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The President believes that the relationship with Wado De Pedro and Cristina Kirchner is over


Although he will not ask his official to resign now, Alberto Fernández works "as if he had not had a minister of the Interior for a year and a half."


has not had a Minister of the Interior for a year and a half

, says President

Alberto Fernández

, angry with the person who does hold that position,

Eduardo "Wado" De Pedro

, the most emblematic representative of

Cristina Kirchner

in the Executive Power.

The official was the one who led in September 2021, after the official defeat in the PASO, a presentation of collective resignations of

ministers who are active in La Cámpora

, but clarifying a curious caveat: those offers to leave power lacked the category of "indeclinable."

By decision of the Head of State, De Pedro did not resign, nor did the rest of his companions on that adventure.

They all followed orders, to do what they did, from their boss, Vice President Kirchner.

In recent days,

this situation of political breakdown

in the ruling party has deepened, again with De Pedro as the protagonist.

Fernández became furious with his minister after it emerged that

he accused him of not having "codes"

because he had not invited him to a meeting that human rights organizations held with the president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva.

The Head of State, this time, affirms that the gesture of "Wado" is a limit


In the midst of a government crisis with an open end, he assures that the relationship with the official, and especially with the Kirchners,

has no return .


The government alliance of Peronism is over, although the K officials remain in their posts, for now.

Fernández does not say it in public, but

it is what he has repeated in private in recent hours

, according to what


reconstructed thanks to qualified sources from the Presidency who speak and think like the president.

For me, this means the end of the relationship.

Both with 'Wado' and with Cristina

”, insists the Head of State, with almost verbatim words, always according to the aforementioned sources.

It is indecent that 'Wado' continues to occupy a chair in a government with which he does not agree

”, they criticize the official at the Quinta de Olivos.

Although they have already fought in public and in private on other occasions, the estrangement between the President and his deputy, added to the criticism from La Cámpora officials, summarized in De Pedro's statements, occurs in a different context.

The electoral year begins and Fernández seems willing not to let the wayward partners of what was a coalition criticize him or work autonomously in his management.

"They are unbearable," Fernández complains of his own allies,

even though at the same time they are actually opponents but K, and adds: "

How is it possible that 'Wado' says that I don't have 'codes' because he was not in a meeting of Human Rights movements with Lula?

That meeting was requested by the organizations, Lula accepted, I accompanied him but I hardly did and I barely spoke to introduce everyone present.

De Pedro was never invited


It is a minor event to

have to accept a criticism of this nature

”, sums up the situation an official of the Presidency that could be Fernández, due to the number of hours per day that he spends with him.

Regarding Cristina,

the President's words are more severe


“He boycotted Guzmán's administration in the Economy.

The agreement with the IMF.

He did everything to make me go wrong


If I have to talk to her, I do, but I decided to start governing alone", is

the intimate thought of the President

, always following the account of the sources mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Will Fernández finally

ask De Pedro

and the rest of his subordinates who only consider the Vice President to resign?

"This is not the time, let's wait, let's wait," the President avoided

one of the interlocutors who consulted him on this issue in the last hours.

Until now,

Fernández preferred the very diverse unity of the coalition

that brought him to power to prevail, but the differences between the different K officials deepened until they broke down.

The President is convinced that De Pedro's hurtful words were made known in a particular context

of the Vice's misgivings about

his preponderant role in the diplomatic and personal relationship with Lula Da Silva.

Fernández (Cristina) hoped to have a meeting with Lula during his visit to Buenos Aires to participate in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).


da Silva dodged it


Hours passed, one day, the second, and they did not see each other.

The excuse that the Brazilian would have given was that he could not move to the offices of the president of the Senate for security reasons.

The Vice would have refused to go to him


Lula slept and worked during CELAC in the presidential suite of the Sheraton Hotel.

The President, said first-line diplomatic sources,

did not ask Lula not to meet his internal enemy


Da Silva revealed his reluctance to meet with Cristina on his trip to Uruguay immediately after.

Security in that country seemed to relax because he

traveled about a hundred kilometers by car to visit José "Pepe" Mujica


Since 2019,

the Vice has associated his figure with that of the Brazilian

to match his main concern, the conviction for corruption against him that he describes only as a persecution of Justice and the media against him, with that of Lula.

The elusive leader of the K suffered 580 days in prison accused of corruption.

The Supreme Court of his country determined that the leader should be released

and objected to the criminal proceedings for which he was imprisoned.

For the Vice, that experience and hers are similar and comparable to what she describes as "judicial warfare" or



The president of Brazil, who is very grateful to Fernández (Alberto) because he visited him in prison, would have been annoyed with Fernández (Cristina)

for his insistence on taking advantage of his prison misfortune


Diplomacy sources assured


that Lula was annoyed the day he was re-elected as President of his country when a delegation of K officials reached him, without him knowing what it was, a cap that had the initials CFK inscribed on it.

When the Argentines shouted the name of the Vice, he

took the gift with a grim gesture


Among the officials who had traveled to Brazil for those historic elections was Minister De Pedro.

Fernández (Alberto), usually emphasizes that the official delegation to Brazil was headed by him, who traveled a day later to meet his friend who won the elections.

De Pedro was already there.

He wanted to get ahead of us.

We could have left him out of all the meetings but we did not, we invited him to join us

”, they describe from the Presidency to emphasize that Fernández (Alberto) never hindered the minister on whom he focuses his fights today.

After the sentence of the head of the Interior regarding the lack of "codes" of the Head of State, he asked his spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, to call him to find out if it was true that he had said what he said.

The official would have minimized his words

From him.

The President

did not believe him


The next day, last Friday, the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, publicly demanded that her Interior counterpart rectify or explain her hurtful phrases for Fernández: "It is a good time for the minister to clarify whether this happened , or not, because they put in his mouth some situation of lack of codes, "said the official, a friend of the President, and continued:" In any case, those who are within the Government and criticize must define themselves.

Either you are in or you are out


Yesterday, statements were exchanged again between officials loyal to Fernández (Alberto), with those who defend "Wado" and Fernández (Cristina).

The "Front All against All" returned

, although in this escalation with news.

In De Pedro's environment, they ask that the minister's statement regarding the President's lack of “codes” not be a reason for internal confrontations, since it would have been expressed personally, due to temporary anger and a specific issue.

“Wado defended Alberto when La Cámpora did not receive him in Mendoza.

He always worked for him despite his differences on management issues, ”says an official who works with the minister.

De Pedro has no intention of resigning from his position and will continue with his "campaign" to be a candidate for President.

Fernández smiles ironically when asked if this “camperista” nomination worries him

or puts his own candidacy in crisis in search of re-election.

This new internal confrontation of the PJ in power has different characteristics from other fights that have already shaken the central power.

One of them is that Fernández no longer receives criticism from his internal adversaries in silence and without reaction.

In the Casa Rosada they give as an example that the Head of State fired Victoria Donda, a staunch militant of the Kirchners, from her position as head of INADI.

They also point out that he (Alberto) has stopped calling her (Cristina) to ask her what decisions to make, and that she (Cristina) has stopped calling him (Alberto) to impose ideas or to complain about the progress of the Government.

The President also revealed his astonishment and anger when, in an act in Mar del Plata, another militant official from La Cámpora, the head of ANSES,

Fernanda Raverta

, did not even name him in an act that they shared together announcing better in a social program.

2023 has just begun. The electoral year in which the President of Argentina will be elected.

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