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A policeman in the bed of the libertarian movements


Five women complain against an infiltrated agent with whom they had sexual and affective relations. After revealing his identity, he has been assigned to a position abroad

Dani, a boy in his thirties, arrived at the libertarian social center La Cinètika in June 2020 looking for a cheap gym to train in.

An air conditioning installer by profession, he was short of money in a very expensive place like Barcelona.

In just over two years, he became one of the city's anarchist and interconnected sphere.

The liana that he used to jump from one collective to another were the women.

The weekly

La Directa

revealed on Monday that Dani Hernández Pons, the handsome, friendly and carefree Mallorcan with a crest, T-shirts with a political message and anarchist tattoo, was actually the national police officer Daniel H. Five women have sued him for the ruthless use they consider he made of of their sexual and affective relationships, some of them almost a year old, to obtain information.

The women have explained to

La Directa

that they met Dani in different ways: at La Cinètika, at neighborhood parties, at a concert in the legendary Kasa de la Muntanya squatter center or even on networks like OkCupid, which include political affinity. .

"Some are very affected," confirm sources close to what happened.

None of them have spoken to the media again about the man who came and went in their lives, who one day did not stop writing, the next he disappeared and shortly after returned with any excuse and a renewed impetus.

The agent, about whom the Ministry of the Interior is silent, had occasional sexual relations and other more stable ones over time, for up to a year.

Daniel H., the policeman, was selected by the information services already at the training academy in Ávila, according to police sources.

He entered there at the end of 2017, from Mallorca.

"He is a perfect profile: young, speaks Catalan, without ties, and without a police past that could complicate things for him later," he added.

In June 2019, he graduated as a police officer, and the infiltration was coordinated from the General Information Police Station —which investigates crimes of ideological origin.

“It is teamwork, very complicated, sacrificed and hard.

It is a question of having a double life”, emphasize sources familiar with the world of espionage.

He devised a new identity and, a few months later, landed in Barcelona.

the direct

He locates his first movements in the city in May 2020, where he rented a penthouse next to the Sant Andreu de Palomar neighborhood.

From that moment on, Daniel H. would be Dani Hernández Pons, the smiling Mallorcan self-employed air conditioning installer with a family in Granada, who survived in the job instability of any young man, but who had all the time in the world to integrate into the libertarian ecosystem.

The usual thing is that he was designated a police "controller", the person who "guards" him, and who was aware of him in the event of any problem that might arise, explain police sources.

In addition to La Cinètika, he participated in the anti-repressive coordinator of Sant Andreu, which encompasses independence movements such as Meridiana Resisteix, which organized the daily cutting of the entrance artery to the Catalan capital, Meridiana Avenue, or the Harmonia Athenaeum.

He also approached the CGT union.

The lawyers Mireia Salazar, Sònia Olivella and Laia Serra, on January 31 at the Ciutat de la Justícia in Barcelona, ​​on Tuesday. Irídia / ACN

The five women who have now sued him for vitiating the consent of sexual relations (they would never have slept with a police officer), using them, dehumanizing them, to obtain personal and ideological information, are part of a larger group, indicate sources familiar with the case.

They accuse him of sexual assault and a crime against moral integrity, among others.

Some of them went up to his apartment, which they describe as a place with few things, just a few political photographs.

And they assure that he did not even expand on his past in intimate contexts, to which he referred superficially, mentioning at most an ex-girlfriend and childhood episodes.

Dani did not experience the most turbulent years in Barcelona, ​​with the serious altercations after the sentence against the leaders of the



He arrived already in a pandemic —

La Directa

recounts a run-in with the Urban Police, who wanted to identify him on the street during confinement —, the protests over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, the blockades of Avenida de Meridiana by pro-independence groups, or what more than usual evictions and evictions from occupied centers.

In addition to participating in the protests, he partyed and, according to the women, drank and took drugs.

He “He behaves like one of the group.

He cannot be involved in an anti-system group and then go chaste.

If you're involved, you're involved," police sources say.

In his journey as a libertarian in Barcelona he was able to see the most emblematic squatted houses in the city, such as Can Masdeu, Can Batlló or the Kasa de la Muntanya, athenaeums or social centers.

He also traveled hand in hand with La Cinètika to other parts of Spain, such as Madrid or the Basque Country, in meetings with ideologically related groups.

With periodic absences, which he justified as trips to Majorca, Dani remained undercover for more than two years.

"Until they


him in October ," police sources say, referring to how the detection of a police officer working in camouflage is known in slang.

From that moment on, he began to withdraw.

He said that he was going to Granada, where he had family, to collect the olives, then he explained that he had found a job in Palma, and he never appeared in the city again...

"It is clear that there is a security breach," analyze police sources, who do not hesitate to attribute it to social networks, without providing further details.

the direct

He explains that he received the first clues that Dani was actually a policeman in June 2022. They had just uncovered the case of another agent, Juan Ignacio E., camouflaged in the political movement of the Catalan independentist left.

