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Full customs clearance. Latest|2.6 Exemption from inspection and appointment 2.8 Secondary school cross-border students are the first to return to Hong Kong for face-to-face lectures


The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council announced today (3rd) that personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau will be fully resumed from 00:00 on February 6, and the appointment clearance arrangements for entry and exit through Guangdong-Hong Kong land ports will be cancelled, and there will be no quota for customs clearance personnel. recover

The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council announced today (3rd) that personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau will be fully resumed from 00:00 on February 6, and the appointment clearance arrangements for entry and exit through Guangdong-Hong Kong land ports will be cancelled, and there will be no quota for customs clearance personnel.

Resume group tours between mainland residents and Hong Kong and Macau, and cancel nucleic acid testing.

The Chief Executive, Mr Lee Ka-chao, chaired a press conference at 11 am today (3rd).

Chief Secretary for Administration Chan Kwok-kee, Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung, Secretary for Medical and Health Lo Chong-mao, Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung and Secretary for Education Choi Ruo-lian will also attend.

The government announced yesterday (2nd) the "Hello Hong Kong!" (Hello Hong Kong) launching ceremony, announcing plans to attract tourists to Hong Kong again. The Airport Authority will give away 660,000 air tickets to tourists and Hong Kong residents.

The reopening of the Luohu Port is imminent, and MTR staff and border crossing discipline forces have started preparations at Luohu Station and the entry-exit ports for several days.

▼Report on the epidemic situation on February 3▼

▼On February 2, the government will hold the "Hello, Hong Kong!" launch ceremony to announce the free air tickets▼



Li Jiachao

said that due to the emergency of the epidemic, the additional epidemic prevention facilities, including shelter hospitals, etc., have been assigned to the Deputy Director of the Financial Department to coordinate and inspect each facility and location according to the needs of the epidemic. How much, how to dispose of those that are not needed, such as short-term use, youth hostels, or short-term activities, such as youth activities or exchange activities.


Lu Chongmao, Director of the Medical and Health Bureau:

The new crown epidemic has entered a new stage, and there is a new model of control. There has been no quarantine order since January 30. The national epidemic situation has entered a low epidemic level, and the epidemic situation in various places has continued to decline. After customs clearance on January 8, the following situations were monitored:

From January 8 to 29, the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong dropped by 80% from 14,000 per day to 4,000. The epidemic in Hong Kong did not intensify, but decreased

Sewage testing data show that the per capita virus load has dropped from 3.3 million copies to 320,000 copies, a drop of 90%, which is not affected by the first stage of customs clearance

The ratio of inbound cases to local figures remains low at about 2.6%, while the mainland only accounts for 16% of the imported cases, reflecting the low risk of imports from the mainland

In terms of medical services, the number of new crown admissions continued to decline, and the number of non-qualified persons and public hospital visits did not increase due to the first phase of customs clearance

Full customs clearance.

Cross-border students|From 2.8, middle schools will be exempt from inspection and come to Hong Kong from 2.22 to primary schools and kindergartens


Secretary for Security Tang Bingqiang:

Open more ports, including Lohu, Heung Yuen Wai, Lok Ma Chau

Luohu daily opening hours: 06:30 - 00:00

Lok Ma Chau: 24 hours

Heung Yuen Wai: 07:00-22:00

After the reopening of Luohu, there will be improvement works at the port in the Mainland, which may affect the waiting time for customs clearance. You must allow more time or use other ports for customs clearance

In order to cooperate with the reconstruction, the old joint inspection building in Huanggang has been demolished, and the Shenzhen government has a temporary travel inspection site, and the service should not be affected


Chief Secretary for Administration Chen Guoji


Face-to-face teaching for cross-border students will be resumed in an orderly manner starting from February 8, which will be divided into two phases. Secondary schools will resume first on February 8, and will be extended to primary schools, kindergartens, and special schools on February 22.

The phases are based on the self-care ability and cross-border needs of students of different ages. The Education Bureau will continue to contact relevant departments, academic circles, and school buses to provide support.

