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Macri takes advantage of the FIFA date, a critique of the surreal K narrative and the challenge of putting together the 'Ballotage match'


The former president begins a tour of Italy and continues without defining his political future. Redrado disembarks in Larreta's cabinet. The Germans put chips on the 'dead and green' cows, while an American 'buries' Guzmán and Béliz.

Macri, more powerful and fragile than ever

Mauricio Macri

will be at the top of the JxC table this Monday.

He will be by zoom and for a moment, to "make a presence", like the artists at the events.

He prepares an exit from the forum taking advantage of a

"FIFA date"

, which is forced by his role as president of the respective foundation, which

takes him to Italy


There he will add some political activity.

The most important is the distance that he will put from the theater of events


The period of absence that begins with the celebration

of his birthday this Thursday

will serve to define what he will do with the power he has accumulated.


is in an extreme situation of his political life

: he has reached the maximum point of accumulation of power since he left the government in 2019, inside and outside the opposition coalition.

The decision that he has on tenterhooks is what he will do with that power

, which he will decline as soon as he makes a decision on his candidacy for president.

For yes and for no.

If it is by yes, he starts the fight against the antibodies from inside and outside.

If he says no, the weight of his words and his gestures will also decline because he will be vampirized by the candidates he decides to support for the October elections.

Also by the partners in Cambiemos, who admit his leadership in the PRO, but

consider him a danger in a ballotage


Politics may be an orgy, Vargas Llosa would say, but it is not a perpetual orgy.

The opposition tries provisional agreements

The national table of Together for Change will revive this Monday the

debate on the dispersion

caused in the provinces by the lack of definition about national candidacies in the leadership.

The districts that decouple the electoral dates are approaching 15.

In many of them, the regulations are in a gaseous state, because those who govern not only unfold, but also try more or less toxic reforms, such as the law of slogans, elimination of PASO, or replacement of the collector system and mirror lists, which are a higher degree of manipulation than the law of lemmas.

One votes for one thing, and the vote goes to the opposite.

Macri receives the message that he must hurry to order down


The meeting last Wednesday with Miguel Pichetto, Ramón Puerta and Juan Carlos Romero has been a turning point for this process, according to those who spoke with him.

"I wish there were more guys like these - he told someone - to be able to talk. They are people with experience, who know what is happening in the world and who have no doubts."

The three recommend that you launch a candidacy as soon as possible.

The limits of squaring the circle



, he also believes that he has made more progress than he admits in public, after a meeting on Tuesday in Cumelén, which crowned a dinner for the two couples at the fine Tinto Bistró, in La Angostura, where Martín, brother of Máxima, the Dutch queen, cooks. -Argentina.

The two couples, together in Cumelén.

They closed

the agreement to accompany each other in open districts such

as Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa.

Mendoza is still open


Larreta's national campaign manager,

Omar De Marchi,

threatens to leave Cambiemos in that district.

Larreta admits that

Alfredo Cornejo

's radicalism has mistreated De Marchi's PRO.

It is not convenient for him to deepen the wounds between those forces either,

he trusts in the passage of time and believes that there will be a non-schismatic way out.


makes gestures, but his project is to bet on the governorship of Mendoza.

That gets him out of the way of Larreta in a national dispute.

For now, De Marchi will reduce his exposure as head of the national campaign to focus on his province.

The national table will give the order that

the problems of the provinces be fixed in the provinces


The coalition that brings together the opposition

does not have a boss who can give orders

, no one has the power to intervene.

It suffers, like the official league, the

consequences of horizontality

, a style that is kicked with politics, which only prospers if the individual interest of the leaders coincides with the interest of the group.

Impossible in politics, which is squaring the circle.

That's why they call it... politics.

The public watches;

you already know what you are going to vote for

The first opposition summit of the year comes with

more cosmetic than operational intentions


It is difficult for a table of 28 leaders, where

societal affections have been stirred

, to come out with a product that defines the future.

This type of meeting, such as the one that will take place at noon this Monday in La Escondida –a well-known sanctuary of Buenos Aires conspiracies in the Palermo park– rather results in a tournament in which the participants compete to control the story of what happened. .

It is an opportunity for leaders to show muscle in a summer agenda ravaged by criminal and political trials.


the opposition public expect anything?

Rather than not


The public does not doubt what they are going to vote for.

He does expect the leadership to provide him with the file and indicate to whom and when.


no vote of non-Peronism is going to migrate to the basket of Peronism.

Nor the opposite


And between the two they add more than 70% of the votes.

The final luck depends on the mistakes that the other commits and not on one capturing the votes of others.

Whoever builds a

Ballotage Party

with the best design in polarized and finite elections will win.

There are no mysteries or labyrinths, as the usual opinion makers tend to say, who try to explain the coarse and simple reality of politics as a game of mirages and paradoxes.

The American who buried Guzmán and Béliz


trip to Africa prevented the Pope from seeing

two former ministers expelled from the paradise of Olivos:

Gustavo Béliz and Martín Guzmán,

who had traveled to the Vatican to present their science at a

seminar on "Francis' economy"

organized by the Academy of Social Sciences run by economist Stefano Zamagni and Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson.

The owner of the agenda was another economist, the

American Jeffrey Sachs


Less than a year ago (April 2022) this Columbia professor spoke before Alberto's cabinet and presented the hypothesis that the Argentine debt is not a problem, that the debt/GDP ratio is lower than that of all G countries. -20, and that the deficit is small when compared to that of the most developed countries.

Argentina 's

problem is a bad reputation

, the mistrust of risk assessors, a

matter of surreal narratives

(he used that expression).

Martín Guzmán participated in a seminar in the Vatican.

