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Four Trails 2023|Tomoichi Ihara once again conquered the 298-kilometer Four Trails Phoenix Mountain Climbing Head and reached the finish line first


Tomoichi Ihara, the ultramarathon "Kamito" from Japan, became the first person to complete the 2023 Hong Kong Four-Track Super Challenge (HK4TUC, referred to as the Four-Track). He ran the 298-kilometer four major hiking trails in Hong Kong in 54 hours and 02 minutes.

Tomoichi Ihara, the ultramarathon "Kamito" from Japan, became the first person to complete the 2023 Hong Kong Four-Track Super Challenge (HK4TUC, referred to as the Four-Track). He ran the 298-kilometer four major hiking trails in Hong Kong in 54 hours and 02 minutes. Return to Mui Wo pier in the early morning of the third day of the Lunar New Year and kiss the green mailbox representing the end of the four trails.

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Tomoichi Ihara became the finisher of the four paths for the second time.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

This year's four trails started at 6:15 p.m. on the 30th of the new year (21st). Tomoichi Ihara finished the first night at the MacLehose Trail and completed the 100 kilometers at 8:30 a.m. on the first day of the new year (22nd) It took 14 hours and 14 minutes to run from Maijing to Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung.

He is the second fastest runner to complete the wheat track this year, ahead of Nepalese runner Nugo Yamanath Limbu.

He then took a car to Nanchong and started walking the 78-kilometer Weijing Trail. After 16 hours and 9 minutes, he finally arrived in Stanley in the early morning of the second day of the Lunar New Year (23rd).

Among the four hiking trails, Tomokazu Ihara spent the most time on Eikeri. After the challenge, he exclaimed: "Erimichi is too difficult!"

Although he has been left far behind by Nugo Yamanath Limbu, Ihara Zhi has been holding the second place.

He turned to Shek O to start the journey of the Hong Kong Island Trail. He finished the run in 8 hours and 15 minutes, and then took the fast boat departing at 10:20 to Mui Wo.

Tomoichi Ihara became the first four-path finisher this year.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

At nearly 11 o'clock in the morning on the second day of the Lunar New Year, Tomoichi Ihara started from Mui Wo and walked the 70-kilometer Phoenix Trail.

He is the second runner to start Phoenix Trail after Nepalese runner Nugo Yamanath Limbu.

He was left far behind by Nugo Yamanath Limbu, who had already passed Pui O when he started from Mui Wo.

When Ihara Zhiyi arrived at Shibi, Nugo Yamanath Limbu had already arrived at Erao.

Among the four tracks, Nugo Yamanath Limbu can be said to have taken the lead by three and a half tracks.

Phoenix Mountain Beyond Nugo

However, on the way from Tai O to Linghui Mountain, Nugo Yamanath Limbu slowed down, and Tomoichi Ihara caught up. After that, the two stopped and went to Ngong Ping together, and went up to Phoenix Mountain at about 10:00 p.m. , to take the lead.

On the road to Luobogongao, Tomoichi Ihara ran more and more, opened up the distance with Nugo Yamanath Limbu, arrived at Bogongao in about 45 minutes, and began to climb Dadongshan.

At around 11:00 p.m., he had already climbed up Dadong Mountain, heading towards the Bad Head Camp.

In 2023, Tomoichi Ihara became the first person to complete the four paths, kissing the post box at the Mui Wo pier at the finish line.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Finally, at 0:17 a.m. on the third day of the Lunar New Year (24th), Chiichi Ihara ran from South Lantau Road to Mui Wo Wharf. He walked briskly and looked calm. finisher.

According to the four-track tradition, Tomoichi Ihara kissed the green mailbox in front of the pier, accepted the champagne sprayed by race director Andre Blumberg, and was awarded a commemorative T-shirt.

Besides champagne, Tomoichi Ihara also drank beer.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

The starting time of this year's challenge has changed from the previous morning to the evening, making the participants have to stay up for three nights.

Tomoichi Ihara said: "I like change, because you don't know what will happen afterwards!" He believes that we must face the change and find a solution.

He said that during the four-track, he also tried dizziness and felt that his body energy was low, but he told himself to keep positive thoughts as much as possible and overcome the difficulties.

Regarding the supporters who greeted him at the Mui Wo pier, he said: "I didn't expect so many people to wait for me to come back. Look at the ferry (the pier has been closed), how do you go home?"

