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Expect 100 mm of rain in two days: prepare for stormy weather - Walla! News


The MDA, the fire department and the electric company prepared for the rain and the strong winds that are returning to our area with a rather hot winter in the background. The winds may reach a speed of 70 km/h. These are the warnings to the public and all the details about the upcoming winter system

In the video: Snow is falling in Hermon (Photo: Hermon website)

Already during the evening (Monday) it started to rain in different parts of the country in preparation for the strengthening of the winter system and the stormy weather that will be with us at least until Wednesday evening.

According to the estimates, there is an expectation of 100 mm of rain in the cities of the northern and central coastal plain. In addition, the wind speed is expected to be high and may reach up to 70 km/h.

Flooded streets in Israel (archive) (Photo: ShutterStock)

Tomorrow the rain will intensify significantly, with heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind in the north of the country, in the center - and even in the north of the Negev.

Heavy snow is expected to fall in Hermon, and there is a fear of floods in the eastern parts of Israel and the Negev.

In addition, a significant drop in temperatures will be felt.

Even on Wednesday, the weather is expected to be stormy all over the country, and the temperatures will continue to be low for the season.

Heavy rains fell, and there is a fear of flooding in the affected areas.

Snow is expected to fall in Hermon.

The MDA prepares for the expected weather and publishes a guidebook for maintaining safety during the rainy system. The MDA warns of cold injuries and states that the main signs of hypothermia are a decreased state of consciousness, unclear behavior and decreased judgment, muscle tremors, slow pulse and more.

The MDA states that it is necessary to check that the means of heating in the house are in order and suitable for efficient use, but attention must be paid to the danger of carbon poisoning. There have already been cases in the past in which citizens have suffocated to death due to gas emitted as a result of using a gas stove or fireplaces that operate on coals.

In addition, citizens are requested to make sure to reinforce furniture Garden, laundry drying facilities and other objects due to the fear of strong winds in the stormy weather expected in the coming days and also be careful of staying under sheds, pergolas or temporary buildings for fear of their collapse due to the weather conditions.

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In the event of floods, avoid using elevators in parking lots and do not go down to low parking lots or floors below ground level during flooding.

They also warn that you should not approach flowing water sources and river channels for fear of the banks collapsing and due to the strong current, which may cause you to be swept away by the current of water.

Do not cross water sources and places with strong water flow even with off-road vehicles.

In the last few hours, the fire and rescue system also finished the preparations for the stormy weather.

The fire department prepares, among other things, for disruptions in electrical systems, flooding in streams with an emphasis on snails, whistlers, cedars and the streams of the northern Dead Sea and extinguishing fires as a result of unsafe use of heating means.

According to the forecasts, it is expected to rain up to 100 mm and strong winds that may reach a strength of up to 70 km/h.

Rabbi Tafser Eyal Caspi, Commissioner of Fire and Rescue, directed the districts to carry out equipment suitability checks and to expand coordination with the police and local authorities.

Beware of floods (archive) (Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson, Police Spokesperson)

The fire department also urges the public to avoid crossing flooded roads, to avoid approaching and crossing flowing water sources or streams, not to use elevators in parking lots or basements, and not to heat the house with coil heaters that emit heat, but with safer means of heating such as air conditioners or radiators.

In the past few weeks, the electric company has been working to complete pruning and strengthening work in preparation for the expected weather.

The company stated that there may be short circuits and disruptions in the electricity supply and the company's teams are prepared to repair damages and disruptions that may occur during the stormy weather.

In the event of electrical wires breaking, the public is asked to immediately notify the electricity company.

The welfare ministry is also preparing for the storm and there they announced a link in hotels and motels for the homeless.

The local authorities are also allowed to respond to the homeless and not just to street dwellings, which are sold to social services departments if there are no vacancies in the welfare frameworks.

Accommodation in hotels will be fully financed by the ministry.

Starting Thursday, the rain system is expected to weaken significantly.

Light local rain is possible in some areas of the country.

A slight warming will be felt, but the temperatures will continue to be lower than normal for the season.

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