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Tomer Sharon: "Something happened in the last few years that tattooed the whole concept of truth, the value of facts" | Israel today


He is sure that he paid a price for his political views ("If I had children and worried about making a living, maybe I would be more closed") • No longer afraid to refuse things that don't interest him ("If it's not fun for me, I'm not there") • Ready for fatherhood ("There is Excellent reasons not to have children, but I want to, I have fun with children") • And he has a message for the cast of "The Singer in the Mask" An honest conversation with the actor and comedian Tomer (Tomesh) Sharon

When was the last time you played in the theater?

"Yesterday, and I'll be playing again soon in 'Guide to a Traveler in Warsaw', starring the greatest of them all, Queen Lea Koenig. This is the sixth show I'm doing with her, and it doesn't matter to me anymore who directs, who the cast is, and what the play is. We have our chemistry and the methods Ours is to remind each other what needs to be done. She is one of the best actresses in the world in my opinion and certainly the greatest in Israel's history, and she is a warm and unusual personality. At the age of 93, her eyes are like those of a 5-year-old girl, which is an unusual thing.

"As in our previous play, in the current play as well I play her son, who is a frustrated painter. I have already played all kinds of roles with her: son, nephew, son-in-law, enemy, friend. I was everything you could be in the environment that the roles allowed, and that is always a great joy." .

When was the last time you were at a demonstration?

"Last month I was several times. I also protested in Balfour, spoke and sang. I go to protests, even though I'm in favor of a world where we don't need them. Since the social protest of 2011, and even more so since social networks became stronger, I'm also more involved. I've always been active, more From high school. I remember being at a demonstration in Givatayim against the teachings of Meir Kahana - who dreamed that today some of his values ​​would be embodied in the values ​​of the current government."

You have received threats on your life.

You are frightened?

"There was a time when it scared me, especially during the days of Operation Tzuk Eitan. It became very scary to express a left-wing opinion in the country. I think that people with right-wing opinions are less damaged by their statements, because the right is actually the mainstream. During Tzuk Eitan they threatened to kill me, so for two days I did not leave the house, And I got beaten by the lions of the 'Shadow'. I remember that I received most of the threats through Facebook and my cell phone. I changed my number and complained twice to the police, but they told me that there was not much that could be done, that there was no way to find the menacing people. What's more, I also learned that most barkers don't bite .

"The days of Tzuk Eitan were the peak of madness in the bush, which unfortunately today has pretty much become the standard. One of the examples was a poster in which they used well-known people with left-wing views, and made a school end-of-term poster from their faces. On the management floor were Zehava Galon and her friends, and in the artists' class we were with me Tiran, Sarit Vino-Elad, Orli Weinerman and I - with caps and SS symbols. I called Zahava and asked her if it was incitement. She said that there is so much incitement - morning, noon and evening - and that she forwards the threats to the Knesset officer, which is usually nothing Talk. I told her that I don't have a Knesset officer to deal with threats against me."

Do you feel afraid to speak?

And in general, are artists afraid to speak in public today?"

I can only describe the prices I paid.

If someone says in some office: 'Let's not take him because his leftist face will annoy the audience' - I don't know about it, but I assume with a high degree of probability that it exists.

I understand those who don't speak up because there is a price, and I'm not mad at them.

They don't owe anyone anything.

Maybe if I had children and my livelihood was necessary then I would be more closed, but at the moment I don't have any.

By the way, the fear is also present when I argue about topics that are supposedly in the areas of my camp.

For example, I had quite a few fights with feminists or with corona deniers and vaccine opponents.

I couldn't believe how they talked to me and where this talk came from.

Something has happened in the world in recent years, which has tattooed the whole concept of truth, the value of facts.

Everything is narrative, and everyone holds a narrative that is sacred.

It's absolutely crazy."

When was the last time you were at a recording?

"Today. I recorded the book 'Carmel 7' for ICAST, I do voices for all the characters in the books, and it makes me remember my bank of old characters, and there are dozens of characters. I invent a characterization for each character. The recording is only a voice, audio, but I play with The rhythm, adds a small accent, hoarseness, finds something unique for each character. I did 60-70 characters there, and it's a lot of fun. 'Caramel' is an amazing phenomenon. It reminded me of children's books I grew up with, full of fantasy. At the beginning of each chapter there is a section that says : 'Chapter #X and in which it will be told about...' I really liked this repetition as a child, it's a kind of promo. Since the series is very successful, they held a weekend of activities following the books at the Dizengoff Center, and I had a fan meeting as the narrator of the books - Bao Hundreds of children who were very interested in me and my work."

"If I wasn't an actor and a singer, I'd be a painter."

Tomer Sharon, photo: Eric Sultan

When was the last time you regretted something?

"I regret things I didn't do. For example, for not returning to the world of stand-up already a decade ago. I appear in 'Tomeshbal-Pa', my stand-up show that I wrote during the Corona period, which changed my life. If I were to do stand-up When I was still a TV star, things would look different now. I did more fringe and more artistic shows then, which is fine, but maybe I should have done other things even then."

Now you go on stage and are very exposed there.

