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This is a war, and Rabbi Miara will not surrender to Netanyahu even at the cost of her dismissal - voila! news


In the morning, the ombudsman started one of the most significant defense battles for democracy, when she ordered Netanyahu to withdraw his hands from the legal reform that might benefit his affairs. Under the fire of the coalition, she started another battle in the evening, exposing Levin's lies, and making it clear that after the revolution Israel will not be Jewish and democratic

On video: The attack on the president - Hayut was applauded in response to the speech against Levin (Photo: Bini Ashkenazi)

February 2nd will be remembered as fruitful and significant in the defensive war that the legal advisor to the government, Gali Beharve-Miara, is trying to conduct against the Netanyahu government, full of emotions and interests, which is rushing forward on its destructive and destructive tools towards the goal - the enactment of the laws that will change the face of Israeli democracy.

The counselor made a clear decision - she is there, in Salah-e-Din, to fight, even if this war costs her her job.

In the morning, the adviser released her detailed position to the Prime Minister and the High Court regarding Netanyahu's conflict of interest settlement, which has been flagrantly violated since the last elections. She made it clear that Netanyahu is not allowed to touch, either directly, indirectly, publicly or in closed conversations, the regime change plan of Levin's opponent, the plan that is cunningly called: "the legal reform". The document is important on the one hand, but bleak on the other. On the one hand, it demonstrated strength and determination; on the other hand, it was created after the horse had already escaped from the stable a long time ago - Netanyahu is invested up to his neck in the legal plan, he is also involved in it Behind the scenes and in front of the stage - in press conferences, in videos and in interviews with the foreign media. The connection between the program and the Prime Minister's personal problem, which Minister Levin negligently tries to hide, was exposed for all ears by the Minister of Justice's spewing on the stage of the Knesset.

In a detailed document prepared by the deputy counsel, attorney Gil Limon, he explains very well how every part of Levin's destruction plan may benefit Netanyahu's personal affairs. Limon did not always call the child by his name, but everyone who read it understood: the committee for the appointment of judges that will from now on be controlled by politicians may seal the fate of the promotion of the three sitting judges, and may even impeach them. The president of the Supreme Court, who will be elected by that political committee, will determine the composition of the appeal that may be heard in the future in Netanyahu's cases, and he may also determine someday, if necessary, If there is room for a retrial in this case, the superseding clause may grant immunity to any personal law that will be enacted in the future for Netanyahu, such as the French law, for example, or the cancellation of breach of trust.

Abolition of the reason for reasonableness will grant immunity to appointments on behalf of law enforcement authorities.

Thus, for example, if an unworthy general prosecutor is appointed by the government just to help Netanyahu, the Supreme Court will not be able to interfere with his appointment due to extreme unreasonableness.

Such a prosecutor could theoretically withdraw the indictment against Netanyahu, or alternatively reach a plea agreement with him at the end of the season.

Does it sound absurd to you?

Not to Netanyahu.

After all, he knows this well from the Bar-on-Hebron affair, in which he took an active part as prime minister.

Even then there was an attempt to appoint a general prosecutor just to help a specific criminal suspect, so they called him Aryeh Deri.

In response to the adviser's announcement about the conflict of interest, the heads of the coalition released a statement in which they called the adviser's letter an "attempt to silence in complete opposition to the unequivocal mandate we received from the citizens of Israel in the elections. There is no connection between the legal reform of Yariv Levin, whose purpose is to restore democracy to Israel, and the affairs of the government".

The message is ridiculous because it was sent by people to whom the consultant's letter is not addressed.

The one who is in a conflict of interest is not Bezalel Smotrich, nor Yitzhak Goldknoff and Itamar Ben Gvir, but Netanyahu.

But in our crazy reality, the leaders of Netanyahu's coalition partners are ordered to share with him the burden of dealing with the demons who prosecuted him.

Yes, it's really messed up and outrageous that a prime minister is prevented from dealing with the most important issue his government is dealing with these days.

It's strange, it even seems far-fetched, but the prime minister is primarily responsible for this distortion;

followed by those who allow him to be prime minister.

It was not for nothing that the prevailing assumption for years was that a prime minister would never continue to serve under an indictment.

Public memory is weak, but at the beginning of the Netanyahu investigations, when the politicians from his party were asked what he should do if an indictment was brought against him, they replied that it was clear to them that if the terrible and threatening thing happened (which at the time they did not believe it would happen), it was clear to them that he would not remain in office.

It is now clearer than ever why a prime minister under indictment cannot function with an indictment;

It is more tangible than ever how the interests of a person who fears for his freedom affect the agenda of the State of Israel - not just any agenda, but changing the democratic face of the state.

