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What do Fernández and Wado have to do with Murphy's laws?


They will always find a worse way to fight. Now, because there were no codes to take a photo with Lula.

It is about Murphy's laws, those of the American engineer Edward Murphy, whose assistant, in an experiment, installed a bunch of sensors on a chimpanzee, but in reverse.

It was said that then he said something like:

"if there is a way to be wrong, he will do it"


Then he went on to a series of variants and additions.

But, in short, he remained: everything that can go wrong will go wrong and worse what is worse.

If he didn't pass this on to the government in the last few days,

he hit the nail on the head.

The order of events is random.

If it is for background, there is a trio whose commission is to promote the theatrical impeachment to the Court.

Defendants can rest easy:

they offer no guarantee of effectiveness


They are the radical turned hyper-Christian Leopoldo Moreau, who with 2.34% holds a record that is very difficult to match: being the candidate for president of the UCR with the

fewest votes in history.

Another is Eduardo Valdés, who, as everyone will remember, enthusiastically led the

failed operation Puf Puf

to try to get prosecutor Stornelli off his boss Cristina.

And the third, the camper and former head of services Rodolfo Tailhade, who

believes that everything is resolved with insults.

Locals and strangers beg for a course to contain anger to begin now.

Everyone, except the increasingly shortened Instituto Patria, knows that this trial of the Court is a

media show

and that Kirchnerism will try to stretch the representations as much as possible.

But the salad of government blunders is so varied that making a list by importance would be hopelessly wrong.

Suddenly the minister Wado de Pedro appears talking about codes.

He says or sends to say, which is the same, that the president, formally his boss, "does not have codes."

De Pedro must be like Murphy making his own list.

To begin with, he once renounced Fernández through the networks, without even being kind enough to notify him.

As Murphy would say:

if there's a way to quit, he won't.

Now he has spread that he was offended because Fernández kept him away from Lula, omitting to invite him to a photo with human rights organizations.

De Pedro had been in Sao Paulo on October 30, celebrating the victory over Bolsonaro in Lula's bunker.

He believes that there he began to forge a relationship with the Brazilian.

If there was a chance to prove it,

Fernández deleted it.

Fernández says or sends word for Tolosa Paz, which is another the same thing, that De Pedro must answer if he stays or goes.

Tolosa is his vice candidate.

Another Fernández, Aníbal, did not wonder but rather challenged: “since when should the president give explanations to De Pedro”.

And what about Peter?

He said or sent word, that it is also the same thing, that he continues to think just as badly of Fernández

but that he stays the same.

If La Cámpora has a strategy, it is

to keep its boxes until the last day: YPF, Aerolíneas, ANSES, Pami, the Hidrovía


The list goes on.

It is what sustains its structure.

Fernández still does not dare to break.

It is part of the nonsense that began when Cristina made him president and she became deputy to control him.

Wado challenged with the endorsement of Cristina.

The widget of a minister who questions the president and continues as if nothing is not out of tune with that of Celac.

What was left: Fernández lost the presidency to Commander Ralph, a Chavista and 22 years ago prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an island-state of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Ralph adheres to Castroism but swears allegiance to King Carlos III.

It is easy to be a Marxist in the Caribbean.

It also remained that of a

younger brother that Massa stamped on Uruguay


Younger brother?

According to data from the IMF, our gross per capita product is around 9,000 dollars and the Uruguayan is 14,000.

And let's not talk about poverty.

It is clear: Massa is a lawyer, not an economist.

But as a lawyer, he should look a little at the Uruguayan institutional framework.

Cristina was also left without a photo with Lula.

She wanted her to go to the bottom, that is, to the Senate and Lula, who is not one for naivete, she refused

, winking at Fernández


She went to Uruguay, to Mujica's, not to an office but to the farm and for the photo they chose to sit in the famous Fusca, the veteran Volkswagen of the Uruguayan veteran.

And in case the message was not understood, he dismissed us ugly:

he said that the best barbecue in the world is Uruguayan.

And since there were few of us to verify the validity of Murphy's laws, the Pope reappeared, who is activated by electoral campaigns and

suddenly remembered Argentine inflation.

Before Macri ousted Kirchnerism, what was his slogan? Let's take

care of Cristina


It is not known if the new slogan of hitting Fernández and Massa for inflation and poverty is to return to take care of Cristina, to whom he offered good hands promoting the already declining theory of lawfare that Kirchnerism is trying to reignite against the Court.

Either way, Murphy couldn't miss.

The Pope started talking about 1955. Fernández copied it and spoke more than about the Perón of that time, about those who followed him, the military and the liberals.

You have to want to talk about things that happened sixty or seventy years ago.

Why go so far back if inflation and poverty are from now and history, history.

The problem is that thinking that inflation is in the heads of the people and not in the management of the government, it happens that after doing marketing with decimals, which are against and, on top of that, they use it in favor when they are against,

again the January index threatens to come fuller.

And in the midst of so much trouble, the head of the ministers, Manzur, where was he?

He was returning from Tucumán, where he is running for vice governor, to dedicate himself here to a strategic activity: an agreement to digitize the Civil Registry of his province.

Obviously, with national funds.

If this government didn't exist, Murphy could invent it.

The climax: the Central lost another US$ 211 million in reserves and the dollar flourishes after the repurchase of debt, which ended the week at $386, nothing unrelated to these issues.

Nothing is wrong with this chubby.

The one with the green bill that they call blue.

Source: clarin

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