It was

an indication of Cristina

as an adversary of Guzmán's economy, whom she described as "wonderful."

With that gesture she buried Béliz, the Social Economic Council that had paid for her trip, and Guzmán.

Francisco's economy already was, or is it what's coming?

Although it had been planned for months, the

leading role of Béliz and Guzmán seemed like a claim

as victims of a plot to evict them, which united Alberto, the Kirchner family and Massa.

The presidential trifecta dedicated itself to harassing them until they were thrown out of the government.

With these Vatican apparitions we came to find out that they were applying "

Francis's economy


Will the Vatican see any value in the experience of Béliz and Guzmán, who, after all, have emerged from a cabinet of mistakes and who, according to the government, failed in their management and blames them for losing the elections?

Will there be a second chance for them on earth?

Béliz has already been in the three Peronist governments of the last 30 years.

He's not boiling over, but he's not about to retire either.

It is

understandable that the Vatican protects these former officials

, regardless of the science they embody.

They have been victims of a government hostile to Francisco, and have fallen by the grace of Massa, the least-loved Peronist official on those altars, and whom the Vatican denounces as

the head of anti-Bergoglismo.

Wer ist Gustav?

Part of that internal plot still beats in the cabinet.

The audience wondered about the

reasons for Massa's absence from the meeting with the German premier Olaf Scholz


Simple for those who see between the lines.

The agreement for the financing of a club of German banks for the construction of the

Chihuidos dam

was the work of the Office of Strategic Affairs that Béliz carried out until he had Massa kick him out, in a bad way.

This wanted to capture the management of international financing that Alberto had entrusted to Béliz.

The result was the agreement with Germany to unlock the construction of that work.

Massa was not going to make faces signing the agreement with Béliz's best friend

, who could have asked:

wer ist Gustav


(Where is Gustavo?).

To distance himself from these overlapping grudges, Massa justified his absence from the act of signing the agreement with the German partners of Chihuidos -the Voith group, represented by CEO Toralf Haag- in that he did not want to appear as favoring the local partner, whose boss, Eduardo Eurnekián, signed with Santiago Cafiero.

More Germans from Gustavo

: Béliz was also the one who achieved the commitment with Germany to develop the

green hydrogen project

, one of the most ambitious in energy matters, a Green Cow more alive than the Dead Cow, which is at the center of the Germany's energy conversion.

It is also at the center of the interests of the main Argentine oil companies.

Nor was Sergio going to baptize that Béliz creature.

Everyone writes down everything, because

everything has to do with everything


The Germans put chips here

Trivialities sometimes cover up the underlying issues and hide the importance of these commitments.

The relations with Germany that Béliz cultivated with profit translate into the formula of "

current financing in exchange for future energy


That is why the German premier, when he spoke with Alberto Fernández, shielded the commitment to finance works such as Chihuidos, in exchange for the provision of energy from

the dead and green cows


The meeting between Alberto Fernández and the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, at the San Martín Palace, headquarters of the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

It is a change in the European agenda: it puts in a new light the negotiations of agreements with the European Union, which seeks to accommodate itself to the world at war, which has caused the post-war European system to enter into crisis.

Something unthinkable a few years ago, when the EU believed that the

supply of energy with gas from Russia

was assured .

She was so confident in this that Germany closed its nuclear program in exchange for the support of the environmental parties for the last mandates of Angela Merkel.

That is over and that is why agreements like the ones that Germany closes with Argentina are prospering.

In this agenda,

Massa is part of a government that is leaving


He is the undertaker of a failed presidential term, and his absence from Scholz's agenda expresses the funeral spirit of his management.

Redrado debuts in Uspallata

This Monday, before the Cambiemos summit, Larreta will meet with the G-20 Ambassadors in Buenos Aires.

He will present the global agenda of an eventual government, and

will show his team with two signings: Martín Redrado and Jorge Faurie


He is organized by his chancellor, Fernando Straface.

It is

Redrado's first public activity as Larreta's Secretary of Strategic Affairs

, a task that he inaugurated this week in his offices in the Uspallata government palace, accompanied by two officials from his team.

What will Redrado deal with in this new scheme, which may survive after October if Larreta is president?

Of international financial relations and cooperation, that is, of the agenda that Béliz managed and that Massa is now trying to rebuild, after emptying the office of Mercedes Marcó del Pont.

Redrado is a globetrotter

, he managed to occupy a position in all the governments of the last 30 years.

Faurie pays double


He contributes as former chancellor, but also adds to the larretism in his bid in the territories.

He is running as a candidate for national deputy for his province, Santa Fe, and adds Larretista thickness to the Front of Fronts, the one that the parties of the opposition coalition are trying to concoct.

An advance in Italy

It is not clear if the appearance in Italy of

Fulvio Pompeo, Macri's pocket chancellor

, with leaders of the ruling party, has to do with Macri's trip.

The PRO international secretary was shown at the Giustiniani palace in Rome -where the Italian Senate has its VIP offices-, with Pier Ferdinando Casini, the legislator with the longest serving years in his country's Congress.

He also had an interview at Palazzo Chigi with Giorgia Meloni's right-hand man, Giovanbattista Fazzolari.

Nor was he deprived of

a coffee with the Argentine priest Guillermo Karcher

, "pontifical ceremoniere" who manages the liturgical protocol in the Vatican palace.

They leaned into a table at Angolo degli Artisti, a café and restaurant in Piazza del Popolo.

Karcher became aware of what they think about the Buenos Aires Pope's PRO.

The ceremoniere benefited from the exchange of figurines.

No one expects that Macri's trip to Rome entails a papal visit, but nothing should be ruled out.

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