Customs clearance|Quota-free and nucleic acid-free from 2.6 plus Cairo Lake and other 3 ports cancel Macao to Hong Kong express test


Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao

announced that Hong Kong and the mainland will have full customs clearance from February 6th, and all customs clearance will be open:

1/ There is no limit on the number of people at all ports, and you can travel at will

2/ Cancel entry-exit testing requirements, no nucleic acid/other testing is required

3/ Open all entry and exit ports, including Luohu, Xiangyuanwei, and Huanggang ports, and Sha Tau Kok also resumes freight services

4/ Cancellation of pre-arrival testing requirements in Macau

5/ Cancellation of vaccination requirements for non-Hong Kong residents coming to Hong Kong

6/ There is a large flow of people coming and going with the mainland for comprehensive customs clearance, and the quick test requirements will be maintained

▼Report on the epidemic situation on February 2nd▼

2.6 The Luohu Port reopens, and full customs clearance is imminent?

Shenzhen Port Office: In final discussion with Hong Kong

[21:02] Recently, it was reported that Luohu Port will resume customs clearance next Monday (6th). "Hong Kong 01" called the staff of the Shenzhen Port Office. The staff responded, "The specific time and plan are still in consultation with the Hong Kong side. Coordinating and making final discussions.” The Shenzhen Port Office pointed out that everything has not yet been finalized and is coordinating with the Hong Kong side on related matters.

Hello Hong Kong|HKTB will distribute millions of coupons to passengers at West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station

[19:34] The end of the three-year epidemic has ushered in a switch. The government today (2nd) announced the event "Hello, Hong Kong!" (Hello Hong Kong) to welcome tourists.

From now on, the HKTB will distribute consumption coupons worth at least RMB 100 to tourists at the West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Port, the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the HKTB Information Center at the airport. A total of about 1 million coupons have been prepared.

Some tourists who received coupons at the West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station said that it has been a while since the switch was restored, and they were surprised and happy that the Hong Kong government still provided discounts.

▼On February 2, the Tourism Bureau distributes consumption coupons to tourists▼


Air ticket schedule|March first dispatches Southeast Asian tourists to mainland tourists in April, then arrives in Hong Kong in July

[18:16] The government held the "Hello Hong Kong" (Hello Hong Kong) launching ceremony today (2nd), announcing plans to attract tourists to Hong Kong, including distributing a total of 700,000 free air tickets to Hong Kong people and tourists.

According to the AA's gift schedule, air tickets to Hong Kong will be distributed to Southeast Asian passengers from March 1st, namely Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.; from April to the Mainland; and from May to Northeast Asia, namely Japan, South Korea, and other regions.

As for the 80,000 air tickets allocated to Hong Kong people traveling abroad, they will be distributed starting in July.

The airport authority and airlines distributed 660,000 ticket schedules.

(drawn by Hong Kong 01)

Hello Hong Kong|Passengers with millions of consumption coupons can enjoy free drinks in exchange for gifts

[18:08] The government announced today (2nd) that the "Hello Hong Kong!" (Hello Hong Kong! Passengers give away 500,000 free air tickets to Hong Kong for a period of six months.

In addition, the HKTB also collaborated with the local catering and retail sectors to distribute 1 million "HK Goodies" consumption coupons. Passengers can use the coupons to redeem welcome drinks for free. The scope of application includes Four Seasons Hotel ARGO and The Peninsula Hotel American Bar at Felix, Rosewood Hotel Holt's Café, etc.; there is also a RMB 100 merchant cash coupon, which can enjoy an exclusive discount of HKD 100 at more than 140 scenic spots, retail or catering merchants in Hong Kong, and there is no minimum consumption limit.

▼On February 2, the Tourism Bureau distributes consumption coupons to tourists▼


[17:12] Since this Monday (30th), Hong Kong has canceled the quarantine order for confirmed cases. Today (2nd), there were 444 new positive cases of new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid test, a slight decrease of 2.42% from yesterday, 12 more cases Deaths related to COVID-19.

Luohu Customs Clearance|Luohu Station has staff preparing for the restart of trains entering and exiting multiple times and broadcasting

[16:43] It has been nearly a month since Hong Kong and the mainland have cleared customs. However, the Luohu Station of the East Rail Line, which used to have the highest inbound and outbound traffic, has not yet reopened for customs clearance.

