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Meat, potatoes and even a glass of water: the 10 things you didn't know you shouldn't heat in the microwave Israel today


There is no doubt that heating foods in the microwave saves us a lot of time so that they are ready quickly, but not everything should be put in the device • So what should you avoid completely - and what is the associated risk?

Have you ever thought about the wonders of the microwave?

In a matter of seconds, food can go from a state of stagnation to a terrible heat - admit that it's amazing.

As much as it is a successful device, there are things that simply must not be put into the microwave for a variety of reasons, for example melting, exploding and even releasing toxins.

Some of those foods are very common and you may have even heated them before, so we've made a list of some foods (and other things) that you simply must avoid heating.

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When the favorite fruit comes out of the microwave, it heats up so much - that the sugar in it changes its aggregation state to plasma.

On top of that, grapes can even explode in the microwave from overheating.

Glass of water

It is true that heating water in a glass in the microwave is a much faster way than boiling it in a kettle (for example if you are making yourself tea), but the time savings may still cost you dearly.

Water that is heated by itself in the microwave can get so extremely hot that even though you won't see it bubbling in the glass - there is a good chance that the glass will just explode, which is not something we would like to experience.

Hot Pepper

All types of hot peppers are full of capsaicin, an organic compound responsible for their spiciness.

When the peppers are heated, the capsaicin evaporates in the closed air of the microwave.

Upon opening it, you will be exposed to vapors that can cause irritation and "burn" your lungs, throat, nose and, of course, your eyes as well.

Hot pepper, photo: Getty Images

hard boiled eggs

No matter how you put your hard-boiled egg in the microwave, there is a very high chance that it will just explode on you.

The steam that the egg releases during heating does not leave it and is kept inside it, which creates pressure inside it.

If she doesn't explode on you by the time you're done warming her up, it might as soon as you cut her - or worse, when you give her a bite.

Sure you want to try it yourself?

tomato sauce

Like many sauces, if you heat tomato sauce in the microwave - it is very likely that you will find your microwave full of its splashes.

The sauce vapors build up until they are strong enough to burst through and onto the walls of the microwave.

In some cases, the sauce may even explode as soon as you mix it, which can cause unpleasant burns and probably some stains on your clothes.

No fun.

processed meat

Do not doubt for a moment: this type of food must be heated in the oven or in a toaster oven.

The reason: the heating causes the processed meat to oxidize cholesterol, which is considered the cause of heart disease.

In short, let's avoid it and save yourself all this "fun".

Sausages, photo: Yehoshua Yosef


This polymer, which you probably know as "styrofoam", releases toxic chemicals when it is heated, not only into the air you breathe - but also into your food.

If that's not enough for you, the "styrofoam" can even warp or melt after you take it out of the microwave.


Have you made a dish that includes potatoes, but you have leftovers?

Great, but don't heat them in the microwave.

Most potatoes contain bacteria that can create toxins, so if you don't put them in a refrigerator or freezer shortly after preparation, this bacteria can multiply - and even heating the microwave won't help.

In short, be careful - or you may end up with a very "fun" stomach ache.

lunch boxes

In most places where you receive food from a delivery or pick it up, the boxes contain a certain level of metal that can cause a spark - and even a fire.

To avoid your microwave catching fire, check if the same boxes can be heated in the microwave, so that the chemicals in the box won't cause damage either.

is nothing

Yes, you read that right - never operate an empty microwave.

Without food or some kind of container to absorb the device's heat waves, the microwave could be damaged or even catch fire.

So the next time before you press the "start" button of the device, first check that it is not empty of content.


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