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Opinion Why is the grandson clause so threatening to US Jews? | Israel Hayom


Amending the Grandchild Clause scares American Jews • Is there also a danger to the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish state?

About two weeks ago, seven heads of important Jewish institutions in the US sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and warned against any change in the sensitive status quo on issues such as conversion and the Law of Return. The focus: amending the grandson section of the Law of Return.

Today, only 28 percent of all immigrants are Jewish, that is, more than 70 percent are not Jewish.

In the last year, about 40,000 non-Jews immigrated to Israel, the vast majority from Russia.

Because of the grandson clause in the Law of Return, only in the last decade about half a million non-Jewish immigrants immigrated to Israel.

How many of them came from the USA? 67, out of half a million! Will we continue to import assimilation into Israel because of 67 immigrants in a decade?

There is a false myth that arose following the discussion on the cancellation of the grandson clause.

It is related to the claim that the law is related, so to speak, to the Nazi Nuremberg Laws.

"It's a shame they didn't retroactively inform Hitler that the Nazis also sent grandsons of Jews to the extermination camps, and that was one of the justifications for introducing the grandson clause in the Law of Return," tweeted the journalist Zion Nanos, for example.

But he is not alone, and the myth is prevalent among many.

In reality, according to the Nazi racial laws known as the Nuremberg Laws, a grandson of a Jew was not considered a Jew, unless three of his grandparents were Jews.

For that matter, according to these laws, a person whose two grandparents were Jews is considered a German citizen.

This also explains the unimaginable number of Jews in the Nazi army, the Wehrmacht.

The decision on the grandson clause was made after the reform movement in America sought to allow the immigration of mixed families

Historian Mark Rigg was the one who dared to shatter one of the greatest taboos of the Holocaust.

In his book "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers", which is based on his PhD thesis at Cambridge, Rigg estimates that 60,000 Nazi soldiers served in the Wehrmacht with one of their parents being Jewish and 90,000 with one of their grandfathers being Jewish.

In January 1944, the Wehrmacht prepared a secret document: a list of 77 generals and senior officers "involved with the Jewish race or married to Jewish women".

All have a certificate signed by Hitler.

23 colonels, five with the rank of major general, eight lieutenant generals and two full generals.

According to Rigg, "60 more names of generals and senior officers in the Wehrmacht can be added, including two field marshals."

"As unimaginable as it is," Rigg wrote in the introduction to his book, "Mischlings served in the German army who fought bravely for the Reich, while their family members were burned in Auschwitz."

Rig, who served in the Marine Corps and even volunteered for the IDF, began researching the issue after discovering his own Jewish origins, when he researched his family history. In his research, he interviewed 400 hundred former soldiers.

The picture of the soldier Werner Goldberg was used as a recruitment poster for the Nazi army - the Wehrmacht - as a representative of the ideal German soldier.

Blond, blue eyes, snub nose.

The Aryan fantasy of the thousand-year Reich.

A marginal detail was omitted from the poster: Werner Goldberg was half Jewish.

Colonel Walter Hollander, for example, who twice won the Iron Cross and the German Gold Cross, was the son of a Jewish mother and received a personal certificate from Hitler, in which the Führer determined the "lionness" of this Halachic Jew.

Major Robert Burhardt, son of a Jewish father, commander of the 341st patrol battalion, was awarded the Knight's Cross for breaking armor on the Russian front.

In 1983, shortly before his death, Burhardt told German students: "Many half-Jews, who fought for Germany in World War II, believed that they must bravely defend their homeland in the ranks of the army."

And there were also senior officers. For example, General Field Marshal Erhard Milch, A Nazi war criminal, Hermann Goering's deputy, commander of the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, was the son of a Jewish father.

To put it bluntly, if Goldberg, Hollander, Burhardt and Milch had applied for Israeli citizenship, the current Law of Return would have accepted them.

Fact, not myth.

The grandson section of the Law of Return, on the other hand, also allows the grandson of only one Jewish grandfather to immigrate to Israel.

In addition to the immigrating Jew, his children, grandchildren and their spouses can also immigrate to Israel.

One Jew enables the immigration of at least five other non-Jews.

So after disproving the big lie on which ``Section 4 A'' is supposedly based, according to which the grandson clause in the Law of Return is a mirror image of the Nuremberg Laws, the question arises: why did the State of Israel include the grandson clause in the law?

Whoever looks at the minutes of the discussions held in 1970, will find a completely different reason.

"These days there is no danger to life, no danger to the physical existence of the people of Israel," said Prime Minister Golda Meir, "when I talk about the physical existence of the people of Israel, about its millions, there is no such situation now.

On the other hand, another danger has arisen, and it is real... There are mixed marriages in such numbers that they terrify me."

Golda - from the formation, not from Torah Judaism - was afraid of mixed marriages, like the other secular ministers in her government.

In other words, the reason that the grandson section was included in the Law of Return was not a reflection of the Nuremberg Laws, but to allow Jews who married non-Jews to immigrate together with their families, thus integrating into the peace of Israel's faiths.

It should also be remembered that the decision was made after heavy pressure from the reform movement in America, which sought to allow the rise of mixed families due to the skyrocketing rates of mixed marriages.

There is reason to suspect that the real reason for the American opposition to the amendment of the grandson section of the Law of Return is that there is a reasonable possibility that some of the Jewish US leaders have grandchildren who are no longer Jewish.

I am convinced that as Jews with a warm heart, Zionists and supporters of Israel, they are heartbroken that their son or grandson is no longer Jewish.

And they are not alone.

More than 50 percent of the new couples among American Jews are not Jewish, and this despite the rather ridiculous attempts to expand the definition of who is a Jew in America. Unfortunately, they ignore the consequences. If we don't fix the grandchild section today, you won't be able to immigrate tomorrow.

There is no moral justification for the existence of a Shabbat law, if most of the immigrants are not Jewish.

How would you justify, from your point of view, the liberal-leftist, reforming the world, immigration of grandchildren, spouses of grandchildren and children of grandchildren (great-grandchildren) who are not Jewish?

Why allow them to immigrate, and not allow the Israeli Arabs family reunification or the return of refugees?

If the majority of immigrants continue to be non-Jews, we will not be able to defend the Law of Return in the world, we will not be able to defend the Law of Return in the High Court. Israeli democracy will not be able to deal with such a distortion.

And you, American Jews, will not be able to defend the Law of Return. You will bring about the end of the Jewish state, the end of the Jewish nature reserve that is supposed to receive you in times of need.

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