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There is no electricity at the New Year’s Eve stalls. Qu Yingyan wrote an article criticizing the establishment faction for not doing enough. Members rebutted and immediately helped


Columnist Qu Yingyan wrote yesterday (17th) that the stalls at the Shek Wu Market Lunar New Year Fair in Sheung Shui were not connected to electricity, and there were no toilets. Some stall owners who have always supported the establishment asked the assistants of three Legislative Council members for help. but get cold

Columnist Qu Yingyan wrote yesterday (17th) that the stalls at the Shek Wu Hui Lunar New Year Fair in Sheung Shui were not connected to electricity, and there were no toilets. Some stall owners who have always supported the establishment asked the assistants of three Legislative Council members for help. But received a cold response, describing it as "a hot face with a cold ass", and the flower farmer couldn't help sighing: "There is a reason why the opposition has successfully won the hearts of the people... If it was the opposition, they would have rushed out to unite The flower farmer held a press conference."

"Hong Kong 01" inquired several members of the Legislative Council. Zhang Xinyu, a member of the New Territories North Legislative Council in Hong Kong, Ho Chun-hsien, a member of the Legislative Council of the DAB, and Shao Jiahui, a member of the Legislative Council of the wholesale and retail sector, all expressed their assistance to flower farmers.

Ho Chun-hsien even pointed out that he had reported to the government immediately on the day he received the request for help, and had already begun to connect the wires that night. He retorted: "What's the matter with the press conference? I'll fix it at nine o'clock tonight."

15 Lunar New Year Flower Markets will be held on January 16.

(File photo/Photo by Lin Aiyi)

The flower farmer is quoted as saying that if the opposition is changed, they have already made plans

Qu Yingyan’s article stated that the Lunar New Year’s Fair at Shek Wu Market in Sheung Shui began to allow stall owners to enter the venue last weekend. Some stall owners found that there were no wires in the stalls, and the entire Lunar New Year’s Fair was only illuminated by the original big lights of the playground. .

In addition, the FEHD did not install portable toilets on site. Since the original public toilets in the Shek Wu Hui Playground are under maintenance, flower farmers and customers have to walk to nearby shopping malls if they want to go to the toilets.

She said that a flower farmer asked the assistants of three Legislative Council members for help, but "either disappeared or made waves." In the end, only one person replied: "Your situation should not be within our scope of work. I suggest you ask a member of the retail industry for help." The flower farmer was also quoted as saying: "No one has come so far. This is not my problem alone, but the problem of all the flower farmers in the whole flower market. If it were the opposition, they would have jumped out and held a press conference with the flower farmers."

The article said that the FEHD dealt with it quickly because it was reported to the newspaper

The article stated, "The flower farmer decided that it was better to seek a reporter than to find a FEHD, so he immediately asked several newspapers for help, and the reporter went to the FEHD to question it."

Qu Yingyan criticized that from officials to councilors, they all have a non-moving mentality, "90 councilors, there are too many seats, but there are few doors for citizens to ask for help. It's easy to fight Those few, others? I can’t even pronounce their names, where can common people go for help in trouble?”

At least 3 councilors said they have followed up with Zhang Xinyu and kept in touch

"Hong Kong 01" asked five members of the Legislative Council, namely Zhang Xinyu and Liu Guoxun of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of New Territories North, Chen Yueming, an ex-officio member of the North District District Councilor, and Shao Jiahui and He Junxian.

Zhang Xinyu pointed out that last Friday night (13th) when he received a report from the stall owner that there was no electricity, he replied that the stall owner would follow up on the situation, and he also notified the stall owner after the power supply connection was completed.

Liu Guoxun said that he was attending the CPPCC meeting in Beijing and had not received a request for help. Chen Yueming also said that he had not received any relevant complaints.

Shao Jiahui pointed out that the power connection has been connected on Sunday and mobile public toilets have been added

Shao Jiahui said that when he received a request for help from the stall owner last Saturday night (14th), he immediately contacted Huang Shuxian, deputy director of the Environment and Ecology Bureau. On Sunday, the stall was wired and a mobile public toilet was added.

He also mentioned that the fence of the Shek Wu Market Lunar New Year Festival was originally hung with the blue and white seals used as the testing center, but after his reflection, it has been replaced with red hangings full of festive atmosphere.

He said that the owner of the Lunar New Year Festival stall was not his voter, but he would deal with it if the business community or ordinary citizens asked for help. Afterwards, the stall owner also sent a message to thank him for his help.


Ho Chun-hsien: Plug in the electricity and use it to open the trick?

I'll be done at nine o'clock

He Junxian pointed out that after a stall owner asked him for help, he immediately notified the government that he had already started to pull the wires that night. It’s time to fix it.” He said that when the article was published, the relevant problems had already been resolved, “The only thing we can do is to do better next time, and wait for him to have a chance to appear in the newspaper.”

He Junxian said that he respects Qu Yingyan's point of view, which proves that the publicity of the members is insufficient. He also pointed out that the incident was caused by a misunderstanding in communication. Because there are many flower farmers involved, everyone also approached different members for help. He thought it was unfair for Qu Yingyan to criticize all the members. .

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