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"I laugh at everyone - and it is appropriate to laugh at the strong": Guy Hochman without restraint | Israel today


On the desire to laugh ("I laugh with everyone and everyone, where it's possible to sting; if you surf the worlds of satire, then it's appropriate to laugh at the strong") • Getting involved in the World Cup in Qatar ("It was a complete surprise, they told me to fly away in three hours") • Disconnecting from the brass The ("You won't find me at the launches, I have no friends in the industry and I'm not involved") • and dealing with criticism ("They also killed Ephraim Kishon and Adir Miller, I'm in good shape") • An interview without breaks with Guy Hochman

34 years old, comedian, stand-up artist and network anchor.

Married to her father and father to Rom.

Resident of Tel Aviv.

He started his career in the series "Nice Guy" on YouTube and created "Looking for direction" on the Mako website.

Presented "Ach Ad Habit" in 2016, played guest roles in TV series, and won the "Comedian of the Year" award in 2019 on behalf of "Israel Entertainment".

Currently owns a stand-up show and participates in "Goldstar Morocco" broadcast on HOT REAL, HOT VOD and Next TV

When was the last time

you played football?

"I haven't had a chance to play since I participated in 'Goalstar' Morocco (HOT). I play on Saturdays in the neighborhood with the two-year-old boy, Rom, in an abandoned place where there is a boys' smoking area. I don't really do any sports; I wouldn't say 'do' because I Not doing anything, I'm more interested, familiar, avid watcher. I like almost every competition: basketball, judo, NBA, tennis and of course football.

"Football is a microcosm of everything. That's how I felt at the World Cup as well, through football you can witness the relations between countries, in politics and in their way of expression, whether they are quarrels or whether there is world peace. In the match between Hapoel Tel Aviv and Betar, you see the story of the left versus the right , Mizrahim and Ashkenazim. You can see in the football stands all the open wounds of Israeli society, and it has always been like that. It is better that this tension is expressed on the fields and not in war."

Hochman with participants of "Goldstar Morocco", photo: Ohad Romano, HOT

When was the last time

you told a joke?

"I had 180 performances this year, fifty of them voluntarily in front of soldiers. The last performance was this week, and in every performance I tell hundreds of jokes and it's intuitive and a lot of it is improvised. I think that a complete comedian must also stand on stage, there are great comedians in front of a camera, but the essence of this thing It is to sit 'naked' in front of 300 people and try to make them laugh."

The claim is that making an audience laugh is the hardest thing in the world.

"Very much depends on who. If you're born with it, it can't be taken away from you, you can't learn to laugh. Even the greatest comedians will tell you that when they peek behind the curtain and see hundreds of people waiting for them, they go straight to the bathroom, empty themselves, take a few breaths and ask : 'Why did I enter this profession?', we calculate for a moment how much they earn for this evening and come on... to the stage. And seriously, to laugh is a huge privilege, it's a gift. I see people get up in the morning to work from nine to five, and me? I fulfill myself , I really enjoy it and also get reactions on the street that make me feel good."

When was the last time

you wore a uniform?

"A few months ago, when I was at a lecture at the IDF spokesman's office.

I didn't have to come in uniform but I'm a good soldier, so I wore it because I feel fun in uniform.

I served in the Nahal for three years and then continued to be in the entertainment team in Ashkelon. It was a stage school. Every day I had to make 300 soldiers laugh, it's an easy crowd, a soldier on leave laughs at anything. .

I made a lot of reserves until the age of 27. Life is routine and then suddenly you are called to ventilate for a month, meet friends, and it is the most Israeli and the most fun that can be.

There is no experience that makes you feel part of everyone more than reserves.

As a regular soldier, I was the Major General's contact.

You don't have to be a good fighter.

But I was also a rookie commander and it was fun."

When was the last time

you were at a demonstration?

"I have been to the last two demonstrations. The first demonstration was very impressive. I came there to work on the net and give my angle which is more light and apolitical, it tries to lighten the matter, even when it is unpleasant and not light. All the channels are talking about the same thing, with the same The punch, and I say that it can and should be covered, but with a wink and a smile, and if necessary also introduce satire into it. People cooperate with me and like what I do. There are also those who like my style less and that's fine. I get to laugh at faith and ideology of certain people, and I accept it if sometimes a mine explodes. I take that into account when I enter a minefield.

"Regarding the demonstrations, I appreciate the fact that people came out in the pouring rain and they don't give up. I appreciate it on a civil level, no matter what my political views, it deserves appreciation. And if it also provides me with content and work, it's a bomb, I'm as organized now as in the Balfour era For the next two months."

When was the last time

you were misunderstood?

"I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay because I don't want to be."

