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Everything you need to know before you go on a date with a Cancer man - voila! Spirit and horoscope


The tarot cards do not only represent lessons and messages - but also types, character patterns and personalities. Today we would like to check how it feels to go on a date with a Cancer, aka the King of Cups

Abundance must know how to contain (Sagi Mandelbaum's error)

The tarot cards represent, among other things, types, patterns of character and personality.

Today we will examine how it feels to go on a date with Cancer, aka the King of Cups.

Let's remember that although the cards themselves have a certain gender, but because they are archetypes - we can all recognize in ourselves a bit of the King of Cups or a bit of the King of Swords.

So we set out to explore what it's like to date the King of Cups, a card from the Major Arcana.

What he likes, what he doesn't like, what will repel him or make him yours forever (hopefully).

Want to go out with him?

Here's what awaits you:

What type is he?

The King of Cups is this guy about whom you say: "How cute you are" and he gets upset, because what man wants to be cute?

But what to do that is exactly what it is.

He's a little shy and a little gentle looking - or he has a cheek that really comes to grab.

A handsome face and presence full of presence, but please don't make a mistake!

He is a real man, emotionally strong, broad-hearted, mature and inclusive and this is the secret of his charm: he knows how to listen, he is smart, he has great insights and he loves to help.

He is loyal with all his heart and he will do a lot for you, in life, in bed and in general!

His problem is that you have to motivate him, give him a little kick in the butt from time to time, because it's hard for him to initiate and he really likes to stay at home, watch fun shows and spend an evening of laughs and beer with his wife - the love of his life.

The King of Cups is that guy about whom you say: "How cute you are" (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is he looking for?

He is looking for a woman who will give him security and stability, who will never cheat, who will love him as he is and give him a lot of warmth and love.

He is very attached to his mother and to some extent he will always look for her in you.

He might want you to cook like her or take care of him a little when he's sick or needs love.

Sometimes he will also look for a physical resemblance between you and his mother: similar hair color or body type.

He won't admit it most of the time.

Compassion and inclusion are most important to him and he will look for someone who seems to him like a wonderful mother to the children yet to come.

how is he on a date

So we already agreed that the King of Cups likes a home the most.

Don't panic if he offers you to eat pizza and watch a movie at his place.

Although he understands basic etiquette, he simply forgets that this is not a proper proposal for a first date.

If you already recognize the type, feel free to remind him that the first date is outside - and maybe you will arrange it at his favorite restaurant, where he will know how to recommend you the best dishes and will feel that he is in his comfort zone.

He may be a bit shy and may not say all the right words right away, but eventually he will open up and show a lot of emotion.

That doesn't mean you have to take the reins completely in your hands, let him try a little, what happened?

good to know (in advance)

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You will see that more than anything he enjoys listening to you (Photo: ShutterStock)

How should I start with him?

True, you may be used to people starting with you, but the King of Cups didn't always know what to say and how to approach.

He will look at you again and again in the restaurant, will want to approach but will not be able to move, will give hints, give attention or he will answer you to every post you put on Facebook but will not propose a date.

If you see that he wants to but it's difficult for him, you can help him and simply suggest that you go out for coffee.

The more you talk to him about personal experiences and feelings, the more comfortable he will feel and will open up again.

You will see that more than anything he enjoys listening to you.

You shouldn't be too formal with him and you don't have to talk about work or big goals.

Rather, the world of emotion and conversations about hobbies, countries and interests will do it more for him.

how is he in bed

The King of Cups is a very gentle and considerate lover.

He really likes touch even without connection to bed and for him touch is no proof that he is loved and desired (we already said he has a bit of a mother complex, right?).

He does feel wonderful when he receives plenty of touch, but he will never pressure his partner to have sex with him or try cheap and persuasive manipulations.

Most of the time he will want to have a relationship out of emotion (yes, yes, there are men like that too).

He will really invest in contact and closeness and will never rush "to the goal".

Your satisfaction will be most important to him.

It is possible that in a long relationship he will become somewhat "lazy" and you will often have to initiate, remind him to initiate and maybe also send him to the gym so that he can improve his cardiovascular endurance a little.

So why should you date him?

Because he is right for the long term, because he is reliable and there is someone to work with.

He is not a douche, and even if the relationship needs to be worked on, he will usually try to change and improve (within good taste, of course).

He is a true partner, who will shed a tear in front of an exciting movie, or on significant events such as a wedding anniversary or a birth, he is a good friend in times of trouble and a real support - and that doesn't mean he doesn't have passion and sexiness.

He is simply more introverted and therefore less of an "actor".

If there is a glimmer of attraction there, don't refuse outright, don't put him straight in the "friend" because maybe there is a wonderful and exciting lover hiding in him - and you just have to give him a chance to feel at home.

The author is Mendelboim Sagi.

Director of the School of Personal Fulfillment, Tarot and Dreams, author of the bestseller "The Guide to Reading the Tarot Cards", deals in classical homeopathy, has 27 years of experience in studying and teaching courses and workshops on personal development, tarot and dreams.

Tarot cards and more - on Sagi's website.

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