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Hong Kong's new humanitarian force|Nurse students focus on "forgotten" issues and ignite hope for others


Mr. Zhou Hongyang (Kayson), the winner of the "Hong Kong Humanitarian New Forces" is committed to paying attention to the health issues of "minority", hoping to attract public attention and make more people pay attention to the neglected groups around him, including research on lice infestation in Hong Kong

Mr. Zhou Hongyang (Kayson), the winner of the "Hong Kong Humanitarian New Power", is committed to paying attention to the health issues of "minority". Eliminate lice in grassroots families; publish the "Rare Real Person Book Project" to promote public education on rare diseases by sharing the life stories of patients with rare diseases.

Kayson hopes to use his award-winning experience to encourage more young people to walk together: "Many people mistakenly believe that only professionals can participate in humanitarian work. In fact, as long as it can bring support and happiness to others, it can reflect the spirit of humanity. You and I both can do it."

Mr. Zhou Hongyang (Kayson) is currently studying nursing at the Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has dreamed of using his own power to bring about changes in the world since he was a child: "Humanity is actually very simple. Caring for others, paying attention to the needs of those around us and extending a helping hand, we can show humanity from small things. I am lucky to have a good opportunity and the help of good teachers and friends around me, so that I can put my ideas and ideas Practice and contribute to the disadvantaged groups in need.”

Join the "Hong Kong Anti-lice Study Group" and hope that residents can live a life free of lice again

In 2018, Kayson learned about the local lice infestation problem in a lecture. Many affected grassroots families had nowhere to seek help. Therefore, he joined the "Hong Kong Anti-lice Research Group". In addition to researching fungal lice control programs, the team will also go to grassroots units to collect samples , and personally participated in frontline lice control work and provided education on lice control.

However, the lice control work is not acceptable to everyone. Kayson bluntly said that there were nearly 40 people in the front-line lice control team for the first time, and only 5 people remained in the second time: "I was shocked when I saw the scene environment for the first time. When we When I opened the bed board, there were hundreds of lice crawling inside. Although I was very scared and afraid of bringing bed bugs back to my home, but when I saw the helpless look of the service users, I had no choice but to bite the bullet and finish it. After that, I gradually stopped being afraid. When we participated in the lice control work, in order to maintain the dignity of the residents, we did not wear protective clothing.”

The most memorable thing about Kayson is to get rid of lice for an uncle who is terminally ill: "Uncle lived in a small subdivided room, but it was full of live lice. The problem of lice made my uncle unable to return home, and he was forced to linger on the street frequently." .At the same time as the lice control, we also replaced the whole house furniture for the uncle, but unfortunately, after two weeks of our assistance, the uncle passed away. It is sad to receive the news of his departure, but as long as he thinks of him at the end of his life It is very meaningful to be able to get rid of the lice problem and spend the last days at home with dignity." These experiences also made Kayson firmly continue to participate in humanitarian work in the future.

Nursing student Zhou Hongyang (first from left) joined the "Hong Kong Pediculosis Research Group". In addition to researching fungal pediculosis programs, he will personally collect samples from residential units, participate in the pediculosis work and provide education on pediculosis.

Organize a volunteer team to promote the "Han Zhenren Book Project"

As a nurse student, Kayson actively participated in the public education of rare diseases. He actively recruited college students to form a voluntary team to participate in the "Rare Real Person Book Project", recorded the life stories of 17 rare patients, published books, and donated them to the Hospital Authority , medical schools and secondary schools, etc., to arouse more people's attention to the situation of rare patients: "As a student, I have no ability to subsidize the medical expenses of patients with rare diseases or provide them with practical help, but I hope that I can try my best to attract the attention of the public. Focus on the condition of rare patients."

He shared that a patient was sometimes unable to breathe spontaneously due to muscle weakness. Even with drug treatment, it was difficult to afford the high cost of the drug. Only when he went to the hospital for respiratory failure could he be injected with this drug to save his life: “I never thought that some people’s Life is so difficult, but so strong. I hope that through these life stories, everyone can understand the needs of patients, be more tolerant and supportive to them, and connect more peers in the society with rare diseases People fight together.”

Kayson recruited a team of college student volunteers to carry out the "Rare Real Person Book Project", recording the life stories of a total of 17 rare disease patients, aiming to arouse the attention of the medical profession and society to rare diseases.

Life affects life, and Kayson gained encouragement and inspiration from the story of a life fighter.

Kayson admitted that there were many times when he was discouraged in the process of organizing the "Rare Real Book Project", but he was inspired by different life stories in the process, "One of the life fighters I know was diagnosed with myasthenia myasthenia in his second year of college. Asthenia, she often goes to the hospital and insists on completing her studies. She is now a play therapist. Due to physical problems, she needs long-term insertion of stomach and throat and life support equipment. However, since her clients are children, she wants to avoid frightening children with her medical equipment. , she would pull out the throat tube before going to class. In order to complete the class as usual, she exhausted her strength, and after the class, she needed to spend a lot of time recovering." He will continue to participate in the "minority" health issues in the future Public education work, and plans to publish a second book for the "Han Zhenren Book Project".

The "Hong Kong Humanitarian Award" hosted by the Hong Kong Red Cross aims to recognize those who have demonstrated humanitarian spirit in society with practical actions. This year, a total of five people were awarded the "Hong Kong Humanitarian Award" and two were awarded the "Hong Kong Humanitarian New Year Award". strength".

Chairman of the Hong Kong Red Cross, Mr. Choi Wing-chung, BBS, JP, thanked the awardees for their selfless contributions at the award ceremony, and especially appreciated the two winners of the "Hong Kong Humanitarian New Power" for their innovative ways to contribute to humanitarian work: " I hope the stories of the winners can inspire more people, as long as everyone is willing to go one step further, humanitarian work will continue to move forward."

Chairman of the Hong Kong Red Cross Mr. Tsai Wing-chung, BBS, JP (front row, second from right), members of the "Hong Kong Humanitarian Awards 2022" Judging Committee (front row) and this year's winners took a group photo.

(Back row from left): Mr. Aimé Girimana, Mr. Zhou Hongyang, Ms. Xie Jiayi, Ms. Liang Shunhua, Dr. Chen Changwei, Dr. Liang Qizhan, Mr. Chen Yiyang.

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