You have been called a "troll" and a "provocateur".

"I understand that my humor is very wild, it's not provocative, but it's not normal or mainstream humor either, even though at my shows people come from all sectors and it really excites me. Workers' unions and companies like me. In the more brazen world of Twitter, there are those who might They will like it less, because they are used to a 'great country' or the 'state of the nation'."

You are perceived as a comedian who falls more on the left side of the map.

"Not necessarily, but what is - in my opinion it's easier to laugh at the left. When I come to demonstrations on the right, they cooperate and laugh with me, and the leftists laugh less, maybe out of some sense of entitlement, a feeling of 'is this guy laughing at me?'

Then there are better reactions and this content explodes more, but I went to the demonstrations against Bibi and after Ben Gvir was elected, I went to the demonstrations on the other side, and satirized there. I laugh with everyone and everyone, wherever it is possible to sting, everywhere. I first of all make entertainment, but if Surfing the worlds of satire, then it's appropriate to laugh at the strong. My red lines are not to laugh at the disabled, not at kindergarten abuse, not at the helpless in general, babies and the elderly outside my scope."

What did you think of Assi Cohen's descent from the stage in the middle of a performance in front of Tel Aviv City Hall employees?

"There is a PC culture here that may be influenced by the US, but we are not in that place, this is not what I experience. The Israelis are ready and want to laugh at everything and Assi He's a consensus. He's pretty much everyone's cup of tea. What happened at this particular show is the difference between an open show and a closed show. If it's an open show, people buy tickets and know what they're coming for and if it's a show booked by a company, and not everyone wanted that show, then It's possible that something will hurt him, and this usually happens at performances like these in front of labor committees and prostitutes. For me, the rules of the game must be respected, but not at any cost. I perform in front of religious people and adapt myself to them, I play parts that are a little rougher in front of religious youth, but Not everything, sometimes a curse or something sneaks in and that's fine."

When was the last time

you were recognized on the street?

"Today I was walking down Allenby Street in the morning, and a random barber called me to come in to get a haircut. On the street they call me 'Hochman' and 'Guy,' it used to be 'Nice Guy.'

Then it goes to hugs and 'you're a brother' and asking for videos and selfies. With teenagers it's another hour of work but I appreciate it, and if the day comes that it doesn't happen I'll worry, so right now I'm taking pictures with everyone who asks. Right now there's a big peak thanks to The participation in 'Goalstar' and the performances in the World Cup in Qatar. I do not control the editing of my character in 'Goalstar' and there is no doubt that it reveals other sides of me, but I have no problem with it, because I am versatile. I am also Guy the father who misses Rum, I am also competitive and childish And Rabbi with Giovanni (Rousseau, his colleague in 'Golstar'; Shaz 7).

The lack of control over editing is hard for me because I'm a control freak, but I really have no complaints."

When was the last time you went to

the launch?

"You won't find me at launches, I don't have friends in the industry and I don't mix. I want to go home to my little family, which will grow with God's help, and I don't need more than that. I'm very friendly. My friends are from high school."

When was the last time

you were at a memorial service?

"This month. My grandmother was the closest to my heart and she passed away at the age of 105. More than that, it's already Gridi, she pulled it off beautifully. Her name was DUKA, and she was an Aslit Greek. My parents worked, and she lived opposite my school in Ramat Gan . I would go to her place after school and stay with her all day until my parents would pick me up. I was her favorite grandchild and she said it openly, it was known in the RG that she was 'Guy's grandmother'.

"She was a very funny woman and I started my career with her. When I came back from South America I bought a camera, I came to her and asked her: 'Grandma, did you miss me?'

And I started uploading her funny comments to Facebook, I was then 23 years old. Two days before the memorial, my mother told me to write something about my grandmother. I also spoke at her funeral and cried with such funny sadness, because after all she was 105 years old, and she passed away. Her newborn She left, she wasn't sick of anything. She just ran out of battery 5..4..3..2..turned off."

There are those who are less connected to a funny memory.

"True, but that's part of the point. To be online and in this field, you need an elephant's skin, and I have it. I get comments from here and there, everyone will always have something to say about everything. This also happened when I made a deal with Rom, it came out that I did it because It's also a charged topic. When I asked Merav Michaeli if she made a berit for her son Uri, she refused to answer me. At the memorial, I made Kaddish before, and then came the funny part that went viral, and some understood and laughed and some didn't. It's fine."

When was the last time

you flew?

