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Consumption Coupon|Shao Jiahui's material recovery lags behind and advocates redispatch Jiang Yuhuan with reservations: only tie the left pocket to the right pocket


The current government's first "Budget" will be released on the 22nd of next month. The Legislative Council member of the Liberal Party's wholesale and retail sector, Shao Jiahui, said on a radio program today (25th) that it is difficult for tourists to return to pre-epidemic levels immediately after crossing the border

The current government's first "Budget" will be released on the 22nd of next month. Liberal Party Wholesale and Retail Legislative Council Member Shao Jiahui said on a radio program today (25th) that it is difficult for tourists to return to pre-epidemic levels immediately after crossing the border. It is recommended that the government The last issue of electronic consumer coupons will be distributed in the first half of this year.

Jiang Yuhuan, a member of the Legislative Council of the Election Committee, said that he has reservations about distributing another 10,000 yuan consumer vouchers to the whole people. He believes that at present, we should focus on helping grassroots citizens, middle-class families, and citizens with children. Coupons are like "left pocket to right pocket".

Shao Jiahui: 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 yuan has to be decided by the rich man

Shao Jiahui pointed out that the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year this year is better than last year. Tsim Sha Tsui has begun to see Mandarin-speaking tourists, and there are also queues of people outside famous stores. It is believed that famous stores and jewelry industries will benefit most from customs clearance.

He said that there is still a quota for "customs clearance" with the mainland, and he believes that with the gradual opening up, the quota will be abolished soon, and adding more ports will also facilitate tourists.

When asked whether mainland tourists can return to their pre-epidemic consumption levels, Shao Jiahui said that the spending power of mainland tourists remains to be seen: "Even though not all of the 1.4 billion people in China have a good environment, as long as 1% have a good environment, come to Hong Kong to help, I believe Hong Kong is fine."

He said that although the government is facing a fiscal deficit, tourists may not come to Hong Kong immediately in the first half of the year. He suggested that consumer vouchers be distributed in the first half of the year to stimulate the economy. When the number of tourists increases in the second half of the year, the market will be more prosperous. He believes that he can "depend on himself".

He said that there is no specific requirement on how many consumer coupons the government will distribute, and no matter whether it is 3,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan, it will be accepted by the Financial Secretary according to the financial situation.

Chen Peiliang.

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Chen Peiliang urged to review the tax base and consider the introduction of consumption tax and value-added tax

Chen Peiliang, member of the Legislative Council of the Election Committee, proposed to distribute 5,000 yuan consumption coupons in the first half of the year to enhance public confidence in the economy and consumption.

He said that the economic recovery will lag behind. It is expected that the one-time distribution of consumer coupons will directly help boost the economy. The government’s financial reserves are about 600 billion yuan. The government can afford it.

He mentioned that due to the sharp drop in government revenue during the epidemic and the unavoidable need to distribute money in reverse cycles, the government should take this opportunity to review the narrow tax base in Hong Kong, formulate a blueprint for tax reform, and broaden the tax base. For example, it may consider adding consumption tax and value-added tax Tax.

Jiang Yuhuan: Consumption coupons "left pocket to right pocket" advocate N Wupai housing coupons

Jiang Yuhuan pointed out that if 10,000 yuan of consumer vouchers are distributed to all people, it will cost about 60 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 10% of government revenue, which will have an impact on the financial situation.

She believes that at present the most important thing is to attract tourists to Hong Kong to drive the economy, and distributing consumption coupons is just "left pocket to right pocket".

She suggested that about 2,000 to 3,000 yuan of housing vouchers should be distributed to single people who do not receive government subsidy and live in unsuitable housing, with a total of about 2 billion yuan.

Huang Guochang issued consumer vouchers again: it is more stimulating than tax rebates to stimulate the economy to pass customs. Is it time to withdraw nucleic acid and quotas and then issue consumer vouchers?

Li Zhaobo advocates that only $5,000 will be distributed at most to stimulate the local economy for a short period of time. The Federation of Trade Unions will ask for 10,000 yuan of electronic people's livelihood consumer vouchers on the second day of the new year. |The three major parties of the establishment system promote consumer vouchers, New Democratic Party Rong Haien: We should increase revenue and reduce expenditures Valley maternity consumer vouchers|DAB Huang Junshuo said that non-optimal options have little effect on the middle class, and poverty alleviation should be targeted Freezing wages for employees and promoting consumption coupons to boost the economy|Federation of Trade Unions proposes distributing 10,000 yuan of livelihood consumption vouchers that can be used to pay water, electricity and coal bills|DAB advocates giving 1,000 yuan of consumption vouchers to Hong Kong residents for overnight travelers 5,000 Budget ︱The People’s Federation called for the distribution of 10,000-yuan consumer vouchers for tax exemption for first-time home buyers aged 40 or below, and the gradual withdrawal of hot spots. Budget 2023 | Bingham proposes to send consumption coupons of at least $3,000, and the tax rebate amount is increased to $25,000

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