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Burning down the club: Aryeh Deri is the ultra-Orthodox version of Benjamin Netanyahu - voila! news


The bottom line is that what looks like a scam, smells like a scam and sounds like a scam, is a scam. The burden of proof was on Deri's shoulders, and he failed

The Prime Minister, the Council of Torah Sages and members of the coalition arrive at Aryeh Deri's house after the announcement of the verdict (Roni Kanfo)

Aryeh Deri is now paying for the arrogance.

The urge, which cannot be conquered, must devour everything, in any mouth, in any way and at any speed.

Not only was he convicted three times and returned to the scene of the crime, he claimed two cases for himself.

He did not agree to reduce one of the bureaus.

He demanded to increase the salary of his CEO. And to fire senior officials who were there before, even when it comes to excellent professionals and not politicians. Mahar Lall felt despised. He acted as if the flood was following him and found out that the flood was upon him.

Once, in his previous incarnation, when he was prosecuted for bribery, he was convicted and was sentenced to prison, he was interviewed and beaten for a sin. My heart may have repented, he said. I may have sinned the sin of arrogance, he admitted. There were those who thought he had learned a lesson. I was one of them. He also began the current round of investigations with relative humility. He did not join the enforcement authorities, he did not His men, not the Sith. He kept quiet and dignified. But finally, they betrayed him.

Yesterday he reaped what he sowed.

The sophisticated trick of deception for the unfortunate justice of the peace Shmuel Herbst, who believed the cunning presentation, according to which "the accused has pledged not to touch public funds again".

Well, the bottom line is that what looks like a scam, smells like a scam and sounds like a scam, is a scam.

Deri's people defined it as an "unfortunate misunderstanding".

Yesterday they found out that she is indeed unfortunate.

He acted as if the flood was following him and discovered that the flood was upon him.

Deri (Photo: Flash 90, Tomer Neuberg)

Don't believe the spins of trumpeters such as Avishi Ben Haim.

No one is demanding that Derai resign from the Knesset.

He admittedly did not undertake to do so and there is no need for it.

The story is the role of a minister in the government.

On this, it was clear that Deri would have to deal with the issue of disgrace.

This should be determined by the chairman of the Central Election Commission. However, Deri did not agree to take the chance and leave his ministerial fate in the hands of Judge Noam Solberg. He caused the coalition to change the Basic Law, just so that it would be determined that he had no disgrace.

Along the way, he disgraced a court Peace, the prosecutor's office and all those who believed in his crocodile tears. Yesterday the Supreme Court put an end to this fraud. Even the minority judge Yosef Elron did not confirm Deri's term, but sent him back to the chairman of the election committee and determined that in any case, changing the section of the Basic Law performed for Deri, will not apply to Deri.

Deri is the ultra-Orthodox version of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sometimes she is a little more polite.

Yesterday she was much less polite.

Just like Netanyahu's screaming mobs, so did Deri's foolish followers yesterday, under his house in Jerusalem: "Ashkenazi white-skinned judges, you are the ones who murdered our ancestors", they screamed, calling the High Court judges "corrupt".

Someone needs to give these friends a shot against hypnosis and to explain to them that the judges of the High Court were convicted three times.

The High Court judges did not mislead, let alone lie, the court. The High Court judges removed Aryeh Deri from the government even during the Yitzhak Rabin government.

Back then, the removal was much more dramatic than today.

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Deri is the ultra-orthodox version of him.

Netanyahu visits Deri's house in Jerusalem, last night (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

Deri's dismissal turned Rabin into a lame duck and marked his political end.

So, no one claimed that the High Court was carrying out a coup d'état or trying to overthrow an elected and serving prime minister. Rabin gritted his teeth, hissed a curse under his flushed face and moved on. Deri and Netanyahu are burning down the club

. which could prevent the flesh and blood Messiah, the King of Kings, from serving as Minister of the Interior and Health. Yair Sharkey announced yesterday that Deri is considering appointing his son Yanki to the position of Minister of Health in his place. In response, the aforementioned Yanki tweeted something along the lines of "No foreigner will sit on his chair."

How to interpret this tweet?

After all, Yankee Deri is no stranger to his father.

Or a conservative interpretation, according to which this chair is registered in the taboo in the name of the Deri family.

They also had someone to learn from.

A few words about the cause of reasonableness: at the end of the month, the salary of regular soldiers is expected to increase by a little more than 5%.

This time, it will not happen thanks to the government, but thanks to a petition to the High Court by a tireless attorney named Amnon Lorach, who argued against the indexation of the wages of permanent servants and the non-indexation of the wages of regular soldiers.

The High Court of Justice used the reason of reasonableness for the purpose of criticizing a government decision and also attached the salary of the conductors. Same as above regarding the accessibility of public transportation, institutions, etc. for the disabled.

In both of these cases, the government preferred to ignore it.

The High Court of Justice ruled that this is improbable.

Such judgments abound. The reason for reasonableness is not an invention of the troubled Aharon Barak. It came here from British law. It exists in all legal methods in the world. Only in the apparently democratic Israel, if any reason collides with any swindler who wants to reach For some purpose, it is simply canceled.

Aryeh Deri is a tragedy.

Paying for vanity.

Deri leaves his house after the High Court verdict, last night (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

He reminds, also in this sense, of Netanyahu.

He is charismatic, he is talented, he is a magician.

He is one of the most experienced, responsible and thoughtful people in the political-security cabinet.

For many years I defended his return to the government after his first conviction, mainly because of these qualities.

Unfortunately, these qualities were trumped by the other, less impressive ones.

After being convicted of bribery and serving time in prison, he could be expected not to get into trouble again.

Not to be involved in anything.

Not big, not small, not millions and not pennies.

Just be clean.

fresh as snow

The burden of proof was on his shoulders, and he failed.

Will the current government fall because of yesterday's ruling?

probably not.

The Sicilian mafia-style threats sent by Deri's associates and senior Shas officials against the Supreme Court turned out to be a boomerang. The Supreme Court, which has not shown spectacular courage recently, came to its senses in time. All the laws and rules, there is also what is known in the language of the audience as "the law of logic". It seems to me that even in life some basic logic should prevail. Logic, according to which a person who has been convicted three times of crimes cannot be a minister in the government. How simple, that's right.

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