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Weekly horoscope: February 5-11, 2023 - voila! Spirit and horoscope


This week we have to be careful not to react excessively and dramatically to every little thing that bothers us. You should also be careful about spending money unnecessarily and eating emotionally when your heart is stormy and dramas are in the air

This week we will have to be careful of extreme reactions and assertive interpretations (Photo: ShutterStock)

Communication and emotions - these are the significant topics this week.

In the coming days we can find storms and dramas in these two issues, as Venus in Pisces forms an action angle to Mars in Gemini - and Mercury, our communication star, clings to the instinctive and powerful Pluto.

This week we will have to keep a soft heart, beware of extreme reactions and assertive interpretations, conduct ourselves with maximum caution in our dialogue with the world and beware of sudden landmines in the form of words that activate triggers in us and in others - and power and ego struggles that may develop without prior warning.

It won't be easy... such a week.

The significant processes in the sky this week:

1. Venus at an exact action angle to the action planet Mars.

2. Mercury, the planet of communication, in exact juxtaposition to the instinctive planet Pluto.

The aggressive angle of the week -

Venus, which represents the world of emotions in our lives, is in an action angle to the aggressive planet Mars, which means that everything related to our emotions this week may be particularly charged - and we should act with maximum sensitivity so as not to accidentally hurt others.

Above all, it is worth paying attention that we will not be hurt or offended by a word that is out of place, an element that may create a significant fight.

Venus is responsible for another area in our lives - and it is no less important: the issue of material and finances.

When the angle of action between Venus and Mars is in the field, you should be very careful about spending money unnecessarily, emotional shopping that makes us buy nonsense and emotional eating when the heart is stormy and dramas are in the air.

Yes, this week we will need a little more control over these areas of action - and the control will be a little more difficult than we think.

Who will be mostly affected by this angle?

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Aries and Capricorn.

It's worth paying attention so that we don't get hurt or offended by an inappropriate word (Photo: ShutterStock)

The difficult angle of the week

Don't think that the troubles are behind us.

The conjunction between Mercury, the star of communication, and the creative and powerful Pluto will affect us very strongly this week.

Pluto's influence can be very powerful and extreme - and when it attaches to a neutral planet in its influence, such as Mercury, its influence can be very dramatic.

Indeed, during the four days when Mercury will be attached to Pluto, it is very worthwhile to be careful, both in the words we say and in the reactions of others.

It is also reasonable to assume that the familiar level of violence of the last two weeks will gradually increase and, together with the angle of the Sun with Uranus and Venus in the angle to Mars, we will see much more action: it is only important that we be careful not to be part of it.

Who will be mostly affected by this angle?

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus.

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Do not overdo the shopping this week (Photo: ShutterStock)

The weekly forecast according to zodiac signs:


Mars is finally progressing, which together with the Venus aspect makes it more violent.

This week does have a higher potential for violence.

Take care of yourself.


Venus ruling your luck in an exact action angle to the planet Mars which causes tensions, pressures and dramas.

The calm-loving Taurus finds himself stormy and boisterous this week.



Mercury, the ruler of your luck, clings to the impulsive planet Pluto this week, and your fuse becomes extremely short and with it extreme reactions when things get out of control.

Show restraint!


Mercury the star of communication continues to move in your relationship and relationship house, and this is an excellent time to talk, share, share and upgrade your marital communication and communication in general.

Talk about everything.


Zyot action between the Sun and the frenetic Uranus brings us a frenetic and unexpected week with several short ones in the media.

It is important not to cut ties due to impatience: next week you will regret it.


Venus stays in the opposite sign of Pisces and allows you improved communication in your relationships and a larger than usual amount of paragon and love.. If you lower your level of criticism


, an angle of action between Venus ruling your luck and the planet Mars makes this week especially tense.

It is better not to take risks now, especially on the roads.


A conjunction between Mercury, the star of communication, and Pluto, the ruler of your sign, makes this week especially communicative.

Time for the introverted Scorpio to talk, to share, to share and to let the words work.. The


of communication star Mercury's stay in your house of material and finances enables thinking and focus on financial issues, and smart economic activity.

Time to share plans with others.


Mercury the star of communication clings to creative Pluto when both stay in your sign and create a powerful point of power that will allow you to realize entrepreneurship and particularly powerful ideas Come on


The angle of action between the Sun and Uranus, the ruler of your fortune, may bring with it changes in mood, emotional upheavals and a feeling of instability.

Avoid extreme decisions.


emotional Venus continues to move through your sign, helping you open your heart, and allow love, affection, friendship and empathy to enter.

This is a time for love in every area of ​​your life.

First Horoscope 5/2

Sunday 5/2


Moon in Leo in a practical angle to Mars but Venus in a precise action angle to it... Your fuse is extremely short: avoid quarrels of any kind.


Venus Controlling your luck in an accurate action angle to March could open a violent and not easy week: it is important not to get carried away in dramas, but to stand firmly on the ground


A practical angle between Mercury and Neptune makes this day particularly practical.

This is the time for fruitful collaborations and new and interesting entrepreneurship.


Material and financial matters occupy you at the beginning of this week.

Now is the time to reorganize the bank account, and change priorities for spending money.


You seem to be the ones starting the week off on the right foot, Leos.

An angle of conflict with the sun recommends really big challenges, and without fear,

Virgo , this

week will start off a bit on the left foot for you, Virgos.

The moon stays in the sign of Leo and recommends today to act mainly behind the scenes.

Entrepreneurship and decisions - tomorrow.


, the social side is particularly active at the beginning of the week.

The moon in the sign of Leo pushes you to different types of collaborations, and to personal advancement in institutions and organizations.


Ambition and drive - these are the key words of this day, Scorpios.

This is the time to rush forward already at the beginning of the week and fight for what is really important to you


You seem to be enjoying a lot of energy coming from this Moon in Leo at the start of the week.

An excellent time to translate this anaria into establishing facts on the ground.


Venus is now staying in your house of communication and our Capricorns are more charming and persuasive than ever.

The moon in Leo may provoke small power struggles - you should give it up. The moon in


is staying today in the house of your relationships and relationships, and this is an excellent day for one-on-one communication, at eye level.

Time to talk and share - and spend the years..


, Venus continues to move through your sign and bring with it sensitivity and delicacy, and make you especially emotional.

Time to invest in relationships, and focus on love.

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