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Does the world belong to the young? You made Shlomo Artzi, Tzipi Shavit and Gila Almagor laugh - voila! Pis for senior citizens


From Moshe Nussbaum through Judith Ravitz to Shlomo Sharaf: the Israeli celebrities who continue to work, take the initiative to influence even after retirement age

It is commonly thought that the local swamp belongs only to the young celebrities, and that the success and fame of the celebs fades as they get older.

But there are singers, actors, film directors, football commentators, journalists, TV presenters, choreographers and artists, who did not stop at the age of 60. Even though they passed the retirement age, they continue to work, initiate and influence in their field.

Here are Israeli celebrities who have only gotten better over the years, and who are a great source of inspiration for all of us.

If there's something you can't take from Sheraf, it's his intense passion for football (Photo: Barney Ardov)

Football commentator Shlomo Sharaf (80 years old)

Last December, a celebratory tribute game was held in honor of Shlomo Sharaf's 80th birthday - the veteran soccer players of the Israel national team played in the Maccabi Netanya stadium against the veteran soccer players of Maccabi Haifa.

The emotional Sheraf was very surprised by the gesture in his honor and said: "I must have done something good in life if everyone is here with me."

Indeed, from the heights of 80 years old, Sharaf can pat himself on the back.

He who started his career as a soccer player for Hapoel Kfar Saba, continued as the team's coach and led it to its first state cup win in 1975. He later coached Hapoel Yehud and Bnei Yehuda, but his big breakthrough was as the coach of Maccabi Haifa.

Sharaf led the team to victories and under his hands it won a historic championship.

Later he was a coach of the Israel national team, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Beer Sheva.

Today, Sharaf serves as a soccer commentator in Israel Today and on the Sport channel, he is a panel member in the press stand on the channel and the super manager of the Beitar Ness Tobruk youth team.

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A post shared by Gila Almagor Gila Almagor (@gila_almagor)

Actress Gila Almagor (83 years old)

"For many, Gila Almagor's face, which changes from film to film, is one of the most intense expressions of Israeliness... She was curious enough and flexible enough in her acting to penetrate into different origins, into different professions and into different environments, and her work encompasses the broad circles of Israeli life", This is what the judges who awarded actress Gila Almagor wrote with the Israel Prize.

The first lady of the theater and the queen of Israeli cinema, has appeared over the years in dozens of films, theater plays and several TV series, and always manages to surprise with her virtuosity and captivating acting.

Since the 1950s, she has played various characters that have entered Israel's cultural pantheon - from the social worker in "Salah Shabbati", through a prostitute in "Queen of the Road" to a struggling mother in "Summer of her father".

Even today, when she is 83 years old, Gila Almagor continues to star on stages and appear on the cinema screen.

Just in the past year she starred in three different plays, and since 2021 she has been running the only play festival"

Theotronto" at the request of her husband, the late Yaakov Agmon.

In an interview with Vala, Almagor said: "I always say that the day I retire, I will probably die. As long as I have the strength, others will rest."

Dalia Mazur with Mika Bashan and Orna Detz (Photo: Itzik Biran)

TV presenter and narrator Dalia Mazor (age 73)

She was there at the beginning of the first channel's days, presenting for 13 years "Mvat Le Hachot", and was the first presenter to broadcast in color alongside Manny Farr, sometime in 1983. Dalia Mazor, the first lady of color television in Israel, starred on our television screen for 42 years.

Although she has retired from television, Mazor has not rested for a moment - she voluntarily records books for the library for the blind, gives lectures on insights from her life, hosts events, continues to be a commentator and is also a presenter of the "Ronit Raphael" aesthetic therapy network.

This, in addition to the fact that she is an active grandmother to her grandchildren Hailey and Ariel.

In an interview with Walla, Dalia said: "At an older age, I feel much more open to being adventurous and doing things differently than I did in the past."

In addition, she gave a tip to the younger generation: "It's important to be aware that happiness is an elusive thing."