Until recently, it was reported that Luohu Station will resume customs clearance next Monday (6th). A reporter from "Hong Kong 01" went to the outskirts of the Luohu border restricted area in the early morning of today (2nd) and found that Luohu Station was brightly lit all night.

In the morning, it was discovered that engineering personnel were inspecting the equipment on the flyover connecting the platform, and there were also personnel in white uniforms walking around the station.

During this period, there are trains entering and leaving the station every 5 to 10 minutes, and at the same time, the arrival announcement in the station can be clearly heard.

The reporter stayed at the scene for about an hour. A police officer stationed at the Luohu police post asked the reporter what he wanted to do. Regarding the news that the Luohu station would resume customs clearance next Monday, the police officer smiled and said, "It's just a matter of talking," saying that there was no receipt. to official notification.

▼On the morning of February 2, MTR Lo Wu Station staff prepared for customs clearance▼

Sending air tickets|Li Jiachao: 500,000 air tickets will be given to passengers from all over the world, and the Airport Authority will add 80,000 more to send Hong Kong people

[15:48] Lin Tianfu, CEO of the Airport Authority, pointed out that in addition to sending 500,000 air tickets to overseas passengers, the airline will give another 80,000 air tickets to Hong Kong citizens this summer, and some air tickets will also be given to passengers from the Greater Bay Area, so that they After arriving in Hong Kong, depart from Hong Kong Airport.

Distribute air tickets | 500,000 tickets with details starting from 3.1. Ports send 1 million coupons to promote consumption

[15:47] Lin Tianfu, chief executive of the Airport Authority, said that 500,000 free air tickets will be released, most of which will be sent by airlines to major overseas markets to promote Hong Kong activities.

The three local airlines will distribute tickets in major markets through overseas offices and agents.

The relevant project will start on March 1 and will last for about six months. The airline will launch relevant promotional activities in different markets in stages, and it is believed that it will bring more than 1.5 million inbound tourists to Hong Kong.

[15:44] Cheng Dingyi, Director-General of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, pointed out that the Tourism Board will provide 1 million "Hong Kong Goodies" (HK Goodies) consumption coupons, which will be distributed at the four tourist ports starting from 5:00 pm today. In addition, there will be more than 16,000 stores in Hong Kong offering exciting discounts.

[15:28] Yang Runxiong, director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, said that celebrities and Internet celebrities will be invited to promote Hong Kong, including art, culture, sports events, natural and ecological monuments, the city’s beautiful scenery with Victoria Harbor, Chinese and Western cuisine, and attractions in Hong Kong, etc. In addition, a series of special promotions called "Hong Kong Courtesy" are specially prepared for tourists to express their warm welcome.

Luohu Customs Clearance|Chen Maobo said that the negotiation with the Mainland is progressing well and hopes to open the Luohu Port as soon as possible

[15:21] Financial Secretary Paul Chan said at the "Hello, Hong Kong!" press conference that Hong Kong's economy this year is expected to be better than last year's. The number of tourists and cargo volumes will definitely increase compared to last year. In the past few years, Hong Kong has made great achievements. Less work will make Hong Kong better and make Hong Kong more beautiful when it returns to normal. He pointed out that the recovery process is not only the situation before the epidemic, but a new stage, higher development, and a higher level.

▼On February 2, the government announced the details of "Hello, Hong Kong!"▼


Sending air tickets|Li Jiachao: 500,000 air tickets will be given to passengers from all over the world, and the Airport Authority will add 80,000 more to send Hong Kong people

[14:40] Chief Executive Lee Kar-chao said in his speech at the launch ceremony of "Hello Hong Kong!" (Hello Hong Kong) that he is very pleased to announce that Hong Kong is now seamlessly connected to the mainland and the whole world without any isolation and quarantine , without any restrictions.

He pointed out that the "Hello, Hong Kong!" project will focus on four aspects. First, 500,000 air tickets are prepared to welcome everyone from different parts of the world to Hong Kong. He described this as the world's largest welcome gift.

