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"Striping ruined my life": Aviran Shmuel from "Survival" is finally famous | Israel today


Women abandoned him on dates when they realized what he did for a living ("They didn't want a garbage truck driver") • As a former stripper he carries scars in his soul ("I was like the monkey of the hangouts") • He returned to talking to his sick mother after 12 years of disconnection ("I ignored her even though we lived in the same house") • And if you ask him, he finally deserves to be famous ("I am the simple folk, not the smart strategist") • Aviran Shmuel, the star of "Survival", turned the trash in his life into gold, on his way to becoming the new Tiltil

He was a stripper, today he drives a garbage truck, but all his life Aviran Shmuel prepared himself for this very moment, when he would be famous.

Now that he has fulfilled the dream, he is basking in glory and does not want to wake up.

"Listen, I'm a VIP," he excited.

"I've seen all the seasons of 'Survivor', I've seen Jackie, Fanny Buzaglou and all of them, and Buena - these celebrities and I were in the same place, sitting on the same rock. I'm happy.

"I've always wanted to be famous. I think I'm a very interesting person. I have something to say, even though I may look like the common Netanya rascal, and it's easy to judge me. I got kicked out at parties, when they didn't let me into clubs just because I looked like someone who would cause trouble. But never They didn't see my insides, and the reality show let me bring it out."

So actually versatile characters like Tiltil, Jacky and Cutie were an example for you?

"Exactly. That's me. The Tiltil. These are the type of people I connected with. The popular, the simple. Not the smart strategist, but the one who is less able to express himself. The popular is who I am. In tribal councils I felt that I could not express myself, and it broke me. I was dying to tell this guy "I will do what I think, but I'm afraid it won't turn out the way I intend."

Were you afraid of being called the "dumb fool"?

"I was told that we live in a very judicial country, but I'm not interested in definitions. I'm not interested in Arab or Jew. Working with me in a garbage truck are two laborers from Gaza, 50 plus years old, my father's age, with a permit, running behind and receiving NIS 250 a day. They We find clothes in the garbage and take them. We are all the same. I wish I could stay conscious and bring change. Let me make a dream come true for the children who want to take pictures with me."

Has the attitude towards you changed following your participation in the reality show?

"Yes, suddenly my ex sent me a letter about me and wrote to me: 'People don't know how to compliment you.' One and smile the fake smile, even when I had a hard day?

"When I was young, I was ashamed to approach celebrities, and suddenly I'm in their place. Brother, I reply to everyone. To every response they write to me, to every message they send me - for better or for worse. The program has only done me good. I want to keep my knight as I was before the publication. I travel on Mazda 3, bro. I'm bored, working in garbage and not happy with me.

"I came to 'Survival' to voice the cry of Aviran. For me, this is perhaps the highest stage you can get, and I have fun. They talk to me, they listen to me, I suddenly interest people. People connect with me. When I'm at work, people stop the garbage truck and want take a picture with me."

"I would die to say what I think."

Aviran Shmuel in "Survival", photo: Noy Einav

Inspired by Jackie Azoulay

A toothless street urchin approaches our table in the cafe.

The homeless woman does not recognize Shmuel, because she does not have a television.

Even before she has time to detail her troubles and illnesses, Aviran pulls out a wallet, takes out a bill and places it in her trembling hands.

"Buy food," he offers, "if you want a drink, tell the waiter to bring it to you, and I'll pay."

Then he will explain: "Even if she buys drugs with it, I did my part. I like to give, it makes me feel good. It's my heart. I came to television and I didn't do a show even once, and happily that's also what you see. Sometimes people who get published think May the sun shine for them, but it's not me."

This is not Shmuel's first reality show, and if it depends on him - not the last either.

A few years ago, he participated in the forgotten "First Date" hosted by Corinne Gideon, tried his luck at the auditions for "Big Brother" and ended up in the current season of "Survival", which is currently broadcast on the 13 network.

