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there is always a Massa


A mix of clumsiness and authoritarian outbursts to keep us entertained during the summer First of all, I would like to apologize to all the Uruguayan people for the clumsy expressions of our economy minister Sergio Massa when he said "Uruguay is a younger brother that we have to take care of" . It happens in the best families and also in the best governments: there is always a Massa. Know how to understand and be merciful in misfortune since, in addition to a Massa, we have an Alberto

First of all, I would like to apologize to all the Uruguayan people for the

clumsy expressions

of our economy minister Sergio Massa when he said

"Uruguay is a younger brother that we have to take care of"


It happens in the best families and also in the best governments: there is always a Massa.

Know how to understand and be merciful in misfortune since,

in addition to a Massa,

we have an Alberto.

It will pass, they are streaks


With that said, let's get to the important stuff.

The Kirchnerist deputy Durañona was right when on March 12, 2019, when he was mayor of San Antonio de Areco, he said verbatim at a party event:

"the members of the Supreme Court have to be our militants"

(post, it's on YouTube).

Life teaches that if you want to live in peace and not have problems with the law, there are only two paths:

either you behave well and do not commit crimes or you appoint friendly judges to protect you and something else butterfly.

Given the background, the hotels, the convent and everything we saw on television, Kirchnerism would only be left with the second option.

That largely explains what is happening in Argentina.

Ideally, the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice would go to work

dressed in a La Cámpora bib

and, if possible, tattoo their arms with the face of Néstor or Cristina, like the statesman Mayra Mendoza.

It would be perfect.

But it seems these guys don't want to.

It is not clear if the problem is that the members of the Court do not like the

Judicial Reorganization Process

, if they are bothered by fascism or if it was given to them because they wanted to be independent, but the reality is that these people resist.

That is why the government has taken the bull by the horns and there they go, after the Supreme Court.

In a certain aspect, it has its logic: since they cannot lower inflation, nor control the dollar, nor reduce poverty, nor gather reserves, nor make a gas pipe, nor segment rates, nor make the country run,

at least They are going to try to crack the members of the Court.

It's something.

The point is that everything indicates that they are not even going to achieve that since the government

does not have the votes to prosecute the Court


Let's remember that in 2021 the people were hypnotized by TN, Feimann, the CIA and other hidden powers and, instead of voting well and choosing Tolosa Paz's ballot, they voted badly and chose Santilli's.

Therefore they lost the parliamentary majority.

To correct these

inconveniences caused by democracy

, the government is thinking of ejecting them by decree.

In fact, they are evaluating a DNU to increase the number of members, from 5 Supreme Courts to... 25. Here it must be remembered that the Court had 9 members until, in November 2006, the then senator Cristina Kirchner promoted and

managed to approve a bill which reduced the Court from 9 to 5 members


They obviously blew up the 4 they didn't like.

Now, since they don't like the 4 that are there, they want to add 21 more dolls,

specially selected by Capitanich, Zamora, Insfrán and other democrats


The most curious thing is that they have not even proposed to the jurist for 14 months that he should fill the vacancy left by Elena Highton de Nolasco when she resigned from the Court in November 2021. They are great,

they cannot designate one and they want to put twenty more.

Citizens who are fans of democracy, the republic and all that nonsense should not worry too much about these Chavista moves.

Judging by the management capacity to which Kirchnerism has accustomed us, it is most likely that within a year

half of these deputies will be looking for a job in some municipality and the four Supreme Courts will continue in their positions, the most panchos.

In the meantime, we will have a long show in the Political Judgment Commission whose positive side is that some deputies, usually busy with other matters,

are now going to have to go to work.

Fart but they will go.

The best proof of this is that on Monday, after a long time, Deputy Máximo Kirchner reappeared in Congress.

According to the newspapers, it was only 15 minutes.

Calculating the amount of money we gave him and the time he was there, they must have been the most expensive 15 minutes in Argentine parliamentary history.

No matter, this statesman is well worth it.

In case the Court thing goes wrong, the "president" resumed his famous war against inflation, this time facing it with an apparently novel definition:

"inflation is self-constructed, much of it is in people's heads

. "

We say “apparently novel” because that argument is the same one used by Martinez de Hoz and his Secretary of the Treasury Juan Alemann during the Military Trial.

From so much falsifying progressivism, he begins to argue like the genocidal


Is that why he supported the pardons?

Will the guilt and the need to invent a past committed to human rights come from there?

The psychologists who treat this boy must have an arduous task.

On top of these statements by Alberto, those of Pope Francis appeared questioning the economic disaster in Argentina.

Automatically, the "president" and the spokeswoman Cerruti blamed Macri for the failure on the issue of inflation.

And they are right.

El Gato left them 50% per year and they could only double it in 3 years, that is, bring it to 100%.

If Macri had left 120% or 150%, Cristina, Alberto and Massa could have reached 300% and be the world champions of inflation.

Unfortunately, the 2022 World Cup was won by Zimbabwe with 260% inflation, the runner-up was Lebanon (122%) and in third place Venezuela (119%).

La Kirchnereta was in fourth place with 94.8%.

All because of the Cat who only left 50%.

If we think about it, Cristina and Alberto should be re-elected and have the opportunity to win the Cup. They deserve it, after all, it was Ella who reinstated inflation in Argentina in 2008, which had been eliminated in 1992. She received Néstor 7% per year and gave El Gato 30%, according to that INDEC of 2015 intervened by Ella herself.

Hopefully Cristina will reconsider her self-perception as an outlaw, present herself as a candidate, sweep, return to the presidency and win the Inflation World Cup so that she retires with all the glory while we sing

"boys (Peronists) now we are excited again...".

In short, dear reader, we could continue entertaining ourselves infinitely with all this if it were not that everything is a decadent tragedy product of the inexperience that these geniuses have been giving us for 20 years.

Let's close by showing our solidarity with the Minister of the Interior, Wado De Pedro, who was not invited to the little party that Alberto organized for Lula.

That is not done.

As was logical, De Pedro complained between sobs saying that Alberto

"has no codes

" and Tolosa Paz responded harshly.

It must be understood that we are not talking about administrators of the National State at the forefront of a colossal socioeconomic crisis, but about

kindergarten children whose self-esteem can be damaged if they are marginalized and not allowed to socialize with their peers.

From here we regret Wadito's pain, we hope that Albertito behaves better, Tolosita doesn't get angry and we hope that Tía Cristina will take them to the mall, buy them a chiche, an ice cream and dry those tears.

That is also leading.

When Francisco asks himself again why Argentina has 50% poor and 100% inflation, this episode should be told to him.

It would have been seen,

such big idiots making these papers


As we said at the beginning, there is always a Massa.

Source: clarin

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