Employment Guarantee 2022|The list of employers is updated to 170,000 employers subsidizing wages of about 36.6 billion yuan

[13:00] The "2022 Employment Support" program launched by the government provides employers with wage subsidies from May to July 2022. The list of employers who have been approved for wage subsidies is updated again today (2nd).

According to the plan secretariat, about 170,000 employers are eligible to apply for the plan, and wage subsidies have been granted to these employers from May to July, totaling about 36.6 billion yuan, involving about 1.57 million employees.

Kong Fanyi: The government's internal review may not see blind spots, reiterated that independent investigations should invite external experts

[12:44] Hong Kong is gradually moving towards a return to normalcy. Controversy has recently arisen over whether the government should set up a committee to investigate the epidemic.

It is rumored that the government is inclined to conduct an internal review of the epidemic situation.

Kong Fanyi, a government expert consultant, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases and clinical professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, said on a radio program today (2nd) that the government's internal review means that each department conducts self-review, "many blind spots may not be seen", and independent investigations If the committee is composed of different stakeholders such as domestic and foreign experts, local experts and related sectors, the views and opinions will be more macroscopic and objective.

He believes that the committee does not necessarily need to have statutory powers, but he emphasizes that external experts must participate, and domestic and foreign epidemic experience can be compared.

He also pointed out, "The review work is not necessarily insufficient. The review work may turn out to be talkative, but some places (Hong Kong) have done a good job."

EOC: It is not necessarily reasonable for restaurants and clinics to refuse service to confirmed patients or to worry about the risk of infection in violation of the law

[09:52] The isolation order for confirmed patients was canceled on Monday. Recently, some private doctors have refused to diagnose confirmed patients, and some restaurants have turned them away.

EOC Chairman Zhu Minjian said in a radio program today (2nd) that the Disability Discrimination Ordinance states that if a service provider refuses a request, the reason is based on the disability of the other person, including infectious diseases or violation of the law.

If the clinic or restaurant refuses to provide services, it must provide necessary and reasonable reasons; if it does not refuse to provide different treatment, it will depend on the circumstances of the case, "depending on whether it is a worse treatment."

Lo Wu Customs Clearance|The border directly hits Luo Wu Station, brightly lit in the early morning, and the MTR train enters the platform

[07:00] Customs clearance between Hong Kong and the Mainland on January 8th. The Luohu Port, which was temporarily closed due to unfinished construction, is expected to resume customs clearance next Monday (6th). Return to open deployment.

"Hong Kong 01" found that the MTR Lo Wu Station was brightly lit from midnight on Wednesday to the early morning of today (2nd), and there were even trains entering the platform.

Luohu Customs clearance is imminent. Sheung Shui stores are renting out more advertisements. The beauty boss is preparing a new store to welcome mainland customers.

[07:00] The customs clearance between Hong Kong and the mainland will take three weeks, and the Luohu port will reopen as soon as next Monday (6th). At that time, there is a good chance that the pre-clearance nucleic acid test and customs clearance quotas will be canceled simultaneously. The flow of mainland tourists is also expected to increase.

Full customs clearance is imminent, the flow of people to Sheung Shui Street is average, the chain of shop closures is still there, a beauty store has changed hands to bicycle rental, and "Ji Pu" has more rental advertisements.

The reporter happened to come across a beauty store owner who was busy purchasing goods for the new store, and was preparing to open in two weeks.

As for the pharmacy that continues to operate, the person in charge expects that the opening of Luohu will greatly improve the business volume.

▼On February 1st, there are many "Jipu" in Sheung Shui, and some people are planning to open a cosmetics store▼


▼Report on the epidemic situation on February 1▼

Direct hit on customs clearance|The clerk at Luohu Port Lit Lights Commercial City hurriedly wiped Taiwan passengers from Shenzhen: I hope to cancel the nucleic acid

[23:30] The property management company of Luohu Commercial City notified merchants today (1st) that the Luohu port will be fully cleared next Monday (6th).

Xiaoya, who lives in Shenzhen, confirmed to the reporter of "Hong Kong 01" that when she passed the Luohu Port for a walk tonight, she was pleasantly surprised to find that "the light at the port was really on." People are also chatting enthusiastically.

