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Threatening gestures in the Atlantic: Putin continues to work on the miracle weapon "Zirkon"


Putin is getting closer to his miracle weapon: Russia is said to have successfully simulated the launch of its Zirkon hypersonic missile. Or is it all just for show?

Putin is getting closer to his miracle weapon: Russia is said to have successfully simulated the launch of its Zirkon hypersonic missile.

Or is it all just for show?

Moscow – They reach speeds of several times the speed of sound, are practically invisible to defense systems and can also carry nuclear warheads: Russian hypersonic missiles.

Military experts view these armaments projects with horror - above all because Russia is expanding its arsenal.

Putin's armourers are said to have successfully simulated the use of the new wonder weapon "Zirkon" on the Atlantic.

But doubts remain.

Is it just a propaganda show?

In the middle of the Ukraine war: Russia is said to be testing new hypersonic missile "Zirkon"

For weeks, the use of the new hypersonic rocket "Zirkon" has been causing explosives.

In the middle of the Ukraine war, the Kremlin announced that it had installed the weapon system on the frigate Fleet Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov.

Now there is said to have been a first test in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, as the Russian Ministry of Defense announced

on the Telegram channel, according to the

dpa news agency.


Whether Kinschal or Zirkon: Russia's President Vladimir Putin has hypersonic missiles tested and deployed.

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The information cannot be independently verified.

But according to Russian information, a first computer simulation was carried out during a maneuver.

The rocket itself has not yet been fired at an assumed target 900 kilometers away.

The video only shows how the missile hatch opens after the fire command.

The further course of the launch was modeled on the screens.

This should first of all be used to practice the processes for an actual launch, it was said as a reason.

Invisible for defense: Hypersonic missile "Zirkon" accelerates to 9000 kilometers per hour

The "Zirkon" is a sea target missile with a long range and enormous speed.

It is said to be able to accelerate to more than 9000 kilometers per hour, which makes it practically unattainable for the defense.

The "Zirkon" belongs to the quartet of hypersonic missiles developed by Russia, which can still be controlled after launch.

Zirkon, Sarmat, Kinzhal, Avangard: Russia's arsenal of hypersonic missiles is growing

Should the “Zirkon” be operational at some point, the Russian arsenal will increase to a total of four models.

The Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had already threatened the West in 2018 before his re-election with the three others, the Avangard cruise missile, the ground-based Sarmat missile and the Kinzhal fired by planes.

The "Zirkon" was only officially put into service at the beginning of January.

After the "Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" other Russian frigates are to be equipped with the cruise missile.

Tanks, drones, anti-aircraft defenses: weapons for Ukraine

Tanks, drones, anti-aircraft defenses: weapons for Ukraine

Hypersonic missiles belong to a new class of weapon systems.

Experts fear that their development will set off an arms race.

Russia started in 2017.

China and the USA are now also working on such weapon systems, which is why experts see the danger of a new arms race.

Putin's hypersonic missiles: USA would probably still be able to cope with attacks at the moment

But how dangerous is Putin's alleged silver bullet?

It is not inconceivable that Russia could have its frigate the Zirkon stationed off the US coast as a threat.

But one ship would not be enough.

According to current developments, the US Navy would be up to the challenge, say military experts.

In order to become dangerous for the United States and its allies, Russia would have to massively advance the development of hypersonic missiles.

But that is becoming increasingly difficult in the course of the Ukraine war.

How does a hypersonic missile work?

Exact details for the technology of the Russian hypersonic missile "Zirkon" are not known.

Experts suspect that it works via a multi-stage ramjet engine.

First, the rocket accelerates with a solid rocket engine, which is blasted off during flight.

After that, the design of the rocket allows air to flow through the gun at high pressure and mix it with fuel.

When the mixture is ignited, the rocket reaches maximum speed.

In a recent report by

, the Munich political scientist Frank Sauer from the University of the German Armed Forces referred to the problems of the Russian armaments industry.

The export ban imposed on armaments, semiconductors and chips is making it increasingly impossible for Putin's arms manufacturers to advance the projects.

This also applies to the development of the hypersonic missile, he said.

Danger of the Zirkon hypersonic missile: Experts consider test for propaganda in the Ukraine war

Former Bundeswehr Colonel Richard Drexl sees it similarly.

He already considered the publication of the video about the frigate's armament to be more of a strategic propaganda move.

It is more likely that the attempt to boost the morale of the Russian troops and to intimidate Western societies is behind it.

According to the media report, this is important for the Russian military at the moment, as losses have been high and Russia is occasionally on the defensive militarily.

"You have to see," says Drexl, "how you can respond with positive news." (

jkf / dpa


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