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What does your cat really say when it rubs against you? 5 strange reasons for strange customs of cats - voila! news


Cat experts try to explain the strange behaviors of cats - from rubbing against their owner's legs, through howling and purring to slow blinking

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Amos Oz once wrote that "a cat will never make friends with someone who is unable to love it. Cats do not make mistakes with humans", but do we make mistakes with cats?

Do we even understand their behavior correctly?

In view of the fact that it is much more difficult to understand cats than dogs, the British Mirror turned to experts in the field who tried to explain some of the strange behaviors that cats do and that almost no other animal imitates.

In ancient Egypt cats were worshiped and thought to be the most special of all animals.

They believed that cats were magical creatures, able to bring good luck to the people who housed them in their homes.

Nowadays, cats still act like they should be worshipped, but that doesn't really explain the strange behavior that every cat owner is familiar with.

So what do they really want? (Photo: Giphy)

Why do they rub against us?

When a cat cuddles up to you, or rubs its head and body on your legs - this is its way of showing you that it likes you.

Through its touch, the cat shares its scent with you and in turn makes you part of the family.

"Cats use smell to recognize each other, identify family members and mark their 'safe zones' within the environment," the experts explain.

So the next time you feel the cat walking around between your legs and rubbing its head against you - know that it means that for him you are part of the family.

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Why do cats howl?

The experts say that sometimes meowing can be a demand for attention.

Yes, this usually means they want food, but it can also mean they want you to pet them or play with them.

In any case - a cat that makes a sound means a cat that wants more attention.

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Does a purring cat really mean it's a happy cat?

Yes, it is possible, but not always.

Purring is usually a sign of "happiness and contentment", however, sometimes a cat can purr when it is scared or anxious, to try and calm itself down.

It's the feline equivalent of positive thinking.

Why do cats lick people?

Cats are self-grooming creatures, meaning they keep themselves clean.

So if your cat licks you - he is actually trying to bathe you.

Although a cat's rough tongue may not feel very pleasant, it is his way of showing that he cares, because a grooming session is a sign that your cat is trying to bond with you.

Why are they looking at me and blinking slowly?

If you happened to come across such behavior of your cat - you are lucky.

When a cat makes eye contact and blinks slowly it's a sign of trust, with cat experts comparing it to a person blowing an air kiss.

They explain that a cat that blinks slowly says "I love and trust you".

However, beware of a cat staring at you, as this is a threatening sign.

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