▼ On February 1, Shenzhen residents directly saw the lights at Luohu Port, and the shops in the commercial city reopened▼


Give away 500,000 air tickets|The plan to attract customers will start on Thursday, or two ways for local residents to get a small amount of free air tickets

[22:12] The three-year COVID-19 epidemic is coming to an end.

The government will hold the launch ceremony of "Hello Hong Kong!" (Hello Hong Kong) tomorrow (2nd, Thursday) to attract tourists to Hong Kong again.

It is understood that most of the air tickets will be given to passengers by the three local airlines; a small part will be reserved for local residents, and the authorities may give them out through a lottery. Legislative Council member Yao Pak-leung revealed that the authorities may distribute air tickets to citizens through local travel agencies .

Private doctors refuse to treat patients with new crown medical association: the small number of patients who seek medical treatment express their understanding

[21:41] The quarantine order for the confirmed cases was canceled on Monday (January 30). Recently, it was reported that private doctors refused to diagnose the confirmed cases. Chairman of the EOC, Zhu Minjian, pointed out that if the premises refused to provide services to the confirmed cases, the To constitute discrimination, there must be a reasonable explanation.

A Western medicine clinic in Sheung Shui posted a notice refusing to accept patients with confirmed diagnoses. The doctor of the clinic said that he is old and suffers from high blood pressure and is a high-risk person, so try to avoid consulting patients with confirmed diagnoses.

Citizens who have come to see the symptoms express their understanding for the practice.

A notice was posted outside a Western medicine clinic in Sheung Shui refusing to accept people diagnosed with the new crown.

(Photo by Hong Zhijing)

01 Take the lead.

Luohu Customs Clearance|Commercial City announced that the 2.6 switch news means that the disciplined forces are in place

[20:20] Hong Kong and the mainland will clear customs on January 8, but Luohu Port, where the most people entered and exited in the past, has suspended customs clearance due to unfinished construction.

The property management company of Luohu Commercial City notified merchants today (1st), saying that they had received an official notice that the Luohu Port will be fully cleared on February 6 (next Monday), requiring merchants to open for business on that day, and some merchants confirmed receipt of the notice.

According to sources from the Hong Kong Disciplined Forces, the customs clearance arrangements have been made according to this day, and only a few tasks are still being adjusted.

[18:34] Since this Monday (30th), Hong Kong has canceled the isolation order for confirmed cases. Today (1st) there were 455 new positive cases of new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid test, an increase of 26% compared with yesterday, 5 more cases and Deaths related to COVID-19.

Epidemic investigation|A number of government experts support the review of the chief executive who expressly does not support voting to express your opinion

[16:38] Hong Kong is gradually moving towards a return to normalcy. Controversy has recently arisen over whether the government should set up a committee to investigate the epidemic.

Former Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said at the peak of the fifth wave of the epidemic in March last year that it was necessary to focus on responding to the epidemic at that time. Regarding the large-scale investigation of the epidemic, I believe that the next government will deal with it seriously. Recently, many experts have expressed their support for doing so. Regarding the inspection of the epidemic situation, Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao yesterday (31st) met with reporters before the executive meeting, expressing his disagreement with the establishment of an independent investigation committee to review the epidemic situation.

As for whether the government should set up a committee to investigate the epidemic, click here. "Hong Kong 01" has set up an online poll survey, and readers are welcome to vote to express their opinions.

Jinba offers Hong Kong people to travel to and from Hong Kong and Macau to buy a ticket and get a return trip. Until the end of March, one night stay is required

[12:49] Since the customs clearance in Macau, a large number of Hong Kong people have been attracted to "cross the sea" during the Lunar New Year holiday. Many sea and land transportation agencies offer buy one get one free discounts. Today (1st) the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge shuttles The bus (i.e. Jinba) also offers a discount of "Buy the outbound trip and get a return trip" for the Hong Kong-Macau line, but the discount must be enjoyed only when the return trip and the outbound trip are on different days.