Tomoichi Ihara accepted the ceremony of spraying champagne.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Ihara Chi took a sip of champagne.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

It is not the first time for Tomoichi Ihara to participate in the four-track. He completed the run in 57 hours and 42 minutes in 2019, becoming the second finisher of the year and the eighth finisher in the history of the four-track.

Participating again this year, the result was more than 3 hours faster than 4 years ago, successfully challenging myself.

On the night of the second day of the new year, the temperature dropped, the wind was stronger on the mountain, and it rained on the high ground.

Tomoichi Ihara mentioned that when he met Nugo Yamanath Limbu at Phoenix Trail, he lent him a jacket to keep him warm. Race director Andre Blumberg praised him for his sportsmanship.

Do not believe beyond Nugo

"We ran together, and then Nugo said "Let's fight faster", then we raced, and he beat me." Ihara Tomoichi returned to the finish line for a while, still not knowing that he surpassed Nugo Yamanath Limbu, thinking that he was the second finisher.

For a time, Tomoichi Ihara did not believe that he had surpassed Nugo Yamanath Limbu.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Tomoichi Ihara looked around and said, "Nugo is doing well, where is he?" He seemed to be looking for the other party's trace.

At that time, Nugo Yamanath Limbu was still on Dadong Mountain, and the positioning showed that he was stagnant in the area of ​​Lantouying, and I don't know what happened.

When people at the scene repeatedly confirmed to Ihara Chiichi that he was the first runner to reach the finish line, he showed an unbelievable expression and said "No way".

Even if everyone said something, he still asked: "Really?"

"I didn't see (beyond) him. (What happened?) I was chasing Nugo the whole time."

It took about a minute or two for Ihara to accept the fact that he reached the finish line one step ahead of Nugo Yamanath Limbu.

After more than two hours, Nugo Yamanath Limbu reached the finish line and became the second finisher this year.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Nugo Yamanath Limbu, who was once lost in Dadongshan, walked slowly back to Mui Wo Pier at 2:00 a.m., embraced Tomoichi Ihara, and finished the run in 56 hours and 29 minutes, becoming the second finisher this year.

Nugo, like Tomoichi Ihara, also became the four-track finisher for the second time. He completed the 9th four-track in 2020 in 54 hours and 26 minutes.

Nugo Yamanath Limbu, who was struggling at the end of the Phoenix Trail, returned safely to the finish line with a smile on his face.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Then, Britain's Ryan Whelan finished in 56 hours and 54 minutes, and the third man returned to the finish line.

The fourth runner to complete the four-track is local runner Huang Jiajie. His time is 57 hours and 11 minutes. He is the first local runner to complete the four-track this year.

The Four Trails was founded by Andre Blumberg, a German cross-country runner who lives in Hong Kong. There are no medals and rankings. Only invited "God-level" runners participate. It is regarded as the most mysterious challenge in the mountains of Hong Kong, and is called by other media. It is the "Wulin Grand Gathering" and "Huashan Discussion of Swords" in the mountains.

Nugo Yamanath Limbu feeds Chiichi Ihara with champagne.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

The four trails are held every year during the Lunar New Year. Participants need to walk the MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail, Hong Kong Trail and Phoenix Trail in reverse order in one breath. The total length is about 298 kilometers and the ascent is about 14,500 meters.

Participants started in Tuen Mun, walked the 100-kilometer Mak Trail, took a bus from Pak Tam Chung to Nam Chung, and started walking the 78-kilometer Wei Trail in reverse, and drove to Shek O after reaching Stanley, where they immediately started the 50-kilometer trail. Hong Kong Drive.

After completing the Hong Kong Island Trail, participants have to run from the top of the mountain to the Central Ferry Pier, drive a boat into Mui Wo, take the Phoenix Trail, and finally return to the Mui Wo Ferry Pier, and cross the line at the green mailbox, which is regarded as the end of the four trails.

The total length of the four trails is 298 kilometers. Participants first retraced the MacLehose Trail, then retraced the Wilson Trail, then retraced the Hong Kong Trail, and finally arrived at the Phoenix Trail.

(Conference real-time tracking website)

Those who can finish the race within 60 hours will be awarded the title of "Finisher", and those who finish the race within 72 hours will be "Survivors".

There will be no supply stops along the way, and no transportation will be arranged for participants.

Participants need to abide by a number of strict rules, such as not using trekking poles and not being accompanied by others.

On each hiking trail, no support is allowed, self-supply is required, and resupply facilities such as strobes and soda machines can be used along the trail.

Only between the trail and the trail can the participants receive external support supplies.

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