"During the first days on the island, I didn't understand what was happening around me. Listen, people lie to your face. True, it's the game, but when it happens to you in reality, it's crazy.

"I'm not a great strategist, not a big handsome man, but I came to the program with my heart and values. The money didn't interest me at first, it wasn't the goal, but as the game progresses you say, 'Well, maybe we can win the season.'"

"They ask me, 'What was the hardest for you? The food? The sleep? The hunger?'

It was relatively easy for me, but the most difficult was the social part. And until you find your place, you can't feel comfortable.

"Our alliance - me, Natasha, Daniel and Nir - was created because we were ostracized from the strong alliance in the tribe. And it was so beautiful, because what are the chances that such opposite people will meet and connect? Natasha, who is so tough and made me an education series; and Daniel, who told me that he was afraid of me in Israel and at the end there were spoons;

Vanir, the religious man.

Everyone put their davin aside, and we became one.

"But in the end I learned a lot precisely from the people who were not in my alliance. For example, I saw Gal - a mother of six children who left them and came, or Tal, who lost his mother. I listened to them and understood a lot about myself. Thanks to them I returned home and reconciled with my mother. It was The first thing I did."

In "Survival".

"I came to voice my cry", photo: Noy Einav

Lived during the day at the hotel

He grew up in Netanya and experienced a difficult childhood.

"When I was 7 years old, two years after giving birth to my little sister - my mother got sick. I would come home, and there would be no food. It's a rare autoimmune disease, where the body basically eats itself. My mother no longer has fingers. It eats up to amputation of hands and such. She is not Can prepare food, hold a fork, cut. And there is no cure for it. She is hospitalized once a month, and the doctors are just trying to slow the rate of deterioration.

"All the elders of the city say to me, 'Ebiren, you had the most beautiful mother in the world,' but it didn't fall on me," he says and starts to tear up, "When I wanted to show off my mother on the annual trips, she never left the house and came with me. And I was really angry with her .

"I didn't have time to sit and think, and I realized that I was wrong. It was a scar, but I realized that it was my mother, and I had no choice. And really, when I landed in Israel after the filming, and the taxi dropped me off at home - I went to my mother and hugged her. I haven't spoken to her in 12 years. Once I dropped all my ego, and I am now a man in Netanya. I told my mother: 'All the plan I made - it's for you.'

"We sat the whole family at a dinner over the fire, and everyone had tears of happiness. To this day it is preserved, and we are the best of friends. My mother helps me, listens. She tells me that her health is deteriorating. The disease affects many of her internal organs."

For 12 years you maintained a disconnection from her, even though you lived in the same house.

How is this even possible?

"Because it was convenient for me to ignore for 12 years. Listen, everyone in the family tried to convince me. They even wanted to send us at the time to Uncle Topaz's program so that he could reconcile between us. But going to eat at the neighbors' house felt humiliating to me, and I blamed her for it.

"My father worked alone. Four children, including a mortgage, and he is all a truck driver. When mother is sick, it affects the financial situation of the house, and she cannot help, and apart from a thousand or so shekels in disability benefits, she does not receive anything from the National Insurance. Today I understand That, but for years I ignored it."

How is your relationship today?

"I live in a hotel room and make a living, but I don't sleep there. I sleep at home, in a housing unit. I want to compensate my mother for all the years of disconnection, take care of shopping at the market and such. When I have things I want to do - I go to the hotel. Sleeping physically is at home , like a little boy. I need the hug from mommy.

"My mother watches all the episodes, she's a 'Survival' freak. We're an average Tripolitan family, 'Moroccans' of the past, and I appear on TV as the national Mami. People in Netanya get off the building and rave, 'He takes out my trash now.' What compliments , what a paragon. Miriam Fierberg, the mayor of my city, tagged me twice and called me to the bureau. I swear to you. Even the famous already know who I am."

"I believe in God, and what needs to happen happens. On the other hand, inside I'm a coward."

Aviran Shmuel, photo: Eric Sultan

"Does not rule out joint parenting"

When I ask what he remembers from his childhood, Shmuel points to the lack of a home.

