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Vox uses the controversy of its anti-abortion plan to mark ground against Ayuso before 28-M


Monasterio, re-elected as a far-right candidate in Madrid, exploits the clash to differentiate herself from a PP that aspires to conquer its electoral space

The controversy over the anti-abortion plan launched by Vox within the framework of the coalition government that it has formed with the PP in Castilla y León is being exploited by the extreme right to mark ground against Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid.

At the gates of the regional and municipal elections on May 28, Rocío Monasterio's party faces the challenge of defending its electoral space against the PP candidate, who goes to the polls with a strategy designed to attract many of the voters who elected Vox in 2021: remember that this party has voted with the left against the 2023 Budget, and occupy part of its space in the culture war against PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos through promises of legislative reforms loaded with ideology.

Faced with that,

Vox seeks how to differentiate itself and justify its presence in the Assembly.

And the controversy over the anti-abortion plan, criticized by Ayuso, has provided him with an argument.

"If we are not there, there is a speech that is not made in the Community of Madrid," Monasterio said on Wednesday, during an interview on



“No one dares to confront the left-wing policies of gender ideology, to criticize those policies that violate the presumption of innocence, those of historical memory, and no one would talk about the security problems we have in Spain due to illegal immigration. uncontrolled ”, he continued, selecting the issues that distinguish Vox from the PP.

"They would say that they are as Spanish as Abascal," he ironized, thus throwing a dart at Ayuso, who was the one who uttered that phrase.

And he finished: “In Vox we have not come to kneel before the SER, Prisa and the left.

If Vox is not there, the PP goes to the left.

What is this about Gallardo [vice president of Vox in Castilla y León] not being able to talk about pregnancies?

He can't he talk about birth policies?

I read it in EL PAÍS and then everyone else copies it”.

Mrs. Ayuso wants the monopoly of the opposition to the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

She that she run in the primaries of her party.

And that, for starters, she repeals her trans law.

– VOX 🇪🇸 (@vox_es) January 16, 2023

It was not an exceptional opinion, neither in substance nor in form.

Quite the opposite.

Vox believes that it has found in this controversy the fuse with which to ignite the mobilization of its voters, the chalk with which to draw the line that differentiates it from the PP, and the example with which to clearly distinguish itself from Ayuso.

Because Ayuso has seen the measures as a way to divide the coalition government of PP and Vox in Castilla y León, and has made it ugly for the ultras.

"Mrs. Ayuso wants the monopoly of the opposition to the Government of Pedro Sánchez," responded the official Vox account on Twitter to that analysis by the president of Madrid.

“Have her run in her party's primaries,” she added.

"And that, to begin with, repeal its trans law."

"For Isabel Díaz Ayuso, doing ultrasounds is putting pressure on women," criticized the deputy Gador Joya, who is a doctor and did this type of test in a van for pregnant women who wanted an abortion at the door of the clinics.

“Well, what the Vox proposal in CyL has served for is to hear the heartbeat of Semper.

And Feijóo's.

And that of Ayuso (...) ”, wrote José Luis R. Bartolomé, deputy of the extreme right in the Assembly.

“And it is the same heartbeat.

A detuned and arrhythmic heartbeat.

That's what it's been for.

Thank you Vox.

Well, what the Vox proposal in CyL has served for is to hear the heartbeat of Semper.

And Feijóo's.

And that of Ayuso.

And Herrera's.

And Frederick's.

And it's the same beat.

A detuned and arrhythmic heartbeat.

That's what it's been for.

Thank you Vox.

— 🐟 José Luis R. Bartolome (@RuizBartolome_) January 17, 2023

Together with Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, the president of Andalusia, the president of the Community of Madrid is the PP leader who has best managed her dependence on the extreme right.

Giving one of lime and another of sand, Ayuso has presented himself in the election year with arguments to mount a speech that at the same time wears down Monasterio and attracts many of his 2021 voters.

The first has been achieved thanks to the fact that Vox has prevented the approval of the 2023 Budgets, punishing the PP for its own mistake: it registered the amendments to the project late, which prevented it from being able to negotiate in a timely manner items with which it had put his seal to record accounts.

"Having knocked down the Budgets has been a tremendous mistake," Ayuso said this Thursday.

The second has been achieved with a tough and increasingly ideologized discourse, to which he now adds promises and legislative reforms: Ayuso has launched into the cultural war against the left, trying to occupy an ideological and strategic space that Vox is committed to monopolizing.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid.


Thus, the regional president has promised to protect the Cuelgamuros Valley;

lower LGTBI laws by eliminating gender impact reports on works;

erase gender self-determination from regional regulations;

reinforce the specialty of palliative care against the euthanasia law;

or reduce the number of deputies in the regional Assembly.

However, the challenge for Ayuso is also enormous.

In 2021, when the elections were brought forward and Madrid was plunged into a wave of


, Vox did more than endure the stake.

It improved its 2019 results. To continue being key in the Assembly, the party will bet everything on ideology.

PP-Vox coalition government in Madrid

"It is a joy to know that Madrid will have a candidate who is a pure heartbeat of Vox," summed up the bet the national leader, Santiago Abascal, when linking the announcement that Monasterio will once again be his candidate for the presidency of Madrid with his anti-abortion plan , which includes pregnant women listening to the baby's heartbeat.

And he stressed: "Without fear of anything or anyone."

The PP knows that the absolute majority that it aspires to involves absorbing all the remaining Ciudadanos vote, attracting part of Vox's and waiting to see whether or not Podemos achieves representation in the Assembly.

His problem is that he has no other possible partner than the extreme right.

If you need to agree with the government, you will have to do it with Vox or with Vox.

And that means that no one can close the door to a coalition government in public.

As the government spokesman, Enrique Ossorio, said on Wednesday when asked about it: "We are going to wait until May 28 [election day] and then we will see."

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