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A table that does not reflect unity but the fracture of the Frente de Todos


Alberto Fernández gave in to Christian pressure, but in his own way. He will insist on the STEP, which La Cámpora rejects. The impact on the presidential figure.

Alberto Fernández gave in to the pressure that La Cámpora has exerted in recent weeks, but

in his own way


He does it through a call to the national PJ that he presides over, but very broad, which includes not only the Instituto Patria and the mayors, but also governors, social sectors, production and work.

On that map,

La Cámpora occupies a tiny place


“If the table is not armed with what Kirchnerism wants, it flies through the air.

And Alberto is going to open it up to all sectors.

He is making them


because the table is going to be rectangular and very long, not round and small

”, interprets a Peronist leader, closer to the president than to Cristina Kirchner.

The permanent claim of Christianity for the formation of a political table never had to do with the lists, but with

a change of direction

of the Government.

That is why Fernández took care to clarify that this area will only be for "designing the electoral rules of the Front and the strategy to follow."

He doesn't say it, but the call to all sectors contains

Alberto's insistence that there be STEP

at all levels, and that is shared by many mayors and governors.

Hardly Emilio Pérsico (Evita Movement), Héctor Daer (CGT), Juan Grabois (UTEP) or the Moyano (Truckers and CGT), relegate imposing their candidates, go against a STEP and accept the logic of Máximo Kirchner.

"Alberto has the government's agenda and wants to guarantee unity

," says a cabinet member who highlights the chat that the President had with his vice president, and some contact between Wado de Pedro and Albertista leaders.

The Front of All is fractured.

On the one hand, Cristinismo, with a nucleus in La Cámpora, which rejects the PASO, which intends to manage the lists and the electoral strategy, including changes in the policies carried out by the Government.

On the other, governors and mayors, who observe that

without STEP the chances of a good election are far away

, because the centrality of Christianity will cause those who remain marginalized to seek other political forces that shelter them.

And Christina?

The vice president is these days

more concerned and submerged in the economic situation than in the internal one.

“After the elections there will be a big bill pass and those responsible will be these kids”

, assures an experienced mayor of the GBA.

The fracture in the Frente de Todos is not free for Fernández, who will pay the price of discrediting the figure and the presidential word.

Because being President he does not lead the Frente de Todos, nor the national PJ, beyond the fact that he is the head of it, and he has the divided cabinet.

When Alberto F. assumed the Presidency in December 2019, two perspectives on his exercise of power coexisted.

The first, majority, that the one who would pull the strings of the management would be his vice president.

The second, less enthusiastic, that Fernández would follow the logical path of any Peronist president, of building power based on his role to aim to become the leader of the ruling coalition.

The first of the scenarios ended up occurring but with a variant, not noticed in the Patria Institute:

Alberto's resistance

, not to build his power, but to avoid appearing as a puppet of Cristina.

“He realized it late”

, summarizes an Albertista leader, when analyzing the call that the President made this Sunday.

A few days ago, one of his subordinates, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro, leaked his opinion that his boss, the President, "has no codes."

In case there were any doubts, Andrés "Cuervo" Larroque, another reference from La Cámpora, affirmed that the President is "not very intelligent", "ungrateful" and "irresponsible".

He even

accused him of not having assumed a puppet role for Cristina

: "Alberto was given a great opportunity and he confused what his relationship with Cristina and his role should be like."

"How can it be that a Buenos Aires minister (Larroque), a leader without weight in national politics, spoke to the President like that?"

, an official wondered.

Everyone in the government agrees that Alberto will seek to maintain his power until the end, but if the economy improves as indicated by many indices beyond inflation, he will play.


it is what Cristina does not tolerate.

However, Fernández himself usually contributes to this discredit of the presidential figure, by boycotting the value of his word through data of doubtful veracity, lack of self-criticism and inconsistencies.

Like when he says he heard that "to go eat you have to wait two hours", the product of someone who is far from reality.

It is true that the gastronomic sector has rebounded and that there is a strip of Argentines who can do so permanently.

But it is not a practice of the majority, far from it.

In addition, without the ability to save, and unable to buy a home, a 0km vehicle or travel abroad, Argentines spend more on domestic trips and leisure such as eating out.

The backdrop is a country that will grow just 2% this year, with inflation in 2022 of 94.8% -which drags 50.9% in 2021- and with a forecast reserved for the current year.

Fernández repeats, permanently and from the beginning of his term, that the only privileged ones should be those who have less.

The magic plan seems to be

 to equalize downwards

, without generating more income with investments and non-precarious white work, but redistributing what is there.

"It is a country that concentrates a lot of wealth in the center, in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires -City and Province- and in truth what we need is to distribute that wealth and progress to other parts of the country," said Fernández, in Chaco.

However, it has been the Government that has typed to which province it sent more discretionary funds than to another.

According to a work by Aerarium, in 2022

Alberto Fernández decided to send the province of Buenos Aires $295 billion;

and Chaco $28520 million


Ten times less, although the President has questioned in his speech that the government of Mauricio Macri privileged financing the Paseo del Bajo that only benefits Puerto Madero -false- instead of giving drinking water to Chaco families.

The President privileged the province of Buenos Aires over the Chaco.

Not only that degrades the presidential word.

In that act he also made reference to the pandemic, he rehearsed an excessive defense of the transparency and honesty of the management.

“When the vaccines arrived, nobody appropriated the vaccines, they were distributed equitably to every corner of Argentina.

We do not start by vaccinating the powerful and leave the weakest at the end, we vaccinate everyone at the same time”.

Quickly forget the President who had to pay to close a case against him for violating the quarantine, while thousands of Argentines could not see their relatives hospitalized or said goodbye to their dead from a distance due to Covid, for a birthday party at the residence presidential that will go down in history as



He also does not remember that there is a case open in federal justice for the

VIP Vaccination

scandal , where, by order of the then minister Ginés González García, vaccines were applied outside the system to characters such as Carlos Zannini, Felipe Solá or the Duhalde family.

The ruling coalition is fractured.

The speech is cracked.

And the unit's resource is exhausted because individual interests prevail in the ruling party, for three years.

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