"I had a basic childhood. A snack once a week, and no more. There are no sweet drinks at home. And it sucks. For Beasley, I had to wait until the weekend, or go to birthday parties in class - because there were pretzels and bamba.

"Always when I talk about it, I get angry and sad, but I'm making up for it today. Come to my house and see what hospitality and abundance. Snacks and affairs, alcohol, and I don't drink at all. I buy and buy things all day long, just to be. It makes me feel good when my nieces Mine come to me and I bring them snacks. It's compensation for what I didn't have.

"Until the eighth grade, I wouldn't come home after school. I went to the club, and there they helped me with my homework and gave me a hot meal. Despite everything, I knew how to fit in, shout out. Maybe I wasn't one of the accepted ones, but I had my 'gang'. Always I was loved."

In the army he served in the MGB. "I was outstanding in my department, I received a warrior pin and was stationed in Jerusalem.

But it was too static for me, and I'm more of a do-it-yourself person.

Didn't suit me.

I realized that in order to go to the detective course you need combos, so after a year I said: 'Take me out to the Wingate base.

If a convalescent home, then all the way, two minutes from the house.

Laughter, in the end I signed a permanent one-year contract at Wingate.

I was the commander of the armory.

I am a very responsible person.

"Then I got my citizenship, and from the first moment I worked like a madman. In everything: bakery, manager, explosives, truck driver, delivery company, always several jobs at the same time. I understood life quickly. I worked in the market, I would shout 'watermelon, watermelon' at the vans going around. Lots of work Applause. I was a gardener in Torrey, a window washer, I worked in a butcher's shop. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with blood.

"My dream was to work in garbage. Real. All my life I directed the jobs according to the sea. I always thought how to bring my salary and also sit happily in the sea. And garbage is the dream. Basically, I just drive a truck, gas brakes, but sometimes I go down to help with The bins to run faster. I finish work at 7 in the morning, and I have the whole day ahead of me. Shower, go to the beach, get pampered, friends, gym, coffee shop, beautiful people. Voila, single, business. What more do you need?"

need love

"True, but not at any cost. I'm 34 years old, and when I'm asked why I'm single - I don't really know what to answer. I say it's by choice, but what man wants to be alone? Even when I found - they didn't want me. They avoided me. Many girls stood up To me from dates, 'Oh, you work in garbage?'

Do you know how embarrassing that is, bro?

"After all, what do we all want? To earn as much as possible in as little time as possible. I didn't steal. I get my hands dirty, wash them, shower five times a day. I'm the most sterile there is. From here I go to tan, I have a tight schedule, and I work according to a notebook .

If they added five hours to the day - I would fill them as well.

I'm crazy."

do you want kids

"I don't rule out having a child in shared parenting. Maybe I'm not built for a real family life, although I would like my child to grow up at home with a father and a mother. But it's better for the mother to be educated, because I'll probably give my children everything to make up for the fact that I didn't have I will work ten jobs to fulfill and do.

"I'll be a manly father. 'Do you want a motorcycle? Leave mom, I'll sign for you.' They laugh at me, 'I wish you had a daughter who would do to you what you did'.

"Two days ago I received a picture of a positive pregnancy test from someone. She wrote, 'Listen, I want to say happy birthday'. I told her: 'Listen, I don't know if you are trying to make headlines about my name. If my child - then I recognize him , and may we both have good luck'.

"After two hours she comes back to me, 'No, it was just, I wanted your reaction.' Go. I'm not as stupid as you think. You can't buy love with money. When I worked as a stripper they could buy me, but they couldn't buy my soul. Yes, they scarred her, but they didn't buy her."

"Happy to be famous".

Aviran Shmuel, photo: Eric Sultan

"5,000 shekels per hour"

About five years ago, Shmuel was attracted to work in stripping.

"Someone took me once, and suddenly I realized that come on, there was money in it. I knew what I was getting into, and no one touched me if I didn't give permission. I looked at it as a job and I knew how to set limits.