The description in the promotion for the show is "how he was poisoned, cheated, exposed, mocked by fate and survived to tell the story".

"It's easy for me. I like the emotion created in people while I'm exposed and tell them really completely crazy and funny stories. It's fun to share with people a feeling of humiliation, of being a loser and of nothingness, if something crazy happens to you, with feelings that are interesting to comedians, they love it. There is Anyone who hasn't felt zero at some point in their life? It happens all the time."

When was the last time you were jealous of someone?

"I'm terribly sick of basketball and the NBA in particular, so I'm jealous of all athletes. I played and wanted to be a professional basketball player, that was my dream. I'm relatively short for a basketball player - 1.76 m - but being a great athlete is still the dream.

"I also saw the World Cup and I was in 'Tim' Messi. It was a final match unlike any other, as if it was written by a screenwriter, I don't remember anything like that.

"I'm also jealous of people's extraordinary abilities, such jealousy of writers, and by the way - I envy writers. I want to be a writer and I haven't succeeded yet. I'm not jealous of singers, because I've been able to release albums, but I envy successful singers who go their way. But the truth is that Doesn't motivate me, I don't tend to be jealous like the jealousy that Shakespeare wrote about, burning jealousy. Jealousy is one of the lowest emotions there is."

When was the last time you were sad? 

"I suffer from a certain depression, but it's quite under control. When a wave comes, I know how to handle it, so I don't let it get to the state of dysfunction I was in 20 years ago.

"During Corona, I felt that it was taking over me again. The isolation was difficult, they talked a lot about families and children and the elderly, but less about singles. I am a neighborhood person, when I leave the house I say hello to 400 people. I like hanging out with people, and I have to be alone. For me it was a freak out, I felt like I was going crazy and it was tough for me.

"At Tzuk Eitan I had such a moment that I wanted to break all the tools nationally. I felt that something in the country was throwing people like me out, and that was the first time I thought of leaving."

You told me before that you love the country.

"I love the country, and I didn't do anything to really leave. I had thoughts of leaving in terms of career, and I also had opportunities, but I didn't do it. I know a lot of people who have a foreign passport, and it occurred to me that it was said in 2014, but today I feel like you never leave home. A home is a home, a homeland is a homeland."

When was the last time you were treated?

"During the Corona period, and it happened after many years in which I was not in treatment. I was approaching 50, so I told myself that I would be goal-oriented. I wanted a family and a relationship, and I didn't understand why it wasn't working out for me. I was after a relationship that didn't work out and after co-parenting that didn't work out, and my therapist She was very noble. She treated me at Zoom almost for free. Was it successful? Honestly - no. I no longer believe so much in the power of psychologists to work on a person like me."

What is "a person like me"?

"She's an excellent psychologist, I told her that. It was fun to come and talk and it was liberating, but it didn't really change anything. Patterns could also be changed, but it didn't work for me. The treatment didn't really help me, didn't improve my mood, It didn't bring me some kind of breakthrough where I met the right women, just not."

When was the last time you posted?

"This week. I've been active in the networks since 2012. I started on Facebook thanks to or because of a publicist. I wasn't enthusiastic about it, I was an anti-internet creature and very old school until I was 40, then I made my second album and Facebook was still cool, and she asked me to open so I opened . I received a lot of offers for friendships very quickly, so I felt that I was loved very much and it was very nice. I was on TV a little longer, which also helped. The social protest broke out, and my opinionated side came out. I started writing and saw that I was writing with a crazy flow."

Have you become addicted to networking?

"Yes. Writing brought comments and likes. I became addicted not only to Facebook but to the computer in general, and I'm not an addicted type, luckily. It's easy for me to quit when I recognize an addiction. At my peak I was on the computer for a good few hours a day. Today I'm only on Facebook and Twitter. They advised me to do Tiktok , maybe it will happen. I left Facebook and Twitter for politics. I also have an artist page, and I know I need Instagram as well, and Facebook has also deteriorated - my exposure has greatly decreased, my page is infected. The algorithm recognizes me - I used to have 4,000 likes per post. But I I continue because I write without effort, it's fun for me.

"I write every day about what I feel like writing and I enjoy the very act of writing. Maybe one day it will also make me brave and write the book I've been trying to write all my life. My drawers are bursting, and I've received a lot of compliments on the writing, but it hasn't happened yet. It's a matter of focus and also of courage to finish something of this kind."

When was the last time you stopped?

"Ten years ago (for attacking a policeman during the social protest in Rothschild; Shaz 7).

I would do it again, I don't regret anything because the fact is that I won the trial and it was proven that the entire arrest was illegal.

I learned that whenever there is a need to protest, I will be there.

Even today it can happen to me, but a decade has passed and today I am less willing to enter into a physical confrontation.

Even then I didn't drink to it, it just happened.

I could have run away from the demonstration and I didn't."

When was the last time you checked your checking account?

"I'm pretty bad at these things. Sometimes the bank sends me messages, and it turns out that everything is fine. I work hard, but I don't always remember to take the money I'm due. During Corona, I tried to get relief from the tax authority because I belong to the most deprived profession - the rich got haircuts and we didn't - And that pissed me off. Unfortunately, I didn't get it.