It seems that it is no longer necessary to prove that Netanyahu's support for the plan to destroy the legal system in Israel stems solely from the conflict he has with the rule of law.

His agenda has not changed a bit since the investigations against him began, but has turned 180 degrees.

According to his past statements before 2016, without the investigations and the indictment against him, today he would stand shoulder to shoulder, linking arms with Beharev Miara and animals in front of Levin and Rothman's tools of destruction.

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The step that must not be reached

About a week ago, Haaretz was in a frenzy following publications that the Ministry of Justice is already discussing the possibility of Netanyahu's extradition to Israel.

As I recall, it turned out that the publications were early and that the issue had not yet been raised formally, but it is important that there be no misunderstanding - detention is an option in Israeli law, and in past judgments judges have already expressed their opinion that if a prime minister acts against the law enforcement authorities following investigations that are being conducted against him, the legal advisor The government can determine that he is prevented from serving as prime minister.

The consultant is not there yet nor should she be there, but in our crazy reality we have already learned that processes can progress faster than we thought.

The conflict of interest settlement is in practice Netanyahu's code of conduct as prime minister under indictment.

Getting out of prison is an extreme step that should not be taken;

But by the same token, the willful violation of a conflict of interest arrangement is an extreme act.

It means that Netanyahu publicly admits that his good is more important than the good of the country.

If he violates the counselor's clear instructions from yesterday,

With evening came the second chapter on this significant day - a 112-page position prepared by the legal adviser to the government regarding Levin's legal plan.

The consultant wrote, among other things: "Each of the proposed arrangements raises substantial difficulties that go to the root of the principle of separation of powers... protection of individual rights, the rule of law and the preservation of the proper administrator. Acceptance of the proposed arrangement will lead to a regime structure in which the executive and legislative authorities have broad and practically unlimited authority, which does not have a built-in response to the possible fear of misuse of legislation or fundamental legislation for the purpose of circumventing judicial review or of harming the nuclear characteristics of the state as a democratic Jewish state."

Translation from the legal language to the Hebrew language - the consultant tells the Israeli government: I will not defend this lawless legislation in the High Court, even if it is fundamental legislation, and the reason for this is that after this legislation it will no longer be possible to see the State of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.

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Contrary to the false campaign pumped up by Levin and Rothman, the consultant proves in the opinion that no western democratic country is constitutionally in the place where the government is taking us.

Thus, for example, contrary to the explanation in Levin's proposal, the United States and Canada are not countries that have "authorized the court to invalidate laws", since in both of them, the authority of the court to conduct judicial review is determined by the ruling.

The review reveals cognitive distortions.

For example, Levin tells us that in Germany politicians appoint judges, but the whole system is different there: the appointment of judges to the Constitutional Court in Germany is done by a large majority.

Of the 16 judges appointed to it today, half are appointed by the upper house of the parliament, which represents the various states in the German Federation and by a privileged two-thirds majority, which represents an absolute majority of the members of parliament.

What do you say Minister Levin?

Interested in a model?

Two thirds of the Knesset are roughly 80 Knesset members.

The British model was also presented by Levin carelessly at best and false at worst.

The British model includes special appointment committees that include judges, without politicians sitting on them.

The committee may recommend to the Lord Chancellor (the equivalent of the Minister of Justice) one candidate at a time, and he is the one who actually decides on the appointment.

The judges for the lower courts are appointed by appointment committees of England, Scotland and Ireland, whose composition is diverse and also includes judges and lawyers.

Maybe that's what Levin is interested in?

After all, he wants us to be like all the nations.

I have already written here before about the prevailing model in the Scandinavian countries: committees appointed by the Supreme Court, which make recommendations to the political level and the monarchy, and there is no precedent that they rejected the recommendation.

In short, Levin and Rothman have been feeding us for months with rotten words about the fact that the Israeli system is unprecedented in the Western world, that only here judges are involved in the appointment of judges, that only here the judges are not appointed by politicians.

Netanyahu is devising a legalization that damages the economy (the one that he usually praises; it all depends on why and for whom the press conference is intended).

Netanyahu's eunuchs have been bugging us for months, without providing even a single example, about people who avoid signing contracts in Israel just because of the courts.

The consultant's document leaves no stone unturned in Levin's explanation for his promiscuous legal memorandum, which, in addition to being dangerous, also turns out to be negligent.

As things stand at the moment, Levin, Netanyahu and Rothman are speeding towards their goal without stopping.

The encouraging part is that the public protest is catching up and attracting more and more groups and sectors of the population.

The protest is taking shape as one of the magnificent protests that have grown here in Israeli society.

Good people from the entire spectrum of Israeli society are willing to do a lot to ensure that their children grow up in a real democracy, and not in a formal but fake democracy.

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