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The man who left his wife and five children to go live 7 years among the wolves


Shaun Ellis became the alpha male of a pack of wolf cubs. His particular story was documented by National Geographic.

This is one of those stories that commonly only happens in movies.

The legend of the werewolf for some is true and for others it is just a myth, but

Shaun Ellis (58)

 made it come true.

In 2003, the man lived with wolves for seven years and ended up becoming the leader of the pack.

Ellis's case drew so much attention that 

National Geographic

made a documentary about his life among the wolves.

It is the only case in the world of an adult human voluntarily going to live with these animals until becoming part of their community.

In fact,

he was assumed by the wolves to be the alpha male of the pack

In 2007 he recorded the documentary "A Man Among Wolves" for National Geographic.

Attracted to wolves since childhood

Shaun Ellis was born on October 12, 1964 in




Since he was a child he was attracted to wolves.

He began to study on the subject in a particular way and, little by little, he became more interested.

The first time he saw a wolf was in a zoo and from that day on it was love at first sight.

The man continued with his life, but his love for the wolves never left, on the contrary, it grew stronger every time.

Shaun became a soldier in Britain

's special forces

, and whenever he could, he would go into the woods at night to record videos of the animals.

Seeing them gave him great satisfaction.

Many years later, Shaun Ellis married and fathered five children.

Sometimes he spent more time with the wolves than with his own family.

At first, his wife didn't see this hobby as a problem, but over time she got fed up with it.

The woman abandoned Ellis and went with her children.

After being left alone,

Ellis made the decision that would change his life forever

, he wanted to live among the wolves.

He first decided to get closer little by little so that the animals got to know him, Shaun was able to live with them in the Nez Perce park, United States and he stayed there for seven years, sharing with a group of local Indians and sleeping with the animals.

The werewolf always wore the same overalls to preserve the scent of the pack.

But it was not easy, it took eight months for the group of wolves to accept it.

The initiation gesture was a bite on the knee, which in the wolfish code seems to be synonymous with welcome: "If you react badly to that bite, they just leave you alone," Ellis explained in dialogue with the



From this experience he published a book called

The Wolf Talk


Alfa male

After this revealing experience, he returned to

England and

 found some wolf pups abandoned by their mother, whom he decided to raise.

She named them Tamaska, Yana and Mats, and she went to live with them in Combe Marti Park, where Shaun became her mother.

Shaun Ellis was always passionate about wolves.

For a year and a half,

Ellis was the mother and father figure of the cubs

, teaching them to howl, to eat first by giving them food from his mouth, to hunt and their hierarchical position within the group.

The main objective of the man was to know if his wolves were capable of surviving with his teachings.

The small pack made Ellis their alpha male


When he thought the little wolves were ready, Shaun released them to find their own.

Although he moved away from them, he never let them out of his sight.

National Geographic


learned her story and made a documentary about her.

Recognition and controversy

Many scientists, especially biologists, have severely questioned the experience of Shaun Ellis.

This is because the purpose of approaching the wolves does not respond to investigative work.

Quite simply, he loves these animals and wanted to enter their world to get to know them in depth.

"It has cost me my family, home, security, economic stability, now I have nothing, but you have to believe in what you do, I wouldn't be in this if I didn't know I could get something," Shaun Ellis told him in a




Shaun, along with his new partner, spends a lot of time with animals.

After being struck by his "skill with wolves" Shaun began to participate in some National Geographic documentaries, was the main protagonist in

"A Man Among Wolves"

 (2007) and had some other sporadic appearances on the said signal.

The man's life changed completely, he became a partner with a woman who not only accepts his way of living life, but also participates in it.

Many consider him crazy, claiming that he is interfering with the education that the cubs should receive, but Ellis has studied these beings throughout his life.

Today he continues his life dedicated to wolves and, together with his new wife, he lives loving these animals.

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