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Anger, crosses, a foreign photo and the mishandled handle by Martín Tetaz: the reaction of the deputies to the shovels sent to Congress


The national deputy of Together for Change accepted the invitation and took the tool: "I used it to raise the projects that I presented," he said. From the Soher El Sukaria blooper to the cross between Alberto Samid and Fernando Iglesias.

The batch of 256 shovels that a libertarian influencer sent to the door of Congress made a deep impression among national deputies and several legislators spoke out about the striking move

made in


One of them was

Martín Tetaz,

who posed holding the tool by

the handle

, although in a way that

made him a meme


In addition, a colleague of the economist wanted to join, but she committed a


and they discovered his deception.

"Mauro Stendel brought shovels to Congress and today I already

have mine

. I like his

critical and innovative initiative

," Tetaz celebrated on his social networks.

And, in a single movement, he tried to get rid of the accusation of the influencer who sent the legion of blades.

"I used it to gather all the projects that I presented

and that I am working on. I printed them to give them to him when I return to Buenos Aires," she added.

He accompanied his words with two images in which he takes the shovel and shows the pile of leaves with the initiatives that bear his signature.

Her smile at the camera, however, failed to disguise the

mistake in her hilt


Repercussions for the shovels that they sent to Congress for the deputies.

It's that with his right he grabbed the metal handle, but

with his left he held the wooden portion

with his





Many users made it a meme because -they assured- the grip was wrong and dangerous.

Some, on the other hand, came out to defend him: they said that the wide shovel (the type of tool that Tetaz handled) admits that position of the hand.

Oblivious to that discussion,

Stendel congratulated Tetaz

to encourage himself to grab the shovel and reiterated the invitation to the other 255 members of the Lower House.


Here ONE accepted my shovel, guys! It is celebrated

. I wait for the other 255. Let's all grab the shovel and in one of those they lose the

phobia of working

, "wrote the eccentric businessman and influencer who -from Miami, where lives surrounded by sports cars- sent the load of shovels. 

Repercussions for the shovels that they sent to Congress for the deputies.

Tetaz was not the only one to refer to Stendel's strange initiative.

Dina Rezinovsky

came out at the crossroads of the ironic comments of the initiative.

"It's 9:21 a.m. and here you work in the office with the team like every day.

For those who send shovels without knowing


we are not all the same

or it does not matter," said the representative of Together for Change, angry.

Repercussions for the shovels that they sent to Congress for the deputies.

Soher El Sukaria

from Cordoba , from Juntos por el Cambio,

also tried to join  .

However, a

small error debunked the falsehood of his account

of her.

"Thank you very much, Mauro Stendel.

I already have my shovel

. With it, he achieved perfect attendance in 2022 in the National Congress. I do my work every day in full awareness of the real needs of society. If you wish I invite you to meet," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Repercussions for the shovels that they sent to Congress for the deputies.

He kept slipping a serious question to the movement of the blades.

"I would like to tell you that the productivity of

our responsibility is not measured by sessions

," explained El Sukaria.

And he added: "It is not fair

to play finance from outside the country

and easily criticize those of us who work to stop populism."

A slip exposed her to criticism.

The photograph of her shovel

came with a watermark

, as the logo printed on the images extracted from public or fee-based access banks is called.

In short, the shovel that she -said- was hers, actually belonged to another.

"Is that shovel with a watermark yours? It's impressive,

they're not even good for lying, brother

," Stendel retorted.

The shovel also caused

a Peronist and an anti-Peronist

to spark again.

"They left a little gift. The label said Fernando Iglesias", chicaneed

Alberto Samid

, the butcher who was released in April 2022 and celebrated with a massive barbecue.


picked up the gauntlet


"You can see that they know where to find me. Your deputies, on the other hand, have to be sent home or to the basic unit, because

you never see them around here

. Greetings," the Juntos por el Cambio deputy replied. to Samid.

The cross between Alberto Samid and Fernando Iglesias for the shovels they sent to Congress.

Who is the influencer behind the 256 shovels in Congress

Stendel was born in Caballito 27 years ago.

Disgusted, at 17 he left Argentina.

He first went to Israel, where he managed to get into a secret elite military squad.

Later he settled in Miami.

The official story speaks of economic hardships and barely 500 dollars in his pocket.

It did not take long for him to flourish in the commercial sector, in Real Estate, in


 and in education, with a book ("3 phases towards instant success", whose presentation in Miami was attended by Martita Fort and Zeta Bosio) and his " New University of Magnates", which offers lectures by Stendel himself,

Nico Occhiato, Marcos Chino Maidana,

Stendel's partners and Stendel again.

Mauro Stendel, the Argentine millionaire who donates 1 million pesos for his birthday.

"The possibility of gaining access to the

most brilliant minds in

the business world, for the same cost of a dinner", is the proposal.

Membership costs $29.99.

With that story on his back, he did not hesitate to express his anger at the virtual paralysis of the Lower House and the meager 2022 harvest. Thus, on Thursday he

sent the load of 256 shovels to Congress

, for all but one of the deputies.

Mauro Stendel's plotted Lamborghini.

"Those of us who are

tired of keeping lazy

are much stronger than the lazy themselves. But we are very busy with our companies, projects and entrepreneurship," explained Stendel.

And he added: "If we get rid of the anchor of the socialist State, I assure you that with effort and sacrifice there is a way out, brother."

The one who did not have a gift was

Javier Milei


Stendel is a follower of the libertarian economist and even announced that he will return to Argentina when the Libertad Avanza wins the presidential elections.


don't send a shovel to

Milei because fighting lefties is a full-time job," reasoned the influencer from the university of magnates.


look too

They sent 256 shovels to Congress: who is the eccentric businessman behind the move

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