Epidemic review|Five government advisers speak out to support the establishment of the committee Liu Zexing agrees but the model needs to be discussed

【12:45】Recently, whether to set up a committee to review the response to the new crown epidemic has been controversial. Although four government expert consultants, including Yuan Guoyong, Kong Fanyi, Xu Shuchang and Liu Yulong, have expressed their views a few days ago, they all believe that there is a need for review, but Chief Executive Li Jiachao said yesterday Open your mouth to express your disapproval for another review.

Liu Zexing, who is also a government expert advisory group and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, also said today (1st) that he agreed to set up a committee for review, because the current epidemic has a great impact on the elderly, and it is necessary to review the epidemic trend as a whole to help the next epidemic To deal with it, but whether to conduct an internal review or invite overseas experts still needs to be discussed. "It is necessary to think about what form to conduct the review. Which model is the best first, and it still takes time to think about it."

The EOC pointed out that private doctors must reasonably explain that patients who refuse to accept confirmed cases may violate professional ethics

[12:34] The isolation order for confirmed patients was canceled on Monday. Recently, some private doctors have refused to consult confirmed patients, and some restaurants have also turned them away.

EOC Chairman Zhu Minjian pointed out that if the relevant premises do not have a reasonable explanation, they may violate the Disability Discrimination Ordinance: "If these poorer treatments are not to become discriminatory acts, there must be a reasonable explanation."

Lin Zhiyu, chairman of the Hong Kong Patient Policy Connection and member of the Medical Council, said that he noticed reports that private doctors refused to consult patients with confirmed cases, describing the situation as very unsatisfactory.

He pointed out that according to the professional code of doctors, patients with infectious diseases have the right to receive appropriate treatment, and the government has defined the new crown as an upper respiratory disease. I believe that doctors must be able to deal with the disease as long as they have basic training.

He also said that if a doctor refuses to accept a new crown patient by charging high consultation fees, the patient can complain.

Review of the epidemic|Chen Kaixin pointed out that the advisory group can immediately raise and solve problems and independent investigations will take a long time

[10:12] Hong Kong is moving towards normalcy. Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao expressed his disapproval of setting up an independent investigation committee to investigate the three-year epidemic, saying that the society should focus on moving forward.

Legislative Council member Chen Kaixin said on a radio program today (1st) that the new crown has become an endemic disease and needs to face changes every day or every month. If you refer to the SARS practice in 2003, you can conduct an independent investigation in eight months or even a year It is not advisable, and pointed out that there is already an anti-epidemic expert advisory group in Hong Kong: "Everyone should do a daily review... (Expert advisory group) see any problems, raise them immediately, and solve them immediately."

▼On February 1, about 30 cross-border students from Fengxi No. 1 Primary School took the lead to return to Hong Kong to attend classes▼


Cross-border students|Fengxi No. 1 Primary School 30 students resume classes early

[08:32] With the customs clearance between Hong Kong and the mainland, cross-border students can resume classes in Hong Kong without quotas as soon as the second week of this month. Fengxi No. 1 Primary School in the North District is the first to be free of quotas today (1st) Before the implementation of the quarantine exemption arrangement, about 30 cross-border students were allowed to return to Hong Kong to attend classes first by applying for customs clearance quotas and undergoing nucleic acid testing.

About 40 to 50 cross-border students from Fengxi No. 1 Primary School took the lead in returning to Hong Kong for physical classes on the morning of February 1.

(Photo by Jiang Liying)

▼After the cancellation of the quarantine order on January 30, some patients remained in the Kai Tak quarantine facility▼


▼Epidemic report on January 31▼

▼January 31 Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao met with the media before the meeting▼

Epidemic investigation|Referring to the government to set up a committee to review the epidemic Leung Pak-hsien: It belongs to governance responsibility and morality

[20:05] Hong Kong is gradually returning to normal. Recently, many medical experts have expressed their opinion that it is necessary to set up an investigation committee to review the response to the epidemic. However, Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao said today (31st) that he does not agree to the establishment of an independent investigation committee to review the fight against the epidemic. .