"In November, when I returned home from Qatar. Above all, I define myself as an Israeli and a Zionist, and just as every country shows its flag, we also have to show our flag. It was important for me to show that there are Israelis here, and I tried to make peace with everyone there Whatever you want. If I were gay, I would also pull out the pride flag. I didn't know I would get into trouble there and I certainly didn't ask for it, it was completely surprising. After three hours I was pulled out and told to fly. I saw the video (in which Hochman was shown as a soldier and a dangerous Zionist spy; Shaz) At the breakfast that was included in the price, because before I'm a coward I'm a miser - and at the Foreign Ministry they told me: 'You better leave', I packed a suitcase and prayed for an Indian taxi driver, but I wanted a driver whose app one of his hobbies is to 'catch Guy Hochman'.

"When it exploded, my wife was afraid because the whole country was talking about my involvement; I was not so much afraid of the threats but of the authorities, I imagined the case of Naama Issachar or what happened to the Oknin couple in Turkey.

I was recognized on the street, fans told me: 'I KNOW YOU FROM TIKTOK', and when the video reached 4.5 million views in two days, I realized that it was running and because I was recognized I told myself that I would not take any risks.

Maybe if I was single and childless, I would pull it off."

When was the last time

you were angry?

"I'm mad at myself that after my last show I ate a whole tray of pizza by myself. Why did I need a whole pizza? I'm a hot dad! I'm also mad at the fact that I didn't end the show at his peak and pulled a little too much. Most of my anger is at myself But I am not deeply angry with anyone. I am a person of entertainment, stupidity, nonsense and fun in every inch of my body.

I love people so much, I see the news and I meet people all over the country, and I can't be angry.

I'm not mad at the country in any way.

Ashkelon is good for me, Tel Aviv is good for me and this country is good for me, this is what I want to do all my life, to be on stage."

When was the last time you

fought with someone?

"During a demonstration two weeks ago, they destroyed my cell phone. In demonstrations there are emotions, like in football. I really don't like to fight; I go to the explosive places because these are the places where you can lighten up and no one else goes to them. I was beaten by La Familia about five months ago in a home game." R in Bloomfield and I didn't take pictures there either.

The fans (from La Familia) came to me when they all took pictures with me and started fighting.

With a hand on my heart, I wasn't afraid there either, because I know how to get out of situations.

I am only afraid for my wife and my child, not for myself.

I knew that the mobsters knew me and that I would get away with it. There were beatings and it was not pleasant at all. I went to the mobster and said that they were exaggerating and I also filed a complaint with the police and they kept those who needed to be away from the fields."

Is there someone already trying to imitate you?

"With love. We are in the era of Tik Tok. The power lies with the creators and with those who have talent, ambition and perseverance. Will someone rise tomorrow and do the same thing as me? Hello and welcome, it's a free market. It happened to me and it also happened to Audi Kagan who started from Mashiach videos on YouTube and there are many examples of Comedians and creators who use the platforms of the networks. You can learn and take from all of them: Mashhar Hasson, who makes the whole world ask how he does it every week, or Madir Miller with series that are difficult to sit down and write. I suffer from attention and concentration problems and part of a world that has become accustomed to the instant. I'm going to a demonstration, Shooting videos, editing them, and boom - I have a bombshell video that reaches millions. I'm working on a book now that contains pieces I've written over the years. A book is something for the creator more, something that stays with you.

When was the last time

you read a review?

"I'm in a field where I have to know how to absorb criticism, but unlike other times, today you can also answer critics and it's a game."

At Israel Hayom, they called you a "like-hungry troll", "the ugly Israeli".

I answered Nir Wolff (the newspaper's television critic; Shaz) and I respect the criticism. In the end, to tell you who is more influential? I don't know. The balance of power between the creators and the critics has changed. The power lies with the creators today and most of the critics are killers all the way Murderers. How many killed the great Ephraim Kishon, how many killed Adir Miller for his series and Ketorza for his humor, so I feel in a good place. If you are criticized it means that you do or influence certain audiences."

When was the last time

you said "I love you"?

"I say this to my wife Abia and my son every day. A cliché. My wife is very funny in the niche of going down on the husband, we have no limits. Humor is a tool for freeing myself from the dignity of life and the dignity of awareness. Her father and I met five years ago, when I was a reporter for Guy Pines ( I did it for a month, I owed the money). I went to the first wedding where Kobi Peretz performed after his release from prison, and I met her father there. We looked at each other and like a man I didn't do anything, because she was the most worthy there. After a day I saw that she did I liked some picture on Instagram, I replied to her and she immediately came to me. Just, it took a while. She says that from the first day we met I was a crook."

When did you first

realize you were funny?

"In the third grade I was constantly disturbing, and the teacher told me she wanted to work, so to keep it quiet she would give me half an hour every Friday. This became 'Guy's corner' every Friday, half an hour of jokes and laughter in front of the class, and that's when I realized I was probably is funny".



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