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We are all better than them


We have naturalized that the economy is in the hands of a lawyer and that the president says that people complain because in restaurants you have to wait two hours.

First of all, we welcome the new adviser to the "president", Antonio Aracre, former CEO of the multinational Syngenta.

It is seen that after the success of the vaccines, the ill-fated Government of Scientists is going to try its luck as a Government of CEOs.

Who could have said it.

Aracre had anticipated that he was going to propose a labor reform, so before assuming

mir, he was already bitten by half of Kirchnerism.

I hope this brand new official enjoys his fleeting passage through the public service.

Not to set the bar too low, but if this guy makes it this fall, he'd be a big hit.

In 20 years of Kirchnerism,

the only CEO that Cristina accepted as part of the government was the CEO of Austral Construcciones.

With that said, let's get to the important stuff.

The following episode is not a television sketch or a segment of The Naked Gun, but something that really happened and that was recounted in an incredible note by Ricardo Roa, later expanded by Natasha Niebieskikwiat.

The Prime Minister of Germany, Olaf Scholz, visited Argentina accompanied by his economic team and the main CEO's of his country.

In other words, Merkel's successor and her people.

Although the Argentine government feels more comfortable when Maduro, or some other champion of democracy, comes, Scholz had a special event at the Foreign Ministry

to try to bite his wallet.

Saturday afternoon, 35°C in the shade.

The air conditioning has not worked since the time of Saavedra Lamas.

The agreements must be signed by Massa.

The minister does not go.

Stand up to Germany.

In the absence of Massa, the speech must be given by Cecilia Todesca, who excuses herself from reading the text

because she does not have the appropriate glasses.


In reality, we always saw that Todesca does not have the appropriate glasses.

Deputy Minister Rubinstein takes the floor.

Dying of heat, they decide to open the windows.

A gust of wind shakes the set that pushes the flags and

a pole impales Rubinstein's head



No one foresaw a doctor or an ambulance.

If Scholz had choked on a chicken bone, the western world would have lost one of its main leaders, because of Alberto and Cafiero.

Olaf Scholz and the German CEOs give thanks and flee from Argentina,

like Lula a week before.

We are governed by the Crazy Adams, without talent.

Is this an isolated event?

No way.

Let's take a deeper look.

One of the most accepted theories in the local field of political science postulates that the main leaders of Argentina

have a training and a capacity much lower than the average of the population.

In other words, the thesis states that any of us, dear reader, our friends, family, colleagues or co-workers is more capable than those who govern us.

This thesis was discussed for years until this week it was demonstrated in the extensive report given by Máximo Kirchner.

The enormous inconsistency of his speech ended the debate: definitely, they are more stupid than any of us.

That explains almost everything that happens to us.

The rest is just bad luck.

You open a window and a mast falls on your head.

Let's expand the idea.

The theory indicates that

a bus driver running his bondi is much more professional than the president running the country


An operating doctor demonstrates more capacity and knowledge than a minister or a governor administering the State.

That is why when they operate on us, they operate on us well and when they govern us, we already know what happens.

A guy who makes pants is much more efficient than the secretary of energy.

That's why there are too many pants and lack of energy.

Any adolescent from the UES of 1973 exceeds Máximo Kirchner in capacity and training,

which would not be important if it were not for the fact that the guy manages the main funds of the National State.

The most worrying thing is that a good part of Peronism accepts his leadership and aligns himself vertically as if he were an enlightened leader when, in reality,

his only verifiable ability is that he has no subject left to ignore


Since the days of Isabel Conduction, nothing like this has been seen.

Can it be generalized?

No. Each of the useless that govern us has its nuances.

Alberto is not the same as Massa, Cristina as Macri or Larreta as Kicillof.


It is seen that Alberto

occupies a position two sizes larger than him

, but he tries to hide it, in vain, with that classic blackmail profile to which he has accustomed us.

"People complain because in restaurants you have to wait two hours," 

said this Friday the statesman who leads a country with 50% poor and millions of retirees who earn 60,000 pesos.

Will he believe it?

No way, but he doesn't care.

To understand the character

, you have to imagine Rolo Puente running in his underpants through the Quinta de Olivos

at 2 in the morning with a bottle of champagne in his hand shouting

“I am president, I am president”


In the morning he puts on a tie and with the face of Fidel Pintos he tells you

“I am a professor at the Faculty of Law.”

Massa's case is quite similar.

What capacity does Massa have to be Minister of Economy?

Obviously none.

We have naturalized that the country's economy is in the hands of a lawyer


He may be a legal genius but he cannot know anything about economics because to know about economics you have to go to the Faculty of Economic Sciences, graduate and practice for at least 20 years.

You will say, dear reader, that with trained economists and 20 years of experience, it was like hell for us.

It is true, but the reality is that all the economists who took office as minister worked under the orders of lawyers: Alfonsín, Menem, De la Rua, Duhalde, Kirchner, Cristina and Alberto.

The only one who gave orders without being a lawyer was Macri, but he was an engineer and to make matters worse he had the bad idea of ​​choosing Dujovne as economist.

Kick off.

The common denominator is ignorance, the inability, but also the audacity to get into doing what, obviously,

they don't know how to do.

However, there are already many Peronists saying that their best candidate is Massa.

At any moment the 2019 tweet comes out again, with that same video of Cristina but editing Alberto's name:

"I have asked Sergio Massa to lead the formula that we will integrate together..."


They are capable.

What about Christina?

Exclusive protagonist in the administration of the National State during the last 20 years.

The results are visible.

Worse she couldn't have done it.

As much as they crush Macri's 4 years,

Ella's cannot be disguised


In Argentina, any tango singer, dentist, bricklayer or point marker does her job much better than Cristina did hers.

Today we are infinitely worse than when we were bad with Menem.

All merit Kirchner.

There are no bills larger than 1,000 pesos (2.5 dollars) because they say that this way people do not get excited about the deterioration of the currency.

Do you believe it?

In May 2022 they announced a 5,000 ticket that was going to come out in October.

Never left.

Now they advertise one for 2,000 (not even 6 dollars) with the face of a guy accused of sympathizing with the Nazis.


And Macri?

Resting a month ago in Cumelén after the month in Qatar where he went to rest from the Bridge World Cup in Italy, where he will soon travel again

to take a few days and de-stress.

Let's be clear: when 10,811,586 Argentines vote for you for president, even if you don't win, you represent them.

Either the Cat assumed that representation and went to the office every morning to defend the values ​​for which he asked for the vote, or he defined himself as a former president willing to advise, running off and letting someone else do it.

Any lack of definition in between is an

invaluable contribution to a fifth Kirchner government.

Dear reader, it is confirmed: we are all better than them at what we do.

We don't deserve this junk.

Source: clarin

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