During the SARS era, Leung Pak-yin, then deputy director of the Department of Health and former chief executive of the Hospital Authority, said that he understood that if an investigation committee was set up, government departments might be under pressure, "but at least there should be a review for all investigations."

He suggested that the government could set up a review committee under the leadership of the Chief Secretary for Administration, and set up different groups under the committee to review the epidemic situation, such as medical care and isolation facilities.

He emphasized that epidemics of infectious diseases will occur in almost every government. If there is no review of this epidemic, the next government will not be able to learn from the experience of the current government. ’ than the next government?”

Reviewing the Epidemic|Carrie Lam changed from being worthy of support within 8 days to not proceeding within 8 days until Lee Ka-chao vetoed the epidemic investigation|The UK has set up a committee to review the Hong Kong SARS investigation report focusing on the lack of system




長期病婦染疫亡死因 衞生署兩度聯絡不果 看新聞始知事主已死



涉染疫後訪吉野家 被告稱期內未收隔離令 以為罵特首犯法刪貼文


疫情調查|金冬雁:沒委員會也必要檢討 孔繁毅:非針對人或機構



隔離令取消|醫管局適時加普通科確診名額 無預約者或酌情安排


疫情調查爭論|四名政府專家支持檢討 李家超:上任後已不斷總結



未交代全面通關日期 李家超稱與內地商討正面:有信心好快達成拆局|李家超今早未公布免檢疫全面通關 因好消息要留星期四?


隔離令取消|飲食業稱只能勸確診者外賣 員工無病假紙須用自己假


▼1月21日 酒樓團年飯滿座▼


李家超:盡快與內地全面通關 不同意獨立調查疫情不同意獨立調查疫情處理 李家超:已針對三重點改善部署



▼1月29日 Savewo救世口罩廠講述後新冠計劃▼


口罩令|本地廠九成結業 Savewo救世料撤銷後或裁員減產


「Savewo救世」為其中一仍然生存至今的口罩品牌廠,其創辦人透露去年已踏足機械人產業,做好被淘汰準備,估計口罩令撤銷後,或裁員及減產最少一半口罩。「最後因為口罩令又好,任何原因都好,令到我哋公司scale down(降低規模),甚至最極端情況倒閉,其實我哋都覺得OK。」

Mask order|Pharmacy Review Selling at a sky-high price of $250 is the reason why a box of profit is $20: non-human blood steamed buns

[07:01] The new crown epidemic has been raging for three years, and the initial rush to buy masks is unforgettable.

The chain pharmacy Wecare Weijia used to sell anti-epidemic products on the rise, and currently sells about 3,000 boxes of masks per month.

Founder Wei Rongjun revealed that at the beginning of the epidemic, the price of a box of masks was 250 yuan, and the pharmacy only made a profit of 20 yuan.

"We were all very worried that we would eat people's blood steamed buns at that time, or make money for the country, etc. We were all mentally prepared for the opportunity to be troubled by others."

Wei Rongjun predicts that after the revocation of the mask order, the demand may drop by 60%. However, if there is a crisis, there will be opportunities. He sees that Hong Kong people are concerned about the sequelae of the new crown and will focus on health care products.


1.30|The first day when the quarantine order was canceled, 1,400 patients sought medical treatment at the outpatient department of the Hospital Authority

▼January 30th, Park Li Kei General Outpatient Clinic treated new crown patients▼

▼On Saturday, January 28, believers visited Yuen Yuen College in Tsuen Wan and took pictures of Tai Sui▼


Quarantine order canceled|358 new confirmed cases, 5 people died of the epidemic, more than 1,400 patients now seek medical clearance|Luohu Port is expected to reopen in the second week of February|Member pointed out that the quota and nucleic acid mask order will be canceled at the same time|Yang He Beiyin reveals the mystery of mask removal: the future of parents Or let the children be removed from the allowed place Applications have been suspended since 2.14, and 2,728 eligible persons have received quarantine withdrawal orders. 2,000 general outpatient clinics are available for confirmed cases, and migrant workers are worried about getting a doctor's certificate. Tan Yaozong pointed out that testing stations in the mainland have been closed one after another, and the nucleic acid requirements are expected to be withdrawn this week. information

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