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Grilled matambre: how to make it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside


A simple cut that does not always look as we want. Tips and secrets to tenderize it and enjoy it alone or on pizza.

A layer of thin meat, with a certain covering of fat that melts in the heat of the embers, tasty without hesitation when trying it, has its secrets.

First of all,

the exact cooking.

If achieved, that

combination of delicate flavor and tenderness makes it unmatched


And it doesn't matter that it occupies a considerable place on the grill, although it is true that it is a cut of meat feared by inexperienced grillers since it is not always tender and juicy.   

According to a survey carried out in 2022 by the Nutrition Course of the UAI Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, together with the University's Public Opinion Studies Program,

matambre takes sixth place among the cuts preferred by consumers. Argentines

to "throw" the grill, being the podium for the roast, the vacuum and the entails. 

This cut is a layer of meat

found between the animal's ribs and the hide.

It is part of the complete rib


In the case of beef, the entire piece weighs about two kilos, depending on the size of the animal.

beef slaughterhouse

Photo Shutterstock

Its name comes from the union of two terms: kill and starve


Around 1800, Argentina supplied Europe with bovine meat and the payment to the slaughterers who cut up the cattle and prepared them for later consumption was neither more nor less than that cloak of meat that seemed useless.

Finished their work, the employees lit a fire and cooked the thin meat to “kill hunger”. 

Over time, the piece managed to show that it was a cut to enjoy and not just to attend to the crunching of empty stomachs.

There is no doubt that it is delicious, but it is necessary to return to the initial recommendations if we do not want to have a hard time as frustrated grillers, simple hosts of a rubbery and graceless piece of meat.

Let's see.

How to choose a good matambre to cook on the grill

Grilled matambre.

Photo Shutterstock

The quality of the raw material for cooking is essential.

In the case of meat, it is sometimes difficult for the buyer to determine if it will be tender or not.

As general guidelines,

it is recommended to choose the smallest matambre in the gondola.

This cut will have two sides: one covered in fat that should be white and not yellow, and the other that reveals the shiny pink meat.

As for the smell, it should always be fresh to none.

If it has a strong smell, it means that the meat has already been on display for several days.

It does not mean that it is useless, but that it is not fresh.

A risk, perhaps.

Why run it?

Another famous matambrito is that of pork

, whose nobility is greater than beef since it is more tender, finer and smaller, and does not require greater care at the time of cooking.

How to tenderize matambre

Pizza matambre.

Photo @elclub_delasado

This step is not mandatory, but it ensures the applause for the grill.

There are several ways to do it.

The most common is to submerge the piece of meat in milk

for at least 12 hours

(always in the fridge).

Also, boil it in a mixture of milk and broth (with the desired spices and a few bay leaves) for one or two hours.

In both cases milk is used and not by chance.

It is that it has casein, a protein that acts by breaking the fibers of the meat and achieving the much-desired tenderness.

Another way is to use vinegar, which also relaxes the fibers

and tender meat is achieved, but it has a drawback: it can transfer the acid taste, something that does not happen with milk.

Which side is the matambre placed on the grill and which fire?

Fans of lean meats, abstain.

For the beef matambre to come out delicious, it has to be cooked with the fat.

There is no other option.

If it is completely defatted, it will be hard and bland since the fat, when heated, will begin to melt and thus penetrate the meat fibers, leaving it tender and with a “roasted taste”.

If you have too thick a layer of fat, you can trim the excess, leaving a layer that covers the protein.

Vilmar Paiva, from Asador Campero, says that he salts the meat when it is grilled and that the addition of lemon is to the taste of the griller: "In the case of pork it is a resounding yes, but in beef it can be used or No".

Another important point is how to place the matambre for proper cooking.

Vilmar points out that

he always gets on the fat side first with a grill about 20 centimeters from the coals


Then, it turns around and finishes cooking.

Total cooking should be approximately 25 minutes, no more.

How to make grilled pizza matambre

Beef matambre on pizza, to surprise all diners with a simple and delicious version.

Photo Shutterstock

We already know the secrets to prepare a good matambre, now we are going to transform it into

a matambre on pizza.

A frequent mistake is to believe that it is a Milanese and simply add sauce and cheese on top.

This recipe also has its hidden trick.

Once the matambre is almost ready, it is left with the fat towards the embers and the meat facing up.

It is covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella (or sautéed onion and mozzarella for a fugazzeta version) and "covered with an upside-down roasting pan on which

some coals are placed on top so that the cheese gratins

," says Vilmar, who also suggests remove a little from the ember under the matambre so that it does not go beyond its point while waiting for the cheese to melt.

With what to accompany the grilled matambre

Being a roast meat

, it goes very well with the salads that accompany the grill ritual.

The mixed salad is a classic, but the more colors you add to it, the better.

Also roasted vegetables complement this fine meat.

If it is about matambre on pizza, salads with fresh, acid and citrus vinaigrettes are suggested.

For example, a passion fruit


to cleanse the palate of the greasy cheese.

Matambre on pizza, with chorizo ​​and salad.

Photo Shutterstock

It is impossible to thoroughly enjoy this barbecue delicacy with water, although this preference is not prohibited.

The sommelier Michelle Elbaum, representative of Bodega Durigutti and chosen as the sixth best sommelier in Argentina 2022, explains that as it is an unctuous cut that leaves a delicious and persistent sensation in the mouth, which is completed with the marinade spices and the smoke from the grill ,

it is necessary to accompany it with a vibrant white wine

, with good acidity and good fruit intensity to generate an interesting contrast of flavors and in turn refresh the palate to continue enjoying the dish.

It can be

a white wine or a Sauvignon blanc

, a strain in which freshness, citrus and vegetable notes rule (serve between 8° and 10°).

If it is about

matambre on pizza

, where tomato sauce and cheese are added to the meat, "it is essential to accompany it with a wine that matches that intensity, with a certain freshness, more spicy notes and a greater structure", explains Michelle and suggests

a medium-bodied red wine like a malbec

with notes of fresh red fruit and spices like white pepper, and voluminous tannins, essential to renew the palate after each bite with a cabernet franc that usually offers fresh exponents, whose structure and Spicy notes are great friends for this type of preparation (serve between 14° and 16°).

Grilled matambre recipes

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