All my tiktok is full of parking lot videos so I wanted too

♬ original sound - Tzipi Shavit

Actress and comedian Tzipi Shavit (75 years old)

If there is anyone who proves that age is just a number it is Tzipi Shavit.

Tzipi has been starring on our stages and on our TV for 58 years as an actress, comedian, stand-up artist, voiceover, singer and TV host and recently also as a TikTok star.

The children of the 70's grew up on her when she performed the hit "Everybody went to Jumbo", the children of the 80's fell in love with her on the program "Chipitpot" which was broadcast on educational television, in the 90's she was the undisputed child star when she appeared on the television series "Chipit without a break" ", in various video tapes, and in shows and festivals, and even in the 2000s she continues to be the coolest grandmother in Israel with more than 84 thousand followers who watch her funny Tiktok videos.

On the 72nd Independence Day, Tzipi received the honor of raising a beacon, and just recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel Film and Television Academy.

With her never-ending energies and the inspiring vitality she spreads everywhere, no one deserves it more than her.

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Journalist Moshe Nussbaum (age 69)

Last July, Channel 12's veteran police reporter, Moshe Nussbaum, announced that he had been diagnosed with the muscular dystrophy disease ALS.

"There's no need to rush to say goodbye, console or eulogize me. I'm still alive and kicking - maybe a little slower. Right now, I intend to continue working, although naturally I'm slowing down."

This is what Nussbaum wrote in a letter he sent to his colleagues in the news release.

The letter was released following public concerns that Nussbaum's speech had become slower.

Despite this limitation, Nussbaum continues to work vigorously and does not let the disease defeat him.

He is one of the first journalists to arrive at the scene of the events, and continues to cover and report very professionally the various incidents in the field of the police and internal security.

Here it is worth noting to praise Channel 12 for not replacing Nussbaum with a young and fresh writer, but instead continued to give him a place and give him the respect he deserves.

Nussbaum won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism last year and he said about this in his speech: "

Only quality journalism that does not bow down to the kingdom - will be appreciated by the public.

For those who thought that the Lifetime Achievement Award was a hint or an elegant gateway to retirement - I am sorry to disappoint.

I continue because this bacterium is still nesting in me."

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Shlomo Artzi (@shlomoartziteam)

Singer and composer Shlomo Artzi (age 73)

If there is anyone who represents the Israeli singer's soundtrack, it is Shlomo Artzi.

It is hard to find a single Israeli who does not know at least a few of his many songs, which span a career of more than 57 years.

Artzi became famous as the lead singer of the Navy Band and became a star when he won the Singer and Chorus Festival in the 1970s.

Since then, he has won many more awards such as the David Violin Award, the singer of the year of Kol Israel and Gali T'hal, the Akum and Ami awards for lifetime achievement, and he even participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and lit a torch. Even today, when he is 73 years old, Artzi continues to sweep He is followed by tens of thousands of fans, performing on the Caesarea stage and collaborating with various artists. Perhaps the reason why the audience loves Shlomo Artzi so much is that after his fall he managed to get back on his feet - in the seventies he released two albums that failed commercially, and just before he was ready to give up his musical career, he produced the album "Lost Man" without the interference of the record company. This album was supposed to be the last album of the singer,

But he was a huge success.

Since then Shlomo Artzi continues to be one of the most beloved musicians in Israel.

His songs, such as "Tagidi", "Ahavatya" and "Tarko", will always accompany us at every stop along the way.

Because every song is an inevitable memory and we don't need more than that.

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Singer and composer Yehudit Ravitz (age 66)

If we were talking about timeless songs, then "Ator Mtschach" which was performed by Yehudit Ravitz with Eric Einstein and Korin Alel, is one of the most beautiful songs of Israeli music.

Judith Ravitz's sweet voice has penetrated our hearts for more than 50 years.

The one who started her career as a singer in a military band, released during her career 13 albums and countless hits such as "A beautiful tropical country", "Baa Ma'ahaba", "Four o'clock in the morning" and "The most beautiful girl in the garden".