"Do you know how many 'take me, let me just sleep with you' offers I got? I always kept no sex. It never was. I'm very strong in character. Maybe in fantasy it's nice to strip in front of 20-something girls, but when you come to a party of 50-something girls, and a girl At your mother's age, touching you - it's less pleasant. When someone puts a tip in your panties, you shy away for a second. It hurt me, I started to shy away from getting into the situation because she touched me like that, and suddenly the fact that I'm interested in producing something with her touches me in the same way.

"It messed up not only my sex life, but also my personal life. It hindered me from finding a relationship, because what girl would want to get into a relationship when you show up every night and when you are a tool for all of them. I felt, in this job, that my soul was being murdered from the inside. I would go to bed with thoughts That I can't be bought with money, but I couldn't shout that."

Because they actually bought you with money for a certain time.

"Then I was like their monkey for everything. Man, it's mind blowing. When every girl sends a message I'm afraid to answer her, because I don't know if she wants a job or really wants me. It's a scar that will stay with me.

"I can tell you that with stripping I stopped. I realized that I could make money in other places as well. Following 'Survival' I received a bombardment of messages: 'Want to come perform?'

Someone wrote to me, 'Come, perform for me privately in an apartment in Herzliya, NIS 5,000.' I told her, 'I don't do striptease anymore, it has nothing to do with you.'

"Understand, it's 5,000 for an hour's work. 'Survival' really increased my demand. But I'm strong, I won't do any more stripping at any cost. It's over for me. I took three more evenings a week working in garbage, an extra NIS 5,000 for two and a half hours of driving in industrial areas that you can't remove trash from them in the morning. Maybe it's less money than striptease, but today I'm clean and at peace with myself when I want to start something intimate."

The next Tiltil?

Aviran Shmuel, photo: Noy Einav

Garbage wedding ring

Aviran Shmuel is the best presenter for the garbage removal work.

He even testifies that he came up with ideas and initiatives that would help keep the streets clean.

"I'm begging my friends, come work with me. I work for three hours, the people working behind me work for an hour and a half. They start at a quarter to 5, at 6:30 I drop you off at home. NIS 7,000 a month for an hour and a half of work a day. Too bad I can't duplicate myself and work twice. They think I'm stupid for working in garbage. Maybe I'm from the old generation, but I love the work. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, run all over the city and tick the trash. It's satisfying to see a clean city."

What reality can be found in trash cans?

"Once we found 10,000 shekels in a small box, when we were emptying trash from a hotel. We divided the money between us, because we have an agreement: whoever finds - everyone shares. So 1,000 went to the foreman, who will look after us, and 3,000 to each of us. I work in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Netanya. You don't understand what we find there - rings, jewelry.

"Listen carefully, it's a true story. Someone called me through the municipality - no names, one of the richest in Netanya - and told me, 'I'm begging you, it's on your line. My wedding ring is in the garbage in the truck.' Now, it's garbage trucks you fill, and you'll find Including a wedding ring. But as far as I'm concerned, they dropped a task on me.

"I dumped all the garbage on the floor there, in the dump, put on my sleeves and started looking. The ring was inside a jacket, which she described to me as a certain color - but it turned the color of poop. I took the ring out of it and returned it to her. They offered me 5,000 shekels as a thank you gift, and I said No need. Finding the loss is my satisfaction. I want to be a good person."

What are the aspirations for the future?

"I noticed that the other survivors are constantly busy on social networks, how many followers this one has and who follows that one. I admit that mine has the fewest followers, and it bothers me a little, but it certainly doesn't fill my whole world. I won't change, and I'll still continue to work in garbage.

"I wish I could do 'Big Brother', 'Golstar', because sitting on a panel in a program is less of me. I still haven't completed my journey. I'm enjoying my 15 minutes of fame. After all, who am I? All in all, Aviran Shmuel from Netanya, a piece of arse who made the dream come true. How did Danit Greenberg say? 'Bring 20 minutes'."

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