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Hiking|On-site inspection of Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff check-in location mountain art coach analyzes the terrain and dangers


Earlier, a mountain hiker took a photo on the edge of the "air platform" behind Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff. After the video was posted on the Internet, most netizens criticized it for being irresponsible and irresponsible, but a few people pointed out that there is a platform under the place ,

Earlier, a mountain hiker took a photo on the edge of the "air platform" behind Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff. After the video was posted on the Internet, most netizens criticized it for being irresponsible and irresponsible, but a few people pointed out that there is a platform under the place , not as dangerous as the fragments have seen.

How dangerous is this popular check-in spot on Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff?

The reporter and mountain art coach Lu Zechen went to the scene to inspect and find out.

The reporter and Lu Zechen inspected Suicide Cliff.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

In the middle of last month, a clip was circulated on the Internet. A woman wearing gloves, without the protection of ropes and safety belts, climbed out of the edge of a suicide cliff on Fei'e Mountain, leaned on the rock wall, and waved to the camera.

The camera couldn't see if there were any other platforms under the cliff, but the scenery around Shunli Village was just outside.

Reported in the middle of last month:

Hong Kong women climbed Flying Goose Mountain with bare hands and committed suicide Cliff hiking group: Never approve of clocking in and doing dangerous things

Many local media and sports platforms have reposted screenshots of the relevant clips. Most netizens criticized the woman for being too selfish in spite of the danger, and in case of an accident, the firefighters would go up the mountain to rescue.

However, a small number of netizens think that the clip is just a matter of angle. This location has always been checked in by many people, and some people point out that there is actually a platform under the cliff.

The reporter and mountain art coach Lu Zechen went up to Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff to find the check-in location.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

The reporter searched for the hashtag of Suicide Cliff on Instagram, and found that among the popular posts, there are many photos taken at the edge of the cliff.

Some hikers and friends create thrilling effects, people on the edge of the cliff raise their hands up, and friends on the aerial platform lie on the ground and reach out to rescue.

Someone brought props, pretended to be an arrow, and lay on the edge of the cliff.

It can be seen that this is a check-in point that has appeared for a while, and the woman is not the first person to check in there.

The reporter inquired about Shanyi coach Lu Zechen, and the other party recognized the location at a glance.

He took reporters yesterday (2nd) to Fei'e Mountain Suicide Cliff to inspect the edge of the cliff that has become a check-in location.

Get to know mountain arts coach Lu Zechen: There are many hikers in

Hong Kong who love mountains and few people have frequent accidents, even the mountain arts coaches are helpless

The "air platform" of Fei'e Shan Suicide Cliff.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Fei'e Shan Suicide Cliff's most famous landmark is a "sky platform" at a height of about 480 meters.

The famous photographer Kelvin Yuen took a photo of camping in the night there, which won the championship of the 2015 National Geographic Photography Contest, which also made this Suicide Cliff aerial platform famous and familiar.

The woman's check-in location is behind the aerial platform, where there is a rock level about 2 meters long and 1 to 2 feet wide.

The reporter and Lu Zechen inspected this protruding rock level on the aerial platform to understand the method of climbing over and the potential risk of missing.

This rock level is about two meters long and about 1 to 2 feet wide.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

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If you want to get to that location, you have to climb down a slit about two meters high from the aerial platform, step on the big rock and climb up the rock level before going out.

Lu Zechen said: "There may be enough places to stand on that foothold, but we can't just consider this element alone. We have to consider the process of climbing to that position, and also think about the consequences if we miss it."

Lu Zechen looked down from the air platform to inspect the surrounding terrain.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

The protruding rock level at the bottom of the photo is where the person who checked in is standing. If he stumbles, he will fall about 8 meters to the inclined stone platform in the middle of the photo.

Since the stone platform is slanted outward, there is a great chance to continue to roll out and fall again.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

In case of a miss, fall at least 8 meters

After looking at the nearby terrain, Lu Zechen said: "(The rock level) has a vertical height of about 8 meters, and there is another stone platform that slopes outward. If you miss that position, you will immediately drop 8 meters. If you can’t stop on the platform, you will roll out along the slope, and there is already a cliff.”

"Without any protective equipment, it is not recommended to stay at that location." Lu Zechen said: "This is a rock climbing route. To go to these places, we must wear ropes and safety belts to prevent us from falling accidentally. If there is no equipment, it is recommended to go there. Here (the aerial platform) we have to stop, and it is not recommended to climb any further. The skills and equipment required for hiking are different from those for mountain climbing. If you use hiking equipment for routes involving mountain climbing or rock climbing, there will be great risks. "

There are fixed points for rock climbing at the scene.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

Lu Zechen said: "That is a very exposed position. On mountain climbing, the sense of exposure and height will reduce people's confidence and performance. They may not dare to move or miss." He also mentioned that the 602-meter Fei'e Mountain is a The highest peak in Kowloon, the weather will affect the difficulty of hiking and climbing. "In addition to the strong wind, the wet weather will make the stones here slippery and increase the difficulty."

Mountain art coach Lu Zechen is familiar with the terrain of Fei'e Mountain.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

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