Even today, Yehudit Ravitz is one of the most appreciated singers in Israel, who never stops reinventing herself every time.

This is the reason why last year she received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Acomm and that year she was awarded a tribute show held in her honor at the Chamber Theater. Although she is played non-stop on the radio, in recent years Ravitz hardly appears due to fear of the audience. She revealed on stage that the award was offered to her Already eight years ago and only now she felt ready to accept him: "I performed for 45 consecutive years.

I said,

Let's see what it's like to be without ranks.

To be a chicken without feathers.

It was hard and good for me.

It was like a journey in India, but a journey in Yiddish.

I learned me without degrees.

I'm glad you miss me.

Most artists are afraid of being forgotten, and I want you to forget me a little."

Agree with us that David Dvir cannot be ignored (Photo: Nir Pekin)

Dancer and choreographer David Dvir (age 73)

Even if you don't agree with the style and the controversial statements ("Noa Kirel is not a singer"), you will agree with us that David Dvir cannot be ignored.

The dancer and choreographer is a colorful and fascinating character who managed to make the world of dance accessible to the masses.

Since he studied at the "Bat Dor" dance school in the 1970s, David Dvir starred on the stages as a dancer - he performed with the Bat Dor troupe and with the Bat Sheva troupe and was the artistic director of Bat Sheva.

He created many dance sessions and today he appears together with Orit Kenan at sessions for children and youth.

Alongside his career as a dancer and choreographer, David served as a judge in the reality shows "Just Want to Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars", and participated in the "VIP Survival Season 3" program.

At the age of 73, David does not hide the fact that he performs aesthetic treatments to maintain a youthful appearance: "It is true that visibility is important to me. Aesthetics are important to me. I take care of cosmetics. Not creams and such, but long-term one-time treatments," he said in an interview with Walla.


It's very important to me - but I don't look in the mirror.

I am not interested in the appearance, but I am interested in how people will see me.

I take care of myself in terms of wanting to be at my best as much as possible.

That's how dancers are, they really like visibility."

The Americans have Steven Spielberg and we Israelis have Avi Nesher (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Film director Avi Nesher (age 70)

The Americans have Steven Spielberg and we Israelis have Avi Nesher.

Avi Nesher's talent is reflected in the fact that not only do his films receive critical acclaim and awards all over the world, but they also attract audiences who come to the cinema in droves.

The first film that Avi Nesher directed was "The Band" in 1977. The film, which starred the best singers and successful actors of that time, became one of the most beloved films in the history of Israeli cinema.

Nesher spread his charm in the following films as well, such as "Dizingoff 99", "The End of the World Left", "Once I Was", "The Sins", "Another Story" and "The Image of Victory".

His last film was indeed a picture of victory for Avi Nesher's work - after losing his 17-year-old son Ari who was killed in a hit-and-run accident, Avi did not sink into grief.

He continued to create and work, investing all in the film that was nominated for 15 Ophir Awards.

In 2021, he even received the "Hero of Israel Culture" award from the National Bhima Theater.

Artist and designer Ilana Gore (86 years old)

And we will sigh with the oldest celebrity on the list.

At the age of 86, Ilana Gore continues to create multidisciplinary art that includes outdoor sculptures, furniture, lighting fixtures, fashion details, art details and useful tools.

Her creations are usually made of a combination of iron, bronze, leather, gold, silver and glass.

She began her career in her 20s when she introduced a series of buckled belts for men in the United States.

Her first solo exhibition was presented in 1972 at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles and since then she has exhibited her work in museums around the world.

Today you can get an impression of her works in the Ilana Gore Museum located in Jaffa.

For her unique works of art, she won many awards such as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israeli Construction Center.

After receiving the Tel Aviv-Jaffa city darling award, Ilana said in an interview with Walla: "The day I stop creating - I will stop living. I get up every day at six in the morning and get busy. My creation is my playground. It's a pleasure not a job."

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