"Today I don't do something if it doesn't really cool me. Usually it means giving up money because most of the offers that raise a dilemma are the ones that you don't like, but 'come on, let's give it a shot', and then you hesitate, and maybe do the It is. But if you don't care about money,

And really I'm not a person who needs a lot of money, I could be much more prosperous today - so I'd rather not.

It's important to me to have fun, and if it's not fun for me - I'm not there."

For example, reality TV?

"At a certain time, I was offered a lot of 'Survivor', 'Big Brother' and 'Goalstar'. The only reality show I agreed to participate in was 'Dancing with the Stars', and then just as I agreed, the program dropped. I love this format and I will still agree to go to it today. I I would really love to do 'The Singer in the Mask' as well. It's an excellent format, and I'm sure I'm a great singer, but the country isn't sure about it yet."

When was the last time you were in danger?

"I got burned 12 years ago. I tell it in the show, and actually the fire is also what made me come out with the show. I got burned by candles. I was sad after a breakup, I wasn't very dressed when I went to the bathroom and saw that the lamp there had burned, so I lit two candles and went back to the bathroom, and the candles Exploded due to an encounter with air freshener and deodorant. One of the candles exploded in my face. It was as dangerous as a grenade explosion. There was a huge flash of light, there was fire, and I am a medical miracle. The fire is more of a miracle than the previous cases that happened to me, when my father saved my life When I was little, because he did CPR on me twice on two different occasions when I was 10 years old.

"The doctor told me it burned my entire front. I lost consciousness and flew to the side. Windows fell and furniture bent, and the whole bathroom and toilet caught fire, burned. It was crazy. I don't think I survived by a miracle, I survived by chance because I was at the right distance, so the fire wouldn't kill me, but I could also go blind or burn more. It's a miracle that I don't have scars, and that my hair is growing. I was very close to severe burns. My doctor called the recovery a miracle. I was hospitalized for about ten days. All my skin fell out, eyelashes and eyebrows and body hair together with the skin, and new skin started to grow. They prepared me that there would be scars. I was in crazy pain, I took a lot of painkillers - and I recovered."

When was the last time you fulfilled a dream?

"When I went out in my stand-up show. I already had a stand-up show once, but to return to it is a dream, and also my new children's show that is running now. About two months ago I started dreaming about it, when I realized that children love me and that I like doing it. In Corona, I started in children's stories, and then I wrote my own musical show and produced it. Besides, I had a musical album ready that was supposed to be released in May 2020. This is my third album, and because of the corona virus I postponed its release. Now I listened to it again and it sounds bomb. This year it's coming out, no No matter what. He was supposed to come out for my 50th birthday, so he will come out for 53."

And besides, you also want to be a father.

"I've wanted for several years. There is no rational explanation for it, it's a bit in our blood. There are excellent reasons not to have children, but I want and I have fun with children. When I'm with children I flourish."

When was the last time you got good advice?

I received a life lesson that was not directed at me, when I was in a master class once, many years ago, in New Orleans.

None other than the legendary John Lee Hawker, who has since died, appeared in the master class.

He spoke, played and answered questions from the audience, most of which were about techniques, chords and the history of the music.

All his answers were very interesting, and then someone stood up and said 'You are not only a great singer and composer for us, you are also a mentor, a life teacher.

Can I ask you for life advice?'

He smiled, he seemed to really like this question, and answered: 'Never think that you are good enough to stop making the rhythm with your foot on the floor' (Tomesh demonstrates a melody of a rhythm), 'Don't stop even if you are already 80 years old and you are a legend rock and roll'.

I said to myself: Wow, that's the best thing I've ever heard in my life.

And I applied it.

"I asked myself if this is technical musical advice. It's not - it's advice completely on a physical-mental-spiritual and philosophical level."

"I understand those who don't express themselves politically because it has a price, and I'm not mad at them. They don't owe anyone anything."

Tomer Sharon, photo: Eric Sultan

"Yesterday I painted, and I paint every day. One painting that is dear to my heart is my painting with Kadishman. As far as I know, this is the only painting that Kadishman signed with another person, and the other person who signed it is me. I was at his studio as part of the children's program 'Life according to... .', and each time we met a different professional. There was a chapter dedicated to painting, we came to his studio and he was very enthusiastic about how I drew, because I know how to draw, and then he said to me, 'Move, I want to draw here too', and started drawing along with me, so the drawing It's a combination of things we both drew and it was amazing. In the end he signed and told me to sign as well, I signed and he gave me the drawing, and it was unbelievable. Maybe it's a painting worth a lot of money."

Tomer Sharon

, 52 years old, actor, dubbing, stand-up artist and singer.

Resident of Tel Aviv, single.

He started his career in the mythological sketch series "Platform" and continued to act in TV shows and series, movies and theater.

Released two albums.

Today he is also an acting teacher, storytelling and stand-up artist, the author of the children's show "Raspberry Nights and Nightfall", acts in "Perfect Strangers" at the Bhima, in "Room 201" at the Elad Theater and in "Traveler's Guide in Warsaw" (upcoming performances: The North Theater, 10.2; Hall HaTarbut Rashalz, 1.3)

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