A key element was the coincidence between the surnames of the false identity of this agent, Marc Hernández Pon, but that in his Bizum payments he was listed as Marc Hernández Pons, with the surnames of Dani.

Except for an almost impossible coincidence, it was a policeman who had been foolish enough to give the same last name as another officer.

The weekly does not detail what other errors allowed them to arrive at the real name of Daniel H., who was also a classmate of Menorcan Juan Ignacio E. The two Catalan-speaking, young,

Facade of La Cinètika, on Friday in Barcelona.Kike corner

“It is an extreme case that really shows a state action without limits.

Institutional violence is used, but also sexualized: using women to consolidate or infiltrate certain social movements," denounces the lawyer Anaïs Franquesa, from the Iridia Center for the Defense of Human Rights, one of those that represents the young women who have defendant.

She considers that the police need judicial authorization, only justified in cases of terrorism or organized crime, to act like this.

“It is a State operation that is highly endorsed and designed by superiors, aimed at deceiving,” she adds.

It is about "obtaining intelligence", contradict police sources, who make a differentiation between the figure of the "undercover agent", granted by a judge in a specific investigation, and infiltration,

that it lacks a clear regulation and that "it is part of the job of an information police officer".

“It is gathering raw intelligence, of which 1% will ultimately serve you.

A way like another to capture sources ”, they defend.

And they underline the difficulty of doing so: “There are very bad times.

The spy thing is fine, but in the movies."

Sources from CGT Catalunya question what the policeman was really looking for, and what kind of threat the libertarian movements in the Sant Andreu de Palomar neighborhood of Barcelona pose.

“They are open spaces, it must have been very boring”, they say, about the type of activities carried out by La Cinètika, posted on its website, and the rest of the organizations in which it participated.

“We have nothing to hide,” they add.

In his opinion, the only purpose of police infiltration is "political control of the internal enemy," since "there is no real security threat."

The last sign of life of Dani, the motivated anti-system, is from a few days before the publication of

La Directa


The weekly reports that he sent an audio to one of his supposed friends, where he told her that he was doing a motorcycle tour, and attached a photograph, which the outlet locates in a town in Valencia.

Police sources assure that he has been sent abroad, without specifying where, reports

Óscar López-Fonseca.

“What has usually been done with detected people is to find a destination for them in an embassy, ​​normally Spanish-speaking.

He spends there for a while, until the soufflé goes down and can come back and try to recover his life little by little, ”add other sources familiar with how to proceed when an infiltrated police officer is discovered.

Dani never had a solid political discourse nor did he seem to take activism too seriously, indicate sources close to the libertarian environment, divided into groups, some more open than others.

That prevented him from settling in the most closed anarchism in the neighborhood.

His source point was human interest, meeting people whenever he had the chance.

And for this, the intimacy and the confidences that the women shared with a police officer, without knowing it, were essential, allowing them to enter new spaces.

The judges must now decide whether to admit the complaint, which sets the limits of infiltration, sexual freedom and human rights, for processing.

Kate Wilson, the environmental activist who won her spy

Where is the limit of the work of an infiltrated policeman?

How far can he intrude on the privacy of the people he spies on?

How much does that cost the State?... The case of the policeman infiltrated in the libertarian movements of Barcelona raises the same questions —the pro-independence political parties have requested Marlaska's appearance in Congress— that Kate's complaint raised at the time Wilson, a UK environmental activist who was unknowingly romantically involved with a police officer, Mark Kennedy, who infiltrated left-wing social movements between 2002 and 2009 under the assumed name of Mark Stone.  

Kate Wilson appealed to the court that oversees the United Kingdom's secret services (IPT), which in September 2021 concluded that human rights had been violated, including the degrading treatment inflicted on her by the police officer with whom she had a relationship for a anus.

The judges found that the bosses who supervised Kennedy's work "knew of the relationship, chose not to know of its existence, or were incompetent and negligent in not following" the clear and obvious signs of the type of infiltration he was carrying out.

What in his opinion shows a "lack of interest" in the protection of the human rights of the women whom he used to obtain information.

Wilson, who had a relationship with the police officer between November 2003 and February 2005, was not the only one.

The agent, according to the British media, 

Kennedy was discovered by the activists themselves in 2010, after being arrested when they tried to carry out an action against a power plant.

Kennedy was also arrested, but he was the only one whose charges were dropped by the police.

That made the group suspicious.

In a meeting that lasted four hours, and with clues from his past, the activists subjected Kennedy to an interrogation, who ended up confessing, according to what he himself recounted in an interview in

The Guardian.

Kennedy had another real life, in which he was married with two children. 

Kennedy's superiors claimed that undercover officers were not allowed to engage in sexual relations with the women they were spying on.

But the court found his claim weak, considering how many times and how often Kennedy, and other agents, had done this without anyone either questioning or taking action against it.

"Either those responsible for him were extremely naive, without asking anything, or they chose to turn a blind eye to a conduct that in the case of Kennedy was useful for the operation," they argue.

In addition to the sentence, Kate Wilson obtained compensation of more than 250,000 euros and an official apology from the police.

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