.

And he added: "We identified a lot. I identified a lot with him because of my friends and we talked about a band with him and things that I did he followed me."


Was there nothing else?

Because from the outside,

many people thought that there was a certain attraction

, "requested the driver of the cycle.

"No, I liked him super,

 like a friend I've known for a lifetime and nothing more than that.

I like him super cool," Thiago replied, dismissing any possibility of a future romance.

16.01.2023 23:45

11:45 p.m.

It was revealed what was in the mysterious suitcase that Del Moro left in the house 

The driver, live, asked Maxi, the leader of the week, to go to the exchange box to find the key to the padlock that has the mysterious suitcase that he left at the

Big Brother

house last week when he entered to present the challenge for the zero kilometer. 

Inside the suitcase there was a statement from Big Brother that said:

"The sudden nomination is enabled

.  "

Del Moro explained to the players how this tool works in the game.

"Each player will be able to use the detonator only once during their stay in the house," he said.

The detonator sends the nominee directly to the plate

. The leader of the week is immune to the spontaneous one. 

16.01.2023 23:14


Unusual: a black cat entered the studio while they were on the air live

The panelist Costa was speaking and, suddenly, she stopped and, astonished, told the truth of what she had just seen:

"A black cat entered the studio!"

Santiago Del Moro smiled and speculated:

"This was sent to us from the other channel

. "

But, joking aside, he made a good luck call, just in case.

"Pugliese, Pugliese...", Santi begged and reminded the panel: "Touch your left". 

16.01.2023 22:44


Thiago talked about his relationship with Daniela 


I say things that I don't realize

, I forgot that the cameras were there," Thiago replied to Santiago Del Moro when the driver pointed out that he had had words that were not those of a gentleman regarding who was his couple in the house 

"I told him to slow down," he added.

"Did you fall in love with her?" Panelist Costa wanted to know.

"Yes, I like a band", replied Thiago.

"I asked you something else," the member of the

Big Brother

debate told him . 

Finally, the former participant stated: "I

had a partner for a year before, but I did not feel what I felt for Daniela in these three months


Thiago responded to Del Moro about his relationship with Daniela: "I told him to slow down."

Capture TV.

16.01.2023 22:17


Thiago talked about his relationship with Nacho: friendship or romantic attraction? 

When Santiago Del Moro asked Thiago

about his relationship with Nacho

, a link that many outside the house interpreted as a romantic attraction, the young man replied: "We were talking about a band. I liked him super well." 

At the insistence of the driver, Thiago specified that Nacho is for him "like a friend whom I have known all my life." 

16.01.2023 21:49


Thiago, recently eliminated, is interviewed by Santiago Del Moro

Eliminated yesterday, Sunday, after three months in the

Big Brother 2022

house , Thiago now tells Santiago Del Moro: ""I'm calm.

I really enjoyed it and I was myself from the first day.

There was some quilombo, but 





I gave everything I had to give and I don't regret anything

," he said. 

16.01.2023 20:48


They prepare a special reception for Thiago at his home

"You can't imagine what will happen in La Matanza when it comes

," said Camila, her sister, in dialogue with LAM (América).

"They don't know what the neighborhood is," added the young woman from González Catán, referring to the great expectation that there is to see the young participant again.

"The neighbors here all support him. We are going to look forward to it

," added a friend from Thiago's neighborhood.

Thiago, since leaving the Big Brother house, has been in a hotel.

He will just return home next week.

16.01.2023 19:55

7:55 p.m.

GH led in ratings with the expulsion of Thiago

Big Brother, on Sunday, again became the most viewed of the day, with an

average of 20.9 points.

And in second place was Pluto TV: spying on the house with 16.9, ahead of Código viaje, with 8.6 points.

Read more.

16.01.2023 19:06


Agustín won a game and took a highly valued prize

This afternoon Big Brother proposed a game to the participants.

Agustín was the one who holed the most rings in the vertical bars and obtained a highly valued prize

within the house.

After going to look for the box in the exchange box, Agustín opened the prize in front of his classmates.

"Waw! I'm the king of the house," the young man from La Plata shouted upon discovering a large number of chocolates.

Everyone wanted him to share the prize, however,

Agustín closed the box and went directly to put it in his closet. 

Agustín had an aim and won a prize.

Capture TV.

16.01.2023 18:01


Juliet went into crisis and Alfa tried to comfort her

The hug between Juliet and Alpha.

Capture TV.

Alpha found Juliet crying in her bed and asked her what was wrong with her.

However, she noted:

"I can't count...I can't, because it's full of cameras."

And at Alfa's insistence, Julieta stressed: "I can't...

I'm going to talk about it with the psychologist.

I can't tell. I've already talked and they told me that I can talk (with the psychologist) in a while."

"There are things that can't be told here. It's something that makes me sick,"

she said.

Read more.

16.01.2023 17:00

five pm

Camila's analysis of Thiago's departure

In dialogue with Maxi and Ariel, Camila analyzed Thiago's departure:

"I think that people take out bad people first."

"People realize those who have bad attitudes. For example,

Dani says that she saw things about Thiago speaking badly about her.

Maybe people saw that (Thiago) spoke things about other people too without them knowing. Here you are not you know, but people see everything. If you play a dirty game, sooner or later people see that."

01.16.2023 16:04


Nacho's gesture with Thiago after his elimination

After knowing that he had to leave the house, Thiago went to the room to look for his belongings.


he hugged Nacho, who left him a special belonging.

"Here, dad. I'll give you this (perfume). Remember, see you outside

," Nacho told the 19-year-old, handing him a perfume. 

16.01.2023 15:10


The Toothless Wizard campaign to support Alpha

The media Pablo Cabaleiro decided that those people who vote for another participant other than Alfa to be eliminated receive a

30% discount for the performances of his show in Mar del Plata.

"So that my friend who is inside the Big Brother house reaches the final and can win the game,

what I do from the outside is play the game

," said El Mago.

Read more.

16.01.2023 14:07

2:07 p.m.

Spicy message from Juliana after the elimination of Thiago

On her Twitter account, Juliana wrote a spicy message when she saw that after Thiago's elimination several of her teammates had started crying.

"I mean, did they all vote for him but are they crying because he left? I don't understand anything,"

she wrote, super ironic, the ex-participant of the reality show.

Juliana's tweet.

16.01.2023 13:10

1:10 p.m.

Daniela's particular attitude after Thiago's elimination

Two hours after Thiago left the house, Daniela went to check his closet and took out everything that had been left there and had not entered his suitcase.

She even withdrew a toilet paper that the participant had kept in her personal furniture.

16.01.2023 11:46


Marcos, closer to Camila every day

In the early hours of Monday, Marcos accepted that Camila give him massages, who blanched that she wants to have something with him, and had fun with her partner.

Will there be love or was it just a rapprochement?

16.01.2023 10:41


Coti whitewashed which ex-teammates he wants to reach the final

After Thiago's elimination, Coti expressed himself on his Twitter account and told which teammates he would like to see reach the final.

"Hopefully Marcos, Agus and Maxi, the ones who were always there for me," wrote the ex-participant of the reality show.

Coti's tweet with his finalists.

16.01.2023 09:45


Alfa analyzed the elimination of Thiago

After Thiago's elimination, something that a large part of the house did not expect, Alfa got together to chat with Romina, Nacho and Julieta and analyzed the situation.

"He was delivered

," said the 60-year-old player, alluding to the way his partner behaved in recent days, and emphasized the sudden way in which -for example- he abandoned the challenge of the auto.

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Big Brother: After his elimination, Thiago opened up to Santiago Del Moro

Juliet burst into tears and was enigmatic about the reason for her crisis: "I can't tell what's wrong with me"

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