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Opinion The only cure for terrorism: we must fight the incitement of the Palestinian Authority Israel today


There is a direct connection between the contents of the PA's textbooks, from which the 13-year-old Jerusalem boy studied at school, and the fact that he obtained a gun, ambushed passers-by in the City of David and simply tried to murder Jews.

Anyone who wants to know what made a 13-year-old Arab boy get a gun, ambush Jewish passers-by and open fire to kill them - just look at what Palestinian Authority head Abu Mazen said to American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Tuesday, during their meeting in Ramallah.

Abbas shamelessly recited, as usual, his repertoire of plots against us.

He claimed that Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing, committing crimes against humanity, desecrating the sanctity of al-Aqsa and violating international agreements.

All the same monstrous inventions and accusations that his incitement system peddles on a daily basis.

Abu Mazen and Blinken, photo: E.P

At the same time, this week the content that the terrorist received at school, in the Shoafat refugee camp - in Jerusalem - was published again.

This is the boy who got a gun, ambushed Jewish passers-by in the city of David and seriously wounded two of them.

From Abu Mazen's textbooks, the ones we heard so much about and did nothing about, it appears that in the 4th grade he studied addition and subtraction of "martyrs" who were murdered by the "Zionist enemy".

In the 7th grade he learned about the gravity of the earth by shooting rockets at Israeli soldiers.

At the same time, he remembered that the Jews are corrupt and impure, and that their necks should be snapped.

And in general, it was explained to him that there is no higher rank than martyrdom in the campaign against the Jews.

The result of the memorization was inevitable.

How is it possible that the State of Israel allows such content to be taught officially throughout Judea and Samaria - incomprehensible;

But the fact that she is letting this happen in her capital city points to a national mental illness.

It was only last summer that an attempt was made to curb the incitement content in the textbooks in Jerusalem.

Fatah activists and parents' committees threatened - and the Israeli authorities folded.

The attack in Jerusalem, photo: Yonatan Zindel/Flash90

And not just Jerusalem.

The ministers, the officials, the heads of Fatah - they all treat the State of Israel as an enemy and preach to act against us openly, without response. Israel is back to being the "Zionist enemy" in their mouths, and PA officials make pilgrimages to the homes of the perpetrators of the attacks. They empathize, encourage, strengthen the families and the way The "martyrs". The Palestinian television opens days of broadcasts from the homes of the terrorists and educates to persevere until the elimination of the Zionist entity.

chat shows

At the beginning of the week, the TV studios continued to chat, following the massacre in Neve Ya'akov and the attack in the City of David.

The Netanyahu government has contented itself with sealing the homes of terrorists and building up forces, while the commentators and retired security establishment officials continue to stammer and explain that terrorism is a decree of fate, and that nothing can be done except to strengthen Abu Mazen.

The scene of the attack in Neve Ya'akov, photo: Olivier Fitosi/Flash90

As usual - they lied and claimed that Abu Mazen is weak and cannot deal with terrorism, without pointing out that he and his people are the perpetrators of terrorism themselves.

That's why it's time to stop listening to the seniors and most of the commentators and "experts".

The first means to eradicate terrorism is to pull the thread of incitement.

As part of it, the government must prohibit the spread of inflammatory content in textbooks within the Green Line and the Yosh, and enforce the ban with an iron fist. Collect books, and if necessary - close schools and deal with strikes without blinking an eye.

And those who try to rebel, especially Fatah activists in Jerusalem - prosecute, imprison, revoke their residency and deport. Use the full range of measures used by a country that is trying to destroy it. From here, we must move forward to the authors of the textbooks and the incitement content and their promoters in the Yash.

To the Palestinian ministers of education and information, to the news agencies, to administrators and teachers.

Anyone who accuses us of conspiracies and poisons the minds of the students and the entire population.

Printing houses and broadcast stations should be closed, every Palestinian official who spreads poison should be prosecuted, and also - deny Israeli residency to those who have it and deport them, even back to Tunisia or Syria.

Every statement and message from a Palestinian speaker, every journalistic article, every message in a WhatsApp group, on Facebook - should be responded to in the same way.

And above all - to stop ignoring the fact that Oslo's partner strives and incites our extinction.

There is no doubt that the required treatment of incitement will ultimately lead to the end of the Palestinian Authority - and that's a good thing.

Because this is the only path to stopping terrorism and massacres, which should not be accepted as a decree from heaven.

The chairman of the Palestinian Authority. Oslo's partner strives and incites our extinction, photo: Reuters

Legal castration

The seemingly theoretical debate surrounding the legal reform received an illustration this week, in a confrontation that broke out between the Minister of National Security and the legal adviser to the government, regarding the intention to seal the house of a terrorist who tried to murder but failed.

As reported by the office in Saladin, the consent of the legal counsel was given on a one-time basis, without approval of a permanent policy.

This episode reminded us of the goal of the legal change that the leaders of the reform are trying to bring about.

These are really not Netanyahu's cases or Deri's perpetuation of corruption, but rather the ability to apply correct policies for the country and for all of us.

First of all - take self-defense measures against the enemy, and stop castrating ourselves.

For decades, the State of Israel has been tying its hands in the fight against terrorism, largely due to legal castration.

Elementary steps that the security establishment tried to lead in the past were blocked by the legal advice and the High Court. The most blatant example was given in 2004, when the IDF sought to destroy buildings in the Gaza Strip that were adjacent to the "Kissofim" axis, for fear that passing Israelis would be shot from there.

The High Court of Justice, led by Aharon Barak, banned the demolition despite pressure from the Chief of Staff, and then the worst of all happened: Tali Hatuel and her four daughters, residents of Gush Katif, were shot to death from inside the buildings that the High Court had forbidden to demolish.

Netanyahu and Levin, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Another blatant intervention by the group led by Barak was registered against the security establishment's attempt to deport aides and relatives of terrorists from the Palestinian Authority to Gaza. What was then called a "residence demarcation order". which have been proven to be an immediate danger.

In doing so, Barak took the wind out of another important means of fighting terrorism.

The same thing happened with regards to intentions to revoke citizenship and residency, terrorist investigations by the Shin Bet, targeted threats, etc. The High Court and the legal advice to the government emptied even explicit sections of the law, and prevented the use of a series of elementary deterrents.

Retired President of the Upper House of Mishpe Aharon Barak, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

The very intervention of the jurists and the court in security and policy decisions was wrong.

From the route of the separation fence to the deportation of the 415 terrorists to Lebanon, and even the entrenchment of terrorists in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

The High Court intervened in the management of the war on terror and provided the enemy with the right to stand within its walls, while tying the hands of the government and the security establishment.

There is no reason to accuse the prosecutors and judges of lack of patriotism, but the perception that everything is fair and legal also seriously harms the ability of the state and its residents to defend themselves. This also needs to be addressed within the framework of legal reform